The process of acquiring a passport begins with the passport application in Vermont. You can apply for a passport card or book at passport office or agency.

Thankfully, there are many locations in the state to be able to do so. Obtaining a passport is an important first step to realizing your dream of backpacking through Europe.

The U.S. Department of State makes it is simple for applicants to get their passports and outlines clear requirements. Passports do take a while to be processed but an expedited passport option is available for those who need their passports right away.

Where to Get a Passport in Vermont

Passport applications are available at several US passport locations. Both passport offices and agencies offer services for applicants.

Passport offices are located locally in most Vermont cities. Municipal buildings, court houses and post offices are the most widely accessible passport office locations. They allow walk-ins during certain hours and accept appointments.

Some also offer photo services. Passport offices are the most suitable option if you are unsure of where to get a passport in VT.

Passport agencies on the other hand are located regionally and there is only one in Vermont. Unlike offices, agencies only accept appointments and applicants must be eligible.

Eligibility for a passport book is determined by how soon an applicant needs it. Passport agencies can also correct errors on passports.

Vermont Passport Books vs. Cards

Residents can choose between passport books vs. cards when applying for a passport. Individuals confused about what is a passport book, can rest assured that it is what most people refer to when talking about passports.

It is an official booklet that contains your identifying information, a color photo, country of citizenship and nationality. The extra pages in it are for stamping when entering and leaving foreign countries. The passport book permits domestic and international travel.

The passport card cost is less than the cost of a passport book. This is because it does not give the passport holder the benefits of international travel.

Citizens who only have a passport card can travel between the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda through sea or land ports. The card is also an acceptable ID for boarding domestic flights.

How to Get a Passport in Vermont

You must first be a U.S. citizen before proceeding to find out how to get a passport in Vermont. The only way to finalize a passport application is in person at a passport office or agency. Although, forms can be found online and printed out.

In addition, applicants must submit proof of U.S. citizenship, a photo ID, an appropriate color photo and a form of payment for fees. Those who want an expedited passport can select that option on their application or make their appointment an agency.

Minors—applicants younger than 18 years of age—are also required to have a passport for travel and must submit their own applications. Minors younger than 16 years of age must have both parents present with them when getting a new passport.

Minors between 16 and 17 are permitted to have one parent present. Without a parent, the minor can still apply if he or she has a notarized form of consent signed by a parent or guardian along with a photocopied ID.

U.S. Passport Renewals in Vermont

Passport renewals are available for both adults and minors. Adults must renew a US passport every 10 years but are advised to do so nine months before their passport expires. Minors, however, must renew every five years.

To renew a US passport, you may submit the passport renewal application in person or mail it to the U.S. Department of State. In addition you are required to submit your most recent passport, a new color photo and pay the fees.

For those who are wondering “how much does it cost to renew your passport?” can feel relieved to know that US passport fees for renewals are the same as for new passports. Renewed passports are also eligible for expedited services as long as you pay the fee.

How to Replace a Lost Passport in Vermont

Passport replacement in VT is necessary if a passport becomes damaged, stolen or lost. The application procedure for a stolen passport involves first submitting a lost passport form to the Department of State. This insures that your stolen or lost passport cannot be used by anyone else since it will be flagged as invalid.

Then, you are required to submit a new passport application in order to replace a lost passport. For a damaged passport, you must also apply for a brand new passport. However, it is essential to turn in your damaged passport with a signed letter explaining the damage.

How to Complete a Passport Update in Vermont

A passport update may need to be completed if your passport book arrives with errors. Fixable errors include name misspellings or changes, crooked printing, smudge ink or incorrect data. A Department of State office will fix errors incorrect spellings or printing errors for free and without an appointment.

However, individuals seeking to update their names more than a year after they received their passport are required to pay fees. If you do not wish to update your information in person, you may send in the passport update form along with your current passport and eligible documents supporting the updated information to a Department of State office.

Vermont Expedited Passport Service

Expedited passport services in Vermont are available for applicants who want or need a passport sooner. Individuals who have made arrangements for an international trip in the coming weeks may apply to receive their passport book in less than two weeks rather the routine four to six weeks. For situations like that, applicants are required to supply their travel documents as proof of the trip.

Travelers who need a passport for an emergency such as illness, injury or death of an immediate family member may apply to receive their passport within 72 hours. They also must supply proof of the condition of the family member of circumstance.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.