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How to Register a Vehicle in Indiana

Vehicle Registration Online Services Guide

Indiana law requires that motor vehicle owners must register their vehicle with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles before taking it on the road. Both new and second-hand vehicles must be registered, regardless of whether they are purchased from a dealer or an individual. In addition, new Indiana residents who have registered their vehicle in another state must register their vehicle in Indiana. The initial vehicle registration must be done in person, and registration renewals must be done annually, either in person, online or by mail or telephone.

You are required to register and title a vehicle within 31 days of purchasing it or receiving it as a gift. If you are a new resident of Indiana, you have 60 days in which you must register and title it.


If you are registering a motor vehicle in Indiana for the first time, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Get your vehicle inspected if you live in Clark, Floyd Lake and Porter counties. Vehicle inspections must be performed at an inspection station or by an inspector that has been licensed by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Find out more about vehicle inspections in Indiana, or locate an inspection station near you. Once the vehicle passes inspection, you will be issued an inspection certification.
  2. If you are new to Indiana, provide the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin or current out of state title. If you have recently bought the vehicle provide the title and the Bill of Sale.
  3. Provide proof of your Social Security number.
  4. Visit your BMV Branch office, and bring the completed title/registration form with you, along with the inspection certification. In addition, you will need to provide proof of insurance, and the odometer reading, if the vehicle is less than 10 years old.
  5. For vehicles that have been registered in another state, you must also bring the original, out-of-state title. If the title is unavailable, bring the registration document, along with proof of sales tax payment.

Make an appointment online to register your vehicle. Three vehicles can be registered during one appointment.


When registering your vehicle at the BMV branch office, you will be required to pay certain fees, typically as follows:

  1. The registration fee, which varies depending on the manufacturer's model year or the vehicle's total weight. You will also have to pay a 7% sales tax if you have recently bought the vehicle. If you are new resident who is revising the current registration, the fee is not required.
  2. Title application fee which is $15.

There may be additional fees when you register, depending on your county. Contact the BMV Branch office for the specific requirements.


Owners of motor vehicles in Indiana are required to renew their vehicle registration annually, and can do so in person, online or by mail or telephone. See our Registration Renewal section for complete details.


Submitted by Shuttle on 2nd Sep 2015

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I would like to have a car shipped to a family member living in Indiana where it will be restored over the next couple years and during this time I would like to have it licensed and insured in Indiana since it is drivable but I as the title owner don't live there. Can he register the car there though the title is not in his name?

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Is it possible to see what vehicles I register between 1966 until 1975?

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yes you can see an car duh

yes you can see an car duh

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i am buying a car from a

i am buying a car from a friend in ohio which just bought the car 3 weeks ago and only has the regeresion on the car what do we have to do get it to indiana and in my name

Submitted by cjpotts (not verified) on 11th Apr 2012

I am working here in

I am working here in Indianapolis now and need to register my vehicle. I don't have an Indiana license yet but need to register my Vehicle becaus my Florida registration is up at the end of April. I have the certificate of origin, the current registration and verification of social security, but I don't know how to prove payment of sales tax. I could not have received a registration for the new vehicle without paying it. I do have the purchase price which shows sales tax. Also, I have proof of Insurance but it's from Allstate Fire and Casualty in Florida. Is that okay?

Thanks for your help....

Submitted by loisbeatty (not verified) on 7th Feb 2012

how do you track to see if

how do you track to see if reg an stickrs hve been sent?