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How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration in Maryland

Vehicle Registration Online Services Guide

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) notifies vehicle owners of the expiration date of their vehicle registration by mail. Vehicle registrations can be renewed before the expiration date either by telephone, through the mail, using the MVA's online service, using the MVA on Wheels facility, in person or through an authorized service agent.


You can use a touchtone phone to renew your registration. You will need a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) to pay for the renewal transaction. The procedure takes less than 5 minutes.

  1. Have your credit card, the registration renewal notice and the proof of insurance handy before the call.
  2. Call the toll free number 1-888-834-7344 (1-888-VEH-REGI).
  3. Follow the instructions of the automated attendant to complete the registration renewal.


  • Send the completed registration renewal notice that was mailed to you and the appropriate payment by check or money order in the envelope enclosed with the notice to the local MVA office. Do not mail cash. Only personalized checks with a pre-printed name and address are accepted. Remember to note down your driver's license number and a phone number on the check for the MVA to track your payment.
  • Include your insurance number (if not listed in the renewal notice) and corrections, if any, on the form.
  • If any certifications need to be completed, they will be enclosed along with the notice and will have to be completed before renewing the registration.
  • For company-owned vehicles you will need to enclose a power of attorney unless you are a company official and have not leased the vehicle.


  1. You can renew online or through the eMVA Kiosks only if your registration information (other than your address) does not need to be changed.
  2. Go to the Maryland Motor Vehicles Administration Online Services website, or if you do not have internet access, you can visit a nearby eMVA Kiosk.
  3. Have your credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or check (money orders and traveler's checks are not accepted) handy to pay for the renewal.
  4. You will also need to provide your vehicle title number and license plate number.
  5. If your current registration expires within 15 days or has already expired, you can choose to print a temporary registration card until the original stickers arrive by the mail.
  6. There is no additional fee for online renewals.


The MVA on Wheels bus travels through different parts of Maryland from Monday to Friday, providing a host of MVA services including registration renewal, to make it convenient for residents who are unable to visit an MVA office or go online. Check out the schedule for a location near you, or call (800) 950-1MVA (1682).


  1. Locate a full-service MVA office in your area. Alternatively registrations can also be renewed in person at your kiosk or by a Title Service Agent for an extra fee.
  2. Bring the registration renewal notice along with cash, check, credit or debit card to pay for the renewal. Please ensure that your proof of insurance is updated and available with you.


Registration for different categories of vehicles in Maryland will have different fees that range as seen here. Please also check your renewal notice for the cost involved.


  1. Before renewal, check for errors in the pre-printed vehicle renewal notice that arrived in the mail. If any, correct the errors/changes in the allotted grey areas and sign the renewal notice. Check the insurance information for discrepancies. If it is missing, it is essential that you fill it in.
  2. For correction or change of address, you can use the automated, toll-free number (800) 950-1682 to also change address during the registration renewal process, use the online service or send the request by mail.
  3. For any other error, dial the toll-free number at 1-800-950-1MVA (1682) and speak to the MVA Customer Service Representative.


Submitted by Jasimenios on 17th Oct 2016

With all of the computer

With all of the computer hacking, to include the Department of State, I would prefer to obtain my tag renewal via the United States Postal service. Placing the bank routing number, credit card number, etc. into a computer is NOT safe. If the system is hacked, those that paid by check could have their entire bank account wiped out!

Submitted by jessang120 on 3rd Oct 2014

What is the procedure to

What is the procedure to renew via Internet for a leased vehicle? I have the Power of Attorney form filled out and do not see a way to upload a scanned PDF file, so as to include it with the renewal.

Submitted by Hellerspot on 18th Sep 2014

No explanation provided on

No explanation provided on how to renew registration for a leased vehicle