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Maryland Car Registration Renewal

Vehicle Registration Online Services Guide

How to Renew a Maryland Car Registration

To renew vehicle registrations in Maryland, drivers may complete the process online, by mail, by phone, at an MVA Kiosk or in person at a local MVA office. Regardless of which renewal method you use, you may have to provide the following:

  • Your vehicle registration renewal notice or an application form.
  • Car insurance information.
  • Payment of DMV fees.

Find more information about how to renew auto registrations in MD by reading the sections below.

When To Renew Your Maryland Car Registration

To renew car registrations in Maryland, drivers can complete the process up to two months before the expiration date of their credentials. The Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) will send auto registration renewal notices to vehicle owners as a reminder of the date of expiry. Drivers who miss their deadline for renewing car registrations in MD will not be required to pay late fees, but they are not allowed to drive with expired credentials. The Maryland MVA offers both annual and biennial vehicle registrations, depending on the weight and type of the vehicle.

Note: Drivers with unpaid parking tickets or other issues with the MD driving record, are encouraged to resolve them in person at a local MVA office before renewing vehicle registrations.

Maryland 2-Year Vehicle Registration

Maryland MVA offers biennial car registration renewals for passenger vehicles, which must be completed prior to the expiration date of your credential. The process of renewing vehicle registrations in MD can be completed by satisfying certain criteria and using different renewal methods. Continue exploring more information about the renew car registration process by reading the sections below.

How To Renew Your Maryland Car Registration

Vehicle owners can renew car registrations in Maryland by choosing one of the four offered renewal methods in the state: online, by mail, by telephone or in person at an MVA Kiosk or regional MVA office. Before renewing vehicle registrations, drivers must meet certain eligibility requirements. Continue reading below for more information about each renewal method.


To renew auto registrations online in Maryland, drivers must complete several steps and follow certain instructions. Motorists may use the online service only if their vehicles has a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or less. You are required to prepare the following:

To process the online request, you will be required to provide a credit card from American Express, Visa or MasterCard. Once you complete the steps, print a Temporary Authority document, which will enable you to operate your vehicle for 15 days while waiting for your permanent registration card to arrive in the mail.

Note: You may use the online system only if your name, address, insurance and vehicle information are the same as on the renewal notice. Notify the MVA before using the online service for renewing auto registrations in Maryland, if you have moved to another address.

By Phone

Drivers may renew car registrations by telephone only if their vehicle weighs 10,000 pounds or less. Before you begin the process, make sure that the information on your Maryland auto registration renewal notice is correct. Once you receive the notice, prepare your credit card and contact the MVA by phone and follow the given instructions. A new car registration card will arrive on your mailing address within 10 days.

Note: Drivers are not allowed to renew car registrations in MD by phone, if their current information on the renewal notice is incorrect.

By Mail

When renewing vehicle registrations in Maryland by mail, drivers are first required to correct the car registration renewal notice, if needed. After that, they can sign it and send it to the Motor Vehicle Administration. Along with the notice, you must provide a check or money payment for the payment of applicable fees. After your application is processed, expect to receive a new auto registration card and a year sticker within two weeks.

Note: If you approach the expiration date of your credential, you are encouraged to renew car registrations in Maryland, either online or in person.

In person

Drivers can renew vehicle registrations in person at an MVA Kiosk, a tag and title service, a county treasurer's office, an MVA's mobile office or at a local MVA branch. The renewal services at an MVA Kiosk are available only to motorists whose vehicles weigh 55,000 pounds or less. On the other hand, the county treasurer's office issues only stickers, so if you need anything else, go to an MVA location. Regardless of which in-person option for renewing auto registrations in MD you choose, you must bring the following:

  • Your car registration renewal notice.
  • Your car insurance information.
  • A credit card, check or cash for the payment.

Drivers who did not receive a renewal notice may complete and sign an application form at the MVA branch after submitting the needed identification. Once you complete the Maryland vehicle registration renewal process, you will receive the new credential and sticker at the MVA Kiosk.

Note: If you have recently moved to another address, you must first update that information before renewing your credential.

Liability Insurance Requirements

When renewing car registrations in Maryland, drivers may be required to provide proof of car insurance. State law encourages motorists to obtain a minimum liability insurance before applying for car registration cards. The minimum liability coverage is $30,000 for bodily injury of one people, $60,000 for bodily injury of two or more people, and $15,000 for property damage. Before you begin a process of vehicle registration renewal, prepare your car insurance card in order to provide the necessary information.

Vehicle Registration Fees in Maryland

The Maryland vehicle registration renewal fees vary depending on the weight and class of the motor vehicle you operate. Biennial car registrations for passenger cars and multi-purpose vehicles cost either $135 for shipping weight up to 3,700 pounds, or $187 for weight higher than 3,700 pounds. Additionally, commercial license holders will pay higher fees to renew vehicle registrations in Maryland. Contact a regional MVA office in order to find out the exact DMV vehicle registration renewal cost.

Note: The registration fees also include an annual $17 surcharge for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system.

Renewing A Maryland Car Registration for Someone Else

To renew auto registrations in Maryland on behalf of the owner, you must bring the renewal notice to the MVA and submit it along with a document known as Power of Attorney. This document must contain the year, make and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle in question. Apart from the Power of Attorney, you must provide a copy of the vehicle owner's MD ID card, as well as your own ID card issued by the state.

Maryland Vehicle Registration Renewal for Military

The process of Maryland car registration renewal must be completed by military members stationed out of the state. Active duty personnel are encouraged to renew car registrations online, by mail or by phone. In addition, military members may sign a Power of Attorney and ask another person to complete the vehicle registration renewal process on their behalf.

Note: If you are an out-of-state resident stationed in Maryland on military service, you can operate a motor vehicle as long as you have current registration in your home state.

New Maryland Resident

Prior to renewing vehicle registrations in Maryland, new residents will be required to apply for a car registration and car title within 60 days of their move to the state. Failure to do so may bring you a citation for an out-of-state registration or ineligibility to get a tax credit. You must use one of the above-mentioned methods for MD auto registration renewals, once you approach the expiration date of your car registration.

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