Drivers who fail to pay driving tickets in Indiana on time, and those who lose their traffic citation case after taking it to court, are generally subject to additional fees, costs and penalties. For this reason, drivers who believe they cannot dispute traffic tickets in IN through the state court system, often settle the issue by utilizing the option to pay speeding tickets or other types of traffic citations in Indiana.

To learn how and where to pay traffic tickets in Indiana, and how to avoid a traffic violation conviction on your driving record, read the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Indiana
  • Indiana traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Indiana
  • Dismissal of charges in Indiana
  • Lost tickets in Indiana

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Indiana

Paying driving fines in Indiana is a procedure that can be completed via several methods. However, the available traffic tickets payment methods vary based on the court that is processing your ticket. A large number of courts, for instance, offer the option to pay traffic ticket online in Indiana. Regardless of whether you choose to complete the procedure by paying traffic tickets online or via other methods, you will generally be assessed additional late fees if you fail to do so by the date displayed on the ticket.

Paying an Indiana Ticket Online

Certain types of Indiana traffic citations can be paid via the internet through the state’s Online Ticket Payment website. To learn whether or not you are eligible to pay traffic fines online, you must locate your traffic ticket through the ePayment portal. You can do so by entering one of the following:

  • Your traffic citation number.
  • Your driving license number.
  • Your full name and date of birth.

If the system offers you the option to submit your ticket violation payment via the internet, you will be prompted to provide your credit card information to conclude the transaction.

Paying an Indiana Ticket via Other Methods

Motorists who are unable to locate their Indiana traffic tickets through the Online Ticket Payment portal can still submit their payments via other methods. Note that the alternative methods to pay driving tickets in IN vary based on the county court that is processing the ticket.

In addition to the option to pay speeding ticket online in Henry County, for instance, drivers can also submit their payment by mail, by phone or in person. Also, when paying driving fines in IN by mail, you will generally be required to submit the traffic fine in the form of a certified check or a money order.

Note: Study your IN traffic citation or contact the corresponding court to obtain more information about how and where to pay traffic citations in IN.

Indiana Traffic Ticket Attorneys

If you choose to prepare a traffic ticket defense in Indiana and contest the citation in court, instead of paying the applicable traffic fine, you can increase your chances of winning the case by hiring a traffic ticket lawyer.

In addition to lending you his or her legal advice and helping you fight traffic tickets in IN, an experienced traffic citation attorney can help you maintain a clean driver’s record. In such circumstances, you will not be at risk of driving license suspensions or increased car insurance rates.

If you fail to successfully dispute traffic tickets in court, a good lawyer can even help you cope with the consequences of an IN traffic violation conviction. A traffic attorney can also represent you in trial, helping you avoid the hassle of going to court.

You can find a trusted traffic attorney using several methods, but the most convenient way is simply to begin your search online. To match instantly with an attorney online, simply send an image of your ticket and respond to a few routine questions about the citation.

Pleading Not Guilty in Indiana

Fighting traffic tickets in Indiana is a process that varies based on the specific court that presides over the area where the traffic violation occurred. The date by which you must initiate the procedure to fight traffic citations in IN, and the available methods to do so, may also vary from county to county.

If you want to plead “not guilty” and dispute traffic fines in Marion County, for instance, you must fill out the traffic ticket and deliver it by mail or in person to the presiding traffic court within 60 days of receiving the citation.

After receiving a date for your traffic citation hearing, you can start preparing your traffic ticket defense. At the trial, you and/or lawyer will have the chance to present your arguments, question witnesses and submit any relevant evidence.

If you are found guilty of the IN traffic violation, you will be required to pay the traffic fine, as well as any additional court-set costs. Depending on the severity of the offense, you may even accumulate a certain number of demerit points on your record.

Because of the risks involved in choosing to fight your traffic violation, a proper traffic ticket lawyer is an indispensable to building a good defense. You can find an experienced lawyer easily and conveniently online.

Note: Drivers who enroll in a state-approved Driver Safety Program course can earn a four-point credit, which will help them avoid a driving license suspension.

Dismissal of Charges in Indiana

Certain circumstances may render you eligible to dismiss traffic tickets in Indiana, which will exempt you from paying the traffic fine or receiving a conviction on your driving transcript. For instance, if the police officer did not follow proper procedure when issuing you the traffic citation, or the ticket contains incorrect information, you have basis for ticket dismissal.

Drivers may also be able to dismiss traffic citations by participating in the Indiana Safe Driver Deferral Program. If you meet the program eligibility criteria, you can enroll by paying the applicable fees. If you abide by the program conditions, your IN traffic ticket will be dismissed after six months, and the conviction will not be reported on your record.

Lost Tickets in Indiana

Regardless of whether you are paying traffic fines in Indiana or initiating the process to fight traffic citations, you may be unable to complete either procedure if you lose your ticket.

In the event of a lost traffic violation ticket, drivers can easily recover their IN traffic citations by providing their driving license number or their name and date of birth via the state’s Online Ticket Payment system.

However, if your traffic ticket is unavailable through the ePayment portal, you can still retrieve the needed information by contacting the corresponding state court.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.