Full background checks in Maryland are requested for a variety of individuals for employment, caregiving, adoption or other purposes. The agency responsible for issuing background reports in MD is the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services and requestors must comply with the laws and regulations related to releasing such information.

Depending on the type of background check needed, requestors can perform personal, professional, financial or criminal background search in MD.

How to Get a Maryland Background Check

Maryland background reports can be obtained with the Department of Public Safety either online or by mail. In-person requests may be accepted when you need to provide fingerprints to the DPS or a law enforcement office, but you will need to send the fingerprint card by mail to the appropriate institution.

Also, if you need to order a background check while you are out of state, you must do so by mail only. All types of background screenings in MD are issued for a fee.

Ordering a Maryland Background Check Online

Online background checks in Maryland can be ordered using specialized background check services that will provide a fast, reliable and accurate background search for any purpose.

Note that if you decide to get a background check online in Maryland, you will need to gather certain information about the individual for which you are obtaining a background report and submit it to the system. Such personal data includes:

  • The subject’s full name.
  • The subject’s date of birth.
  • The subject’s gender.
  • The subject’s Social Security Number.

Ordering an Maryland Background Check by Mail

Requestors can order Maryland background screenings by mail if they need an individual review for visa, adoption or gold seal purposes. If you are within Maryland, you must first provide your (or the subject’s) fingerprints to the state law enforcement office or any DPS office and send the fingerprint card to the CJIS Central Repository in Baltimore.

If you are outside of Maryland, you must write a background check request to the Central Repository, enclose a fingerprint card with your letter and send a check or money order to pay the fees.

Who needs a Maryland background check?

Maryland background screenings are mostly requested by companies or government agencies who wish to gain insight into the past of potential hires before offering them employment.

MD background verifications are also sought by landlords who prefer to check the tenant’s financial and criminal history before offering them a dwelling unit. Other individuals such as caregivers or emergency workers are also subject to full background checks before being hired.


Getting a background check in Maryland for tenants is usually initiated by landlords who would like to check the tenant’s profile before renting the unit. These types of rental background reports can easily demonstrate whether the tenants will pay the bills and rent on time, as well as whether they will treat the property with care.

The MD renter criminal history check can also provide insight in the tenant’s criminal past, which may be a factor of consideration for some landlords. Thus, before making a final decision about the types of tenants you prefer, you may order a Maryland background screening for them.


Employee background checks in Maryland are ordered by companies or government agencies before hiring an individual. MD business background checks can easily display the job applicant’s professional, financial or criminal profile and employers can make a final hiring decision based on these qualities.

In Maryland, the employer must obtain a job background check with the Department of Public Safety for the applicant and the applicant must provide his or her fingerprints.

EMS/First Responders

EMS personal background checks in Maryland for first responders and EMS workers are conducted to gain insight into the subjects’ criminal past, as well as their professional and personal history if necessary. A medical background reports can somewhat indicate the ability of a first responder to cope with stressful events and environments.


Caregivers are subject to full background checks in Maryland as they are usually individuals who are hired in-house, to take care of an adult or child in need. Besides their professional qualifications, caregivers are also assessed on their financial and criminal history. Such background reports can be of great help for the individual who intends to hire a caregiver for a loved one.


Maryland employee background checks are often ordered for job candidates for managerial positions. The job applicant must possess certain qualities to fill out this position and the employer may be able to assess them through conducting a personal background check.

As managers need to be responsible and dedicated individuals, their professional and financial history can provide insight in their personal qualities and abilities.

When You Will Need a Background Check

When requesting a full background check in Maryland, requestors rely on background reports to estimate an individual’s personal, professional, financial or criminal history, especially for working or collaborating with the subject. Typically, MD background screenings are sought by a requestor in the following situations:

  • When completing an adoption or a fostering process.
  • Before making a final hiring decision by either companies or government agencies.
  • Before selling firearms to an individual.
  • When reviewing an individual’s credit history.
  • Prior to issuing a driver’s license at an MD DMV office.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

Maryland personal background checks differ from criminal background checks in the amount of information displayed in the final background report.

In general, MD criminal history checks contain the arrests, felonies, misdemeanors and arrests of an individual, while standard background screenings usually focus on the subject’s professional, credit or personal history.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.