Wyoming handles DMV license plate registrations differently than other states. Overall, the state Department of Transportation (WY DOT) defers processing of car registration plates to the county level. Therefore, those wondering about license plate services in WY should contact the county clerk in their own county of residence. Processes to obtain new registration plates can vary by county. Since the largest counties in WY are Laramie County and Natrona County, this article will explain how to renew license plate tags and obtain new plates in these two counties.

Some policies for how to get new registration plates are the same across all counties, including laws that require license plates to properly display renewal tabs in the upper left-hand corner of car tags. Furthermore, the tab cannot be upside down or obscured by a license plate frame.

Types of License Plates in Wyoming

Wyoming license plate types include standard plates, prestige plates and 12 specialty plate designs. A new plate design was introduced in 2017 that features the Lower Green River Lake and Squaretop Mountain. Prestige plates are personalized car tags and like all license plates in the state, they are issued through the county clerk in the county in which you reside.

How to Apply for a License Plate in Wyoming

The county in which you reside will dictate where and how you get a license plate registration in Wyoming. For example, Natrona County and Albany County residents can register vehicles online, while Laramie County residents must obtain new registration plates in person at the county clerk’s office. Specific processes for buying a car from a dealership or from a private sale are going to be different according to each county’s procedures and policies.

Moreover, Wyoming law requires that all residents apply for new car registration on vehicles newly purchased immediately upon taking up residency in the state. Some documents you might be expected to provide when applying for new registration plates in Wyoming include the following:

  • A copy of your Wyoming title or title number
  • If purchased from a dealer, a copy of the dealer invoice
  • Copy of previous registration if registered in another state
  • Proof of insurance
  • Your lease agreement if you lease your vehicle, as well as up-front sales tax exemption paperwork

How to Renew License Plate Tags in Wyoming

Renewing a license plate in Wyoming is a fairly simple process. Many Wyoming residents can renew license plate tags online, while other counties require you to come into the county clerk’s office to handle renewals. You will be mailed a registration renewal notice regardless of the county you reside in, and this document can be used to provide useful information when renewing your tags and registration, whether in person or online.

When you apply for plate renewal or registration renewal, you will need your license plate number or registration renewal card. Furthermore, you will need to provide proof of auto liability insurance.

How to Replace License Plates in Wyoming

When replacing license plate tags that have been lost, stolen or mutilated, you will have to go through the county clerk’s office in your individual county. Wyoming county clerks will gladly replace license plate tags when necessary.

When researching the process involved with replacing tags, note that drivers are required to replace them after eight years because the reflective material on the tags is only effective for that long. After eight years, car tags can become dull and difficult to read.

How to Transfer License Plates in Wyoming

If you need to transfer get a license plate in Wyoming transferred to another vehicle, this is also easily done in person at your county clerk office. Learning how to get a license plate transferred is a quick and inexpensive process in each county.

For further inquiries on WYDOT driver’s license services by county or to check the availability of personalization plates, you can call the DOT. The county clerk’s office for the county in which you reside will have more detailed information on renewal dates, DMV license plate expiration and specific application requirements.

Wyoming License Plate Fees

In Laramie County, the fees for a car registration license plate vary depending on your vehicle’s make, year and model. Conversely, the Albany County clerk’s office allows for online payment of car registration plates and indicates a cost for the shipping and handling of these new plates.

In Wyoming, the standard license plate fee for passenger cars is $30, but this cost may vary depending on the weight of your vehicle. Moreover, there are different fees incurred for plates issued for electric cars. Overall, owners of electric cars are required to pay more for their plates than other vehicle owners.

License Plate Lookups in Wyoming

The Wyoming DOT offers WY DMV license plate lookups for Wyoming license plates, but you must qualify to be able to perform such a search. To obtain a Wyoming license plate lookup, visit the Wyoming Department of Transportation in person to request this information.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.