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How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Title in Indiana

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You may apply for a duplicate vehicle title if your original title is lost, stolen, or damaged. A vehicle with a missing title cannot be bought or sold, so owners must apply for and obtain a replacement before they can sell their vehicle. The duplicate title can be applied in person or via mail or online.


  1. Complete the Application for Duplicate Title (44049) form, making sure to indicate on the form that you are applying for a duplicate title.
  2. If your original title is damaged or mutilated, you must return the original title when applying for a replacement.
  3. If your title shows a lienholder, convey the lien information on the application-Item 6. You can also add change in mailing address (if applicable) in the same section.
  4. You do not need to provide information like selling price, purchase date or odometer reading, it will invalidate the application. Leave these fields blank.
  5. Be sure to enclose the VIN number, driver license number, vehicle's year and make.
  6. Ensure that date, applicant's name, social security number, VIN number are duly filled.
  7. All owners must sign the form.


Along with your application form and the other materials, you must submit $9 as duplicate title fee. Checks and money orders should be payable to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.


You can submit the application and fees for a duplicate title at your Indiana BMV, or mail the package to:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles
7421 Heathrow Way
Indianapolis IN 46241.    

Or duplicate titles can be applied appointment at my BMV by creating an account and conducting any transaction.


Submitted by kimwondae on 29th Nov 2015

I sent the form 44049 with

I sent the form 44049 with all the necessary information needed to get a title since I lost my old title. The name of applicant is kook-in Kim. Can you please check the status?

Thank you.

Submitted by MistyBailey on 29th May 2015

can u tell me when replacing

can u tell me when replacing lost title , if the vehicle in which I am applying for lost title on never got registered through BMV, due to fact I lost the title after was mailed to me by throwing in trash accidentally. Do I still need only fill out form 44049 I am growing confused in regards to packet I obtained saying something about a Court order to establish ownership.

Submitted by derekp13 (not verified) on 15th Apr 2012

I am looking to buy a

I am looking to buy a motorcycle with no title, the current owner was given this bike which was abandoned in a barn many years ago. The last owner to have a title is unknown. How would the current owner go about getting a title so that I can buy it?

Submitted by bmac65 (not verified) on 10th Jan 2012

Is there an additional charge

Is there an additional charge to have this expidited ?

Submitted by pudgeone (not verified) on 16th Jun 2011

The form for a lost title is

The form for a lost title is not in the forms from Indiana gov't. Could you please see what form is needed to a lost title? thank you

Submitted by dsfulker (not verified) on 17th Aug 2011

The form number is correct -

The form number is correct - the form name is not. The form is called "Application for Certificate of Title" - State Form 44049. I just spoke with someone from Customer Service and you will need to fill out lines 2, 3, and 4 (minus the BMV Use Only box on line 2), sign the form at the top (all owners) and mail to: INDIANA GOVERNMENT CENTER NORTH, 100 NORTH SENATE AVENUE, INDIANAPOLIS, IN, 46204 with a $15 personal check. Search for either the form name or form number on the BMV website for the form, print it off, fill it out, include the fee, and send it in.