Wyoming background screenings may be performed by individuals or companies for criminal purposes. Background reports in Wyoming contain an individual’s criminal history, while the WY DMV driving records contain past offenses committed while operating a motor vehicle.

Requestors can order someone else’s criminal record search, but they can also perform WY personal background checks.

How To Get A Wyoming Background Check

Wyoming background reports can be requested by mail from the WY Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). Individuals need to provide their fingerprints at the DCI so that the background check can be conducted.

The DCI will provide you with a standard FBI 8 x 8 BLUE fingerprint card on which you will have to be fingerprinted. Make sure that you complete the information on the fingerprint card and pay the applicable fee. Do not forget to include a phone number and return address before mailing the request for a background investigation to the WY DCI.

Ordering A Wyoming Background Check Online

Although Wyoming background screenings are currently not available online, you can order a criminal history check by clicking here. Prepare the following information about the individual you want to investigate:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Social Security Number.

Who needs a Wyoming Background Check?

Getting a background check in Wyoming is a standard procedure, not only for criminal justice purposes, but also for the non-criminal community. In general, a WY background investigation will be performed on an individual who intends to apply for a job position in a company or a volunteer program.

A Wyoming background search is particularly highlighted when it comes to professional licensing. As well, caregivers and prospective tenants may also be required to undergo a background screening as part of the selection process.


The WY renter background report is often used by landlords to compare applicants and choose the best-qualified candidate. An extensive rental background investigation will review the subject’s criminal, professional and most importantly, financial history.

Landlords tend to perform a background check in Wyoming in order to protect their investment in the residencies. Property management companies will also conduct a thorough rental background search to select the most responsible tenants.


Background checks for jobs in Wyoming are typical as employers want only the best candidates to join their company. When conducting online background checks for employment, the hiring personnel is required to stay in accordance with state and federal laws.

Note that employers may do a fingerprint-based WY criminal history check, only by submitting an approval form signed by the person under investigation, along with a completed fingerprint card and a payment.

EMS/First Responders

Hospital management will perform an EMS background screening on individuals who wish to work as first responders. A complete Wyoming medical background report, including the credit and criminal past of the subject, may be crucial for such a position. Applicants must be aware of the difficulty and stress of the workplace.

Care Givers

A Wyoming complete background check is one of the first steps when employing a caregiver. When obtaining a full background search in WY, the family or the employer will have a detailed insight into the applicant’s criminal, as well as credit history.

Note that, if you order your online background report just before the interview, you may be better prepared for any difficult questions regarding your past activities.


Companies conduct employee background verification in Wyoming on individuals applying for the managerial positions. Generally, requestors perform a criminal record search along with a professional and financial background screening. A spotless WY employer background report will increase the applicant’s chances at qualifying for the position.

When You Will Need A Background Check

In order to get a background check in Wyoming, you need to submit a request to the WY Division of Criminal Investigation. The most common reasons for a WY background investigation are the following:

  • For hiring purposes.
  • To rent an apartment.
  • For personal reasons.

The Difference Between Standard & Criminal Background Checks

Background investigations in Wyoming are available both to individuals such as landlords or employers as well as to qualified organizations. The organizations and individuals may perform State or FBI background checks.

The standard WY background report includes information on individuals who live in the state, or in the states that belong to the Western Identification Network (WIN). Criminal background checks, on the other hand, conduct screenings that need an authorization from the individual who is being investigated.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.