A North Dakota DMV license plate is an important credential for car owners, which provides an easy way for law enforcement officers to identify a vehicle and its driver. Valid ND car registration plates show that a vehicle has passed certain tests and meets state standards to be driven on state roadways. Overall, motorists may acquire new registration plates from the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT).

In addition, vehicle owners must be mindful of when to renew license plate credentials before the expiration date of a car registration, or how to replace tags that have sustained damage or been misplaced. To explore the requirements and procedures to get a license plate, and learn how to renew, replace or transfer existing car tags, read the following sections.

Types of License Plates in North Dakota

There are multiple types of car registration plates in North Dakota. As a general rule, each type of car tag serves a different purpose or represents a different organization. For example, consider the following common types of license plates:

  • Mobility-impaired license plates and parking permits are strictly issued by the ND DOT to individuals with disabilities.
  • Personalized car registration tags are plates with numbers and letters that are arranged to spell a name, term or phrase. This type of personalization can be obtained on both standard and special interest plates.
  • Special interest plates feature designs that aim to honor affiliations and interests, such as collegiate, military and Furthermore, antique and collector plates fall into this category.
  • Standard DOT license plates are displayed by most vehicles in ND. The new “Sunrise” design features the words “Legendary North Dakota,” with photographic imagery of scenery and a buffalo.
  • Temporary tags allow you to operate a vehicle for up to 30 days past its date of purchase. These plates are free and most commonly obtained from a dealership, DOT branch or law enforcement office.

How to Apply for a License Plate in North Dakota

To obtain new registration plates for your vehicle, you must visit a local North Dakota DOT office in person. When you request a car tag, you will be asked to present your car title certificate and fill out the appropriate application form for this service.

If you are concerned about how to get a license plate for a vehicle that has a lienholder, be prepared to provide their name, address and loan account number when applying for your car tag. Furthermore, ND DOT license plate fees must be paid during this application process. Overall, these fees vary according to the model year and weight of each vehicle.

How to Renew License Plate Tags in North Dakota

You may renew license plate tags in North Dakota by mail, online or in person. An in-person car registration renewal request may be submitted at a DOT branch or at a self-service terminal offered by the department. However, despite the fact that these terminals can issue new DOT license plate stickers, tabs and registration cards, they are not able to provide you with a new metal tag if yours needs to be replaced.

Furthermore, it is important to note that renewing license plate tags in ND must be done before the sticker on your car tag expires. Overall, you may request a car tag renewal up to three months in advance, if you wish to do so. Upon receiving a notice from the DOT reminding you to renew your registration, you must simply follow the instructions detailed on that document, such as submitting the required information and paying the applicable fees.

How to Replace License Plates in North Dakota

If you are wondering how to replace license plate tags that have been lost or stolen, you may visit a local ND DOT branch office and submit the application form for duplicate credentials. On the particular designated space, you must enter your reason for replacing license plate credentials. Then, a DOT agent will issue your new license plates, tabs and a registration card after you pay the fee to replace license plate tags.

How to Transfer License Plates in North Dakota

A North Dakota DOT license plate transfer is available if you sell or trade your car. To do so, you must visit an ND DOT branch and request to keep your license plate number by transferring it to another vehicle you own.

On the other hand, if you opt for not transferring a DOT car tag, you must relinquish it to the state’s Department of Transportation. Furthermore, you cannot transfer a tag to another person unless it is for a car owned by your spouse or domestic partner.

North Dakota License Plate Fees

There are varying DOT car tag fees for different types of license plate services offered in North Dakota. Overall, the costs associated with car registration plates vary according to the make, year, weight, purchase price and date that a vehicle was acquired. In any case, replacing an existing license plate in ND costs $5.

License Plate Lookups in North Dakota

Vehicle owners can get license plate lookups in North Dakota through a specific online tool offered by the state’s Department of Transportation. This tool is used to look up the current availability of special interest and personalized DOT license plates, but not driver details.

If you are looking for information about license plate history or the driving history of a vehicle’s owner, note that it is illegal to perform car registration plates checks on someone else. However, if you want to obtain a copy of your own driving records in North Dakota, you may do so by completing the appropriate application form and submitting it in person or by mail.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.