A South Dakota DMV license plate serves as proof that the vehicle has been appropriately registered with the DOR. Moreover, plates serve as verification that the vehicle has met all of the applicable state standards for roadworthiness. In addition, DMV car tags also provide a way for law enforcement officers to quickly identify a vehicle and obtain information about its owner.

The issuance of new registration plates in SD is overseen by the state’s Department of Revenue (DOR). Continue reading the sections below to learn more about how you can get tags when purchasing a new vehicle. You will also find tips on how to replace or transfer your title and tags, if needed.

Types of License Plates in South Dakota

The current non-commercial standard DMV license plate in SD features a gray design of Mount Rushmore against a bright blue sky. The state’s name, car registration plate number and the quote “Great Faces. Great Places” are all written in dark blue ink. As in other states, the standard plate is the least expensive and most commonly used car tag.

Moreover, South Dakota offers a wide range of specialty car registration tags featuring military and college affiliations, fraternal organizations and charities. Historic and antique plates are also available.

Furthermore, drivers can obtain personalized tags that have a unique combination of letters and numbers, if desired. In any case, be mindful that these specialty license plates are issued for an additional fee.

How to Apply for a License Plate in South Dakota

The process of how to get a license place in South Dakota involves completing an Application for Motor Vehicle Title and Registration form. This DMV license plate form must be signed by the owner on record or an authorized agent for the owner. Authorized agents must be verified through a power of attorney document.

New plate applications for out-of-state vehicle purchases must be accompanied by a bill of sale, purchase order or sales contract. All motor vehicle title and tag registration fees must be configured and paid through the county treasurer’s office where you live.

How to Renew License Plate Tags in South Dakota

South Dakota drivers wondering how to renew license plate credentials have four options for getting a car tag renewal before the expiration date. In order to renew a license plate in South Dakota and access other DMV services online, at a self-service terminal, by mail or in person at your local county treasurer’s office.

Online instructions walk you through renewing a license plate registration electronically, after which your new plates and stickers will be mailed to you. Self-service renewal terminals (SSTs) are available 24 hours a day in several locations and provide fully automated services on the spot. However, be mindful that you will need to provide information from your renewal notice and a credit card to complete an SST transaction.

When renewing your tags by mail, simply mail your filled-out renewal notice and a check or money order to your county treasurer’s office. Furthermore, if you choose to renew your tags in person, you need the same documents required for other transactions. However, you will have the option to pay the applicable fees in cash.

Additionally, the process for renewing your license plates goes hand-in-hand with renewing your vehicle registration. Most drivers renew their registration at the same time as they renew their vehicle tags.

How to Replace License Plates in South Dakota

You must replace license plate tags as soon as possible after discovering that they were lost, stolen or destroyed. For instructions on how to replace license plate tags or stickers in SD, refer to the DOR’s Application for Replacement of License Plates, Validation Stickers or Lost Title Document.

Complete and submit the form to your county treasurer. When replacing your tags, you may choose to do so by mail instead of going to your county treasurer’s office. However, this option will delay receipt of your new tags by another week or two.

How to Transfer License Plates in South Dakota

If you wish to transfer your old SD DMV license plate to your new vehicle, you can do so at your local county treasurer’s office. South Dakota is a state in which plates stay with their owners. Thus, you must keep your car registration plates whenever you sell a car.

When going to the county treasurer’s office, be sure to bring the old plates with you. If they are in poor condition, you will be issued new plates to replace them, but your registration account information will remain the same.

South Dakota License Plate Fees

There are various fees related to license plates in South Dakota. For instance, personalized plates for cars typically cost $25 in SD. Moreover, a non-commercial license plate can cost between $2.10 and $12 per month.

License Plate Lookups in South Dakota

If you need to obtain license plate history or other information on a certain tag number, you must reach out to the SD DOT.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.