You may be wondering if you can set a DMV driving test appointment in Maryland so you can obtain your drivers license. Scheduling a DMV online appointment in Maryland or making an appointment by phone is an important step that will help you conclude your business with the state Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) faster. The state MVA allows you to schedule a DMV appointment for various types of procedures, such as taking a driver skills test or applying for a learner’s permit. While not all driver license- or motor vehicle-related transactions are available by appointment, you can still complete certain procedures via the MVA internet services section.

When you make an appointment, DMV transactions can be completed in a much more straightforward manner without any delays. You will simply have to visit your chosen MVA location on the predetermined time and date and bring the necessary paperwork with you. If your plans to visit the administration change, then you can always reschedule or cancel your appointment via the same application method.

Driving Test Appointments in Maryland

Making an MVA driving test appointment in Maryland is a mandatory step when applying for a driving license since the state MVA administers its road skills exams by appointment only. To schedule a drivers license appointment for your road skills test, you will have to submit an online request through the MVA Central Scheduling System. The administration allows you to make an appointment for the following types of driving skills tests:

  • Standard Class C driver license exam
  • Commercial driver’s license (CDL) test
  • Motorbike on-cycle test

If you are younger than 25 years of age, then you will qualify to schedule your MVA driving test appointment in MD for a non-commercial license after holding your learner’s permit for nine months. On the other hand, if you are an adult applicant 25 years of age or older, then you will be required to hold your permit for 45 days. Once you successfully schedule your road skills exam, you will receive a confirmation DMV appointment number, which you can use to manage your appointment.

Note: You can also make an appointment for your driving test by contacting the administration by phone.

Other Services Covered by the Maryland DMV Appointment System

Apart from the option to schedule an MVA appointment in Maryland for a driving test, you can utilize the administration’s scheduling system to make an appointment for other driving license-related services. The services available through the MVA appointment system are outlined in the following list:

  • Driving skills tests:
    • CDL road skills exam
    • Non-commercial driver’s license exam
    • Motorcycle skills test
  • Adding a hazardous material endorsement
  • Retaking the road skills test
  • Applying for a learner’s permit:
    • Class C permit
    • Motorcycle permit
    • Moped permit
  • Applying for a license to drive:
    • Commercial driver’s license
    • Non-commercial Class C license
    • Motorbike license
  • Applying for an identification card

In addition to the services outlined above, you may be able to check DMV appointment availability for other purposes as well. Therefore, prior to making your office visit, contact a nearby MVA location to inquire about any options that may help you expedite the application procedure.

How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in Maryland

If you are wondering how to make an appointment at the MVA in Maryland, then note that you will be required to submit an online request via the administration’s Central Scheduling System, which is accessible through the MVA website. Once you access the corresponding drivers license appointment service, you will be required to fill out the online form with the necessary information.

The MVA online appointment system will first prompt you to enter your personal information, such as your name and birth date, your driving license information and your contact information. In subsequent steps, you will have to provide your chosen visit date, time and location. When you finalize the scheduling procedure, the system will generate a confirmation number, which can be used to make changes to your appointment at the DMV, view appointment details and cancel it entirely.

If you are unable to make an online appointment in MD, you can still call the administration at one of its numbers. Note that the state MVA offers a TTY phone line for hearing impaired applicants as well. When you contact the administration by phone, the operator or an automated system will ask you to provide the needed information.

What to Bring to Your Maryland DMV Appointment

After securing your Maryland MVA appointment number, you will be required to prepare for your office visit by collecting the paperwork and cost payments that apply under your circumstances. If you have scheduled an MVA driving test appointment, for instance, then you will need the following items:

  • Your learner’s permit and another identification document if required
  • Your driving education certificate if not yet submitted
  • Your supervised driving log book if applying for your first credential
  • The driving license of the driver who brings you to the testing location
  • A valid car registration for your motor vehicle
  • Proof of a valid liability auto insurance coverage

The items necessary for your road skills test may vary slightly depending on the type of driving credential for which you are applying. If you are scheduling an MVA appointment in MD to apply for a driving credential such as a learner’s permit, then you will need the full set of supporting paperwork. The documents required for licensing purposes will most likely include proofs of age, identity, lawful U.S. presence, state residency and Social Security Number.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in Maryland

If you decide to change or cancel your appointment at a DMV in Maryland due to a change of plans, then you can easily do so through the same online scheduling system you used to make the initial appointment. To make changes to your MVA appointment, you will be required to log onto the system with your date of birth and your confirmation number, driving license number or Social Security Number.

In subsequent steps, you will be directed to provide a new date and time for your visit. Note that you can use the MD DMV appointment system to reschedule an appointment made by phone as well. If you prefer to cancel your appointment, then you can easily do so by following these same steps. Instead of providing a new visit date, you will be required to mark the corresponding cancelation box.

Last updated on Tuesday, September 25 2018.