Motorists must respond to a Vermont traffic citation by pleading “admitted”, “no contest” or “denied” within 20 days upon receipt of their summons. When entering a plea of admitted or no contest to the committed traffic violation, drivers automatically waive their right to a hearing and are required to pay their waiver amount.

Fighting traffic citations in VT is generally more complex, and drivers who choose to challenge the issue in court may need to consult with an attorney. Find out how to pay a traffic ticket in Vermont or how to schedule a court date for a traffic fine in the below sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Vermont
  • Vermont traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Vermont
  • Dismissal of charges in Vermont
  • Lost tickets in Vermont

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Vermont

Motorists who decide to pay traffic citations in Vermont must complete the procedure within 20 days of the date of their summons in order to avoid additional assessment fees, points on their driving record or even a suspension of their license.

To initiate the process of paying driving fines, drivers are required to plead “admitted” or “no contest”, sign their complaint and deliver it to the Vermont Judicial Bureau. VT traffic tickets payments can be submitted online, by mail or in person.

Paying a Vermont Ticket Online

Vermont traffic fines online payment submissions require you to access the state’s court payment website and follow the instructions.

When paying traffic tickets online, you must enter the full amount owed, as partial payments are not accepted. You will be required to provide a valid credit card to finalize the process. In addition to the base VT traffic fine, a convenience fee may apply as well.

When submitting your ticket violation payment via the internet, it can take up to three business days for the transaction to be processed and received by the appropriate court.

Paying a Vermont Ticket via Other Methods

If you are unable to make a payment for your VT traffic citation via the internet, you can still finalize the transaction by mail or in person.

To pay your traffic citation by mail, you must submit a copy of your complaint with your plea marked on the form to the Judicial Bureau in due time. A check or money order for the amount owed must be provided in addition.

Note: Drivers who cannot submit their full Vermont traffic tickets payment amount have the option to request an extension of the set deadline. When sending their inquiry, motorists will also need to submit specific personal details, the citation number(s) and a partial payment for each complaint number.

Vermont Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Motorists who are interested in entering a plea of denied, thus contesting a traffic ticket in Vermont, can ensure a positive outcome of the procedure by hiring an attorney to represent them in court.

VT traffic ticket lawyers are familiar with the process of fighting traffic citations and they usually help drivers avoid the costly repercussions of a specific driving or non-driving misdemeanor.

Consider hiring an experienced traffic citation attorney in order to prevent the accumulation of points on your driving record, license suspensions and large fines and additional fees. You may find a traffic lawyer in person at a law firm, or you can save time and effort by conducting a search online.

Pleading Not Guilty in Vermont

Should you decide to beat a traffic citation instead of arranging payment for the allotted fines, you must enter your plea of denied within 20 days. Once you submit the signed and marked Vermont traffic citation to the state Judicial Bureau, you will receive a notice of hearing.

Be prepared to present a strong VT traffic ticket defense, and even hire a lawyer in order to win your case. Drivers who successfully dispute traffic tickets will avoid the severe consequences of their offense, including demerit points on their driving transcript and any adverse actions imposed by the court or the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

To find a traffic defense attorney who can help you avoid these penalties, you may simply submit some basic information about your ticket and answer a few questions. You will be instantly matched with the best attorney for your case.

Dismissal of Charges in Vermont

Motorists who are not able to pay traffic fines online, or do not have enough evidence to challenge their case in court, may still be eligible to dismiss traffic tickets in VT.

Traffic ticket dismissal can easily be achieved in the event of incorrect information listed in the form. If the law enforcement officer who issued your Vermont traffic citation did not follow the proper procedure or included incorrect details in the form, such as the date and time of the violation, this may lead to dismissal of your charges.

Though the completion of a defensive driving course may not be an option for ticket dismissal or point reduction, the corresponding court may impose such action as a requirement to resolve your case.

Lost Tickets in Vermont

Whether you choose to dispute your traffic ticket or pay speeding citations or other Vermont traffic fines, you may finalize each procedure by providing certain details contained within your summons. Therefore, if you have lost your VT traffic citation, you must retrieve the necessary information in due time.

Recovering lost traffic ticket details can generally be completed by contacting the Vermont Judicial Bureau. Also, you have the option to contact the police department that issued your summons and inquire about misplaced ticket information.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.