A salvage title in Indiana is a certificate that vehicle owners must possess when their vehicles have been declared as salvage. The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (IN BMV) issues a salvage certificate of title after motorists complete the appropriate application procedure for such types of titles. Vehicle owners who want to obtain a title for their salvage vehicles, may also be required to conduct the corresponding vehicle inspection.

Prior to buying a salvage title car, motorists may have to satisfy certain eligibility requirements in order to be eligible to perform the procedure. In addition, the process of applying for a salvage car title may vary based on the individual’s specific situation. To discover more information about how to get a salvage title in Indiana, continue reading the sections below.

What is an Indiana salvage title?

Indiana salvage title cars are motor vehicles that have been declared as salvage or a total loss, due to an incident where they have been wrecked or damaged. In general, a salvage title is an ownership certificate required for damaged or wrecked vehicles that have been manufactured within the last seven model years. However, salvage vehicles may be able to obtain the appropriate title in some exceptional situations when the vehicle is more than seven model years old.

Indiana Salvage Title Eligibility Requirements

Prior to applying for a DMV salvage title in Indiana, vehicle owners may be mandated to satisfy certain eligibility criteria, in order to be eligible to obtain such title certificate. The most clearly stated eligibility requirement is the age of the motor vehicle that is supposed to be titled as salvage. Motorists must obtain a salvage certificate when their vehicle is built within the last seven model years.

However, when the motor vehicle is over seven model years old, owners may only file a request for a salvage car title. In addition, motorists may be required to satisfy other criteria, based on their specific case. Therefore, they are highly encouraged to contact the IN BMV before beginning with the application procedure.

How to Get a Salvage Title in Indiana

To perform an Indiana salvage title application procedure, drivers need to contact the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (IN BMV). Moreover, title applications for salvage motor vehicles may be conducted only at a nearby IN BMV Central branch. When owning a wrecked or damaged car salvage in Indiana, motorists need to register and title their vehicles by satisfying certain requirements and providing a list of mandatory documents. Salvage vehicle owners need to provide the following to the IN BMV Central Office:

  • Application for Certificate of Title for a Vehicle (form 205)
  • Salvage Title Affidavit (form 49891)
  • Certificate of title
  • Physical Inspection of a Vehicle or Watercraft (form 39530), if the title is from out of state
  • Proof of the date of loss, given by the insurance company
  • Payment for the applicable fees and taxes
  • Information about the vehicle color
  • Vehicle fuel type

After collecting the above-listed forms and information, motorists may be able to send them to the IN BMV mailing address. Vehicle owners need to know that incomplete documentation may result in an unsuccessful application.

Note: The procedure for a salvage title is different than the process for salvage motor vehicle restoration title.

Salvage Car Inspections in Indiana

Indiana salvage title certificate applicants may have to perform an inspection of their salvage vehicles, as part of the imposed requirements. However, a salvage vehicle inspection in Indiana is required when the certificate of title has been issued by another state BMV. If that is the case, vehicle owners will have to complete a Physical Inspection of a Vehicle or Watercraft (form 39530) and submit it to the IN BMV along with the other required documents.

Another instance when a salvage vehicle inspection is required, is when vehicle owners are applying for a restoration of a salvage motor vehicle. In such situation, motorists will have to submit an Affidavit of Restoration for a Salvage Motor Vehicle to the IN BMV. Moreover, they will have to have the physical inspection section of the form completed by a law enforcement officer.

Indiana Salvage Title Fees

Vehicle owners who are applying for a salvage title in Indiana will be required to submit payment for several applicable fees and taxes, as the ultimate step of the application procedure. Motorists may have to pay the following salvage title value and other taxes:

  • $4 fee for the salvage title application
  • $10 for an additional administrative penalty
  • $25 fee for an optional speed title
  • Seven percent sales tax of the purchase price

The additional administrative penalty will be assessed on a title application packet which is received 45 days after the date of purchase. The $25 speed title fee is paid in addition to the basic $4 fee when motorists want to have their title application processed in a shorter period of time than the normal processing period.

Furthermore, a seven percent sales tax of the purchase price is needed when the salvage vehicle is transferring its ownership. Note that the payments may be completed with a MasterCard or Visa, a check, an electronic check or with a money order.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.