A car registration renewal in Indiana must be completed every time a credential reaches its expiration date, which is typically every year. This renewal procedure must be requested in order to keep your license plates from expiring, thus maintaining your privileges to operate your vehicle on public roadways in the state. In general, you have the option to choose between three different methods: online, by mail and in person. In any case, you must be prepared to pay for the required DMV registration renewal fees.

An expired vehicle registration in IN often results in serious consequences from law enforcement agencies. Thus, it is critical to renew a car registration whenever this credential reaches its expiration date. In general, the date that you must renew by is the same every year, and it is based on the letters in your last name. To learn more about when you must renew your registration and how the process works, continue reading the sections below.

Requirements for Car Registration Renewal in Indiana

In order to complete an Indiana BMV vehicle registration renewal, you must meet a few requirements first. One of the most important requirements is that you are a state resident. Moreover, you must pass an emissions test approximately every other year.

To determine when you are required to renew each year, you may check your BMV registration renewal status over the phone or in person. After you are certain of your specific expiration date, you can request a renewal and avoid having an expired auto registration. If you renew after your expiration date, you will be subject to paying a late penalty fee.

What do you need to renew your car registration in Indiana?

When you complete an IN motor vehicle registration renewal, you will be asked to provide certain information and documentation. Regardless of your renewal method, you must be prepared to provide your drivers license number, Social Security Number (SSN) and ZIP code.

Then, you may need to provide proof of auto insurance coverage and proof of passing your emissions testing, if applicable. In addition, if you received a renewal notice in the mail, it can be helpful to have it with you when you renew.

Indiana Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) will send car owners a vehicle registration renewal notice in the mail a few weeks before their license plates expire. This notice contains information about the date you need to complete a renewal by, which fees are applicable to your case and whether or not you need to complete emissions testing. This car registration renewal notice will also alert you about the available methods for completing a renewal, such as by mail, in person or online.

Indiana Car Registration Renewal Notice Lost or Not Received

You can generally expect to receive a registration renewal notice in Indiana. However, there may be instances where a notice is not received. This is particularly possible if you have recently moved and have not yet updated your mailing address with the BMV. Regardless of whether you received a notice in the mail or not, it is your responsibility to ensure that you renew your car registration on time.

Note: If you have lost a car registration renewal form, you can still complete this procedure without any issues. Despite being helpful, the renewal notice is not required in order to process your request.

Indiana Car Registration Renewal Options

You can renew your car registration online, via mail or in person. You may choose whichever option is most convenient for you, unless your renewal requires additional forms. To learn more about each available option, review the sections below.

How to Renew Your Car Registration Online

Most license plates can be renewed with a BMV registration renewal online. However, vehicles that require additional forms, such as the ones listed below, must be renewed by mail or in person.

  • Low-digit special group authorization
  • Tax form 2290
  • Department of Revenue Fuel Tax License

The renewal notice that you receive in the mail will indicate whether or not you are eligible for an online renewal. If you are eligible, you can complete the Indiana vehicle registration renewal online by following these steps:

  1. Provide your drivers license number, Social Security Number (SSN) and ZIP code.
  2. Provide proof of emissions testing completion, if needed.
  3. Confirm that all information shown is correct.
  4. Pay the BMV registration renewal fees.
  5. Print your receipt.

After you have completed your application for renewal, you can expect to receive your renewed registration documents and stickers within 14 days.

How to Renew Your Car Registration by Mail

Knowing how to renew a car registration by mail is very important if you are not eligible to file this request online. To complete a mail-in renewal, you must follow the instructions provided on the notice you received and send the following items into the proper mailing address. Furthermore, you must include documents related to the following:

  1. Proof of emissions testing completion, if required.
  2. Proof of auto insurance.
  3. A copy of your renewal notice or current registration document.
  4. Payment for the renewal fees.

How to Renew Your Car Registration in Person

If you are wondering where to renew car registration, one of the options you can choose is renewing in person. To do so, you must visit your local BMV office and do the following:

  1. Provide your renewal notice or current registration document.
  2. Submit proof of completion of an emissions test, if required.
  3. Submit proof of auto insurance policy.
  4. Pay the applicable renewal fees.
Once you have followed those steps, the BMV will provide you with renewed registration documents and license plate sticker. You must immediately replace your old documents and license plate sticker with the new ones.

Military & Out of State Vehicle Registration Renewal in Indiana

If you are located outside of Indiana while your credentials are expiring, you still need to renew your car registration in due time. To do so, you may either complete the renewal online or through the mail.

If you are an active duty military service member currently stationed in Indiana, you may choose to keep your home state’s credentials or obtain an IN BMV-issued certificate.

Indiana Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees

There are certain IN car registration renewal costs that you will be responsible for paying. These fees vary depending on the different taxes and additional fees that your county requires. In general, you can find your exact total fee printed on your renewal notice. Examples of these general fees include:

  • Passenger motor vehicle: $21.35
  • Recreational vehicle (RV): $29.35
  • A truck that is less than or equal to 11,000 pounds: $30.35
  • Motorcycle: $26.35
  • Administrative penalty for late registration: $15.00
Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.