Motorists who would like to schedule an Oregon DMV driving test appointment must note that the state Driver and Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) does not implement a state-wide appointment system. However, making a DMV drivers license appointment is still a mandatory step when applying for a driver’s license since the different drive tests are administered by appointment only.

Apart from the road skills exam, the possibility to schedule a DMV appointment in OR for other services is left at the discretion of individual DMV offices. For instance, driver and motor vehicle licensing offices often offer accommodations to elderly or disabled individuals. In such cases, motorists may be able to schedule their visit with their local DMV site. The following sections cover the process of making and editing an appointment with the division.

Driving Test Appointments in Oregon

The state DMV requires you to make a DMV road test appointment in Oregon when finalizing the application process for a new driver’s license. You will have to schedule a DMV appointment for both a passenger-vehicle driving license and for a commercial license to drive. However, in order to qualify for the road skills test, you will be required to meet certain requirements. Applicants for a standard Class C license will be required to pass all initial examinations. Commercial driver license applicants, on the other hand, must hold both a driving license and a commercial learner’s permit for at least 14 days.

After scheduling your OR DMV drivers test appointment, you will have to start preparing for your road exam. Note that you will be allowed to take the test only if you arrive at the testing location on time with a functional and properly registered motor vehicle of the corresponding class. Once you make an appointment, DMV officials will also expect you to abide by certain general rules, such as:

  • Only you and the examiner are allowed to be in the testing vehicle.
  • You are prohibited from carrying weapons or other illegal materials.
  • You cannot smoke during the test or use any electronic devices.
  • You must remove any objects that are obstructing your view from the dashboard and the vehicle mirrors.

You will be required to utilize the conventional DMV appointment system as many times as it takes to pass the driving skills test. However, you will have to wait for a certain period of time before rescheduling a road exam, which will increase with the number of failed attempts. Your DMV testing location may cancel your driving test during inclement weather if you do not have the proper equipment for safe vehicle operation in such circumstances.

Note: If you are applying for a motorcycle endorsement, then your skills test will be waived once you complete the mandatory rider training course.

Other Services Covered by the Oregon DMV Appointment System

Apart from requiring you to schedule an Oregon DMV appointment for the various driving skills tests, the division may not allow you to reserve office time for any additional services. You can simply walk into any DMV office and complete your business without scheduling a drivers license appointment. Before visiting a nearby driving license and motor vehicle office, you can also check the average wait times via the division’s website to learn how long you will be required to wait in line.

For more information about the working hours of the office that you plan to visit and the option to schedule your visit, contact the corresponding DMV site. You can find the contact information of all driver license and motor vehicle sites via the official DMV website.

How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in Oregon

Since the division does not offer the option to make a DMV online appointment in Oregon, you will be required to schedule your skills test visit via other means. You can make your DMV driving test appointment either by calling the division or visiting a nearby DMV office and scheduling in person. Once you confirm your reservation, the division will expect you to arrive on time. If you are late or you fail to appear, then you will forfeit your testing slot.

If your nearby DMV office requires you to wait for a longer time for your OH drivers license appointment, then you can also schedule your road skills exam with a third-party testing business. You can use a third-party tester to make an appointment for both a commercial driving test and a noncommercial skills exam. The benefit of using the testing services of a test contractor is the shorter wait times.

What to Bring to Your Oregon DMV Appointment

Once you check DMV appointment availability and schedule a date and time for your road skills exam, you will have to start preparing for your visit. You will be allowed to take the driving skills test only if you bring the following items to the testing location:

  • Your learner’s permit if required
  • A standard driving license if taking the commercial drive test
  • An additional identification document if required
  • A valid car registration for your vehicle
  • Proof of a valid liability car insurance policy
  • The applicable fee payment

Since the documents and fee payment that you will be required to submit during your appointment may vary depending on the type of license class you are getting, contact the DMV to view appointment requirements for the exact details. For instance, commercial driver license applicants will need to submit paperwork relating to the physical exam requirements.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in Oregon

If you would like to reschedule or cancel your DMV appointment in Oregon due to a change of plans, then you can do so by calling the division or the third-party testing business you used to schedule your driving skills test. While the state will not charge additional fees for cancellations of a DMV appointment, a number of third-party testers may impose their own rules and fee payments for testing purposes. Therefore, when scheduling your initial OR DMV driving test appointment, inquire about the options and regulations for potentially canceling or rescheduling the test in the future.

Last updated on Tuesday, September 25 2018.