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Oregon Car Registration Renewal

Vehicle Registration Online Services Guide

How to Renew an Oregon Car Registration

Car owners looking to renew car registrations in Oregon can complete the procedure with the OR Department of Motor Vehicles online, by mail or in person. Applicants will be required to provide the following paperwork:

  • Your renewal notice.
  • Proof of completed emission tests.
  • Payment for the renewal fees.

To discover more about renewing car registrations in OR, read the sections below.

When to Renew Your Oregon Car Registration

The OR DMV sends out auto registration renewal notices around 50 days before the actual expiration date of the credential in order to remind motorists of their duty. During this time, applicants will have the time to gather the necessary documents, pass the required emissions tests and provide payment for the renewal fees. Note that if you decide to renew a car registration online, you may not be eligible if your registration has been expired for more than 75 days. As there are no grace periods for renewing an outdated registration, if you drive with an expired car registration in Oregon, you may be subject to fines and penalties.

How to Renew Your Oregon Car Registration

The state DMV offers three simple ways to renew car registrations in Oregon: online, in person or by mail. Each procedure requires a set of documents that car owners need to prepare along with payment for the related fees. The most convenient way to apply for a DMV vehicle registration renewal is online, but drivers can also send the necessary documents to the DMV by mail or simply by visiting a DMV office in their area and submitting them in person. To learn more about renewing car registrations in Oregon, read the sections below.


Online car registration renewals in Oregon are available to eligible drivers who meet the requirements set by the DMV. Typically, you will not be able to renew car registration online in the following situations:

  • If your registration has been expired for over 75 days.
  • If the vehicle is a recovery or town vehicle or is subject to Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.
  • If you would like your stickers to be mailed to an address different than the one on file.
  • If you moved out of or in Multnomah County and your renewal notice address is incorrect.
  • If you are required to submit a Declaration of Exemption for emission testing.
  • If you do not have a renewal access code (as stated on the renewal notice).

Drivers can request an online auto registration renewal in Oregon either via the official OR DMV service or through third-party providers that will complete the procedure on your behalf. Vehicle owners must enter:

  • The license plate number.
  • The first five digits of the car title.
  • The renewal access code listed on the notice.
  • Payment for the fees (with a valid credit or debit card).
  • The insurance company's policy number.

Finally, make sure to print out the receipt for further reference and keep it in the vehicle until you receive your new stickers in the mail.

In Person

For in-person DMV vehicle registration renewals in Oregon, drivers will need to submit a set of documents and forms, along with the necessary renewal fees to their local DMV office. To renew a car registration in person, an applicant will need to supply the following paperwork:

  • A complete renewal notice or an Application for Registration, Renewal, Replacement or Transfer of Plates and/or Stickers (Form 735-268).
  • A Certificate of Compliance for complete emissions tests at the DEQ (if applicable) or a Declaration of Exemption (Form 735-1400) for vehicles exempt from this requirement.
  • Payment for the applicable fees.

In cases of name change or ownership transfer, applicants must transfer the vehicle title before proceeding with the renewal process.

By Mail

Applicants who wish to renew car registrations in Oregon by mail need to gather the same documents required for in-person renewals and send them to the DMV Vehicle Mail address in Salem. Payment for the required OR DMV vehicle registration renewal fees must be enclosed in the form of money order or check, as the DMV cannot accept cash payments via mail. Note that if you moved in or out of Multnomah County since you received an auto registration renewal notice, you will need to recalculate your renewal fees. Drivers must also make sure to comply with all vehicle insurance and emissions testing requirements.

Liability Insurance Requirements

When renewing car registrations in OR, vehicle owners must have valid car insurance in accordance with Oregon laws. Thus, when completing a DMV vehicle registration renewal procedure, vehicles are subject to the following liability coverage requirements:

  • For bodily injuries:
    • $25,000 per individual per accident.
    • $50,000 for bodily injuries to other individuals in an accident.
    • 20,000 for property damages per accident.
  • For personal injury protection - $15,000 per individual for medical and other expenses incurred up to one year after the accident.
  • For uninsured motorists:
    • $25,000 per individual.
    • $50,000 for bodily injury per accident.

Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees in OR

The fees to renew a car registration in Oregon are set by the state legislature and are based on a two-year renewal period (or four years for brand new vehicles only). Auto registration renewals for passenger vehicles cost $86 for two years and $172 for four years. Moped and motorcycle vehicle registration renewals are set at $48 for two years and $96 for four years. To renew vehicle registrations in OR for low speed and medium speed vehicles, you will need to pay $86. Although the OR DMV does not impose late renewal fees, you still may be subject to fines and penalties if you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer for driving with an outdated credential.

New Oregon Residents

New OR residents who need to renew car registrations may not be eligible to do so unless they obtain a new credential upon establishing residency. Typically, you would need to follow the new car registration procedure for Oregon residents and pay the related fees. Once you receive your new registration, you will be able to complete a car registration renewal after two or four years, depending on your vehicle's age, and pay the appropriate renewal fees based on the vehicle type. Once you have established residency, you will have a valid in-state address to which the DMV will send you the DMV vehicle registration renewal notice.

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