North Dakota drivers ed teaches youths and adults how to operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner. Courses are designed for individuals that have never had a licensed previously in the U.S. and, in some cases, a course will be required before a North Dakota drivers license can be issued. Therefore, it is important to review when education is required as well as what to expect as part of the curriculum.

In ND, drivers ed online courses are not available and courses must be completed in a classroom styled setting. However, it is also worth knowing that many of the course providers offer one on one education, ensuring that new drivers learn have enough time and direction to learn how to operate a vehicle safely. Unlike most states, drivers education will only include behind-the-wheel training and courses can be completed in as little as three days.

Who needs to take drivers ed in North Dakota?

In North Dakota, drivers ed classes must be completed by any teen between the ages of 14 and 15 that wishes to apply for an obtain a North Dakota driver’s license. Older teens, including teens between the ages of 16 and 18, are not required by law to complete a course, though courses are still recommended.

While not required, adults who have never had a driver’s license before and would like to learn how to drive may also take a course through an approved provider that offers adult courses.

Types of Drivers Ed Classes in North Dakota

ND drivers ed can only be taken through approved driving schools that offer courses to individuals who meet the age groups that the specific school allows. Some schools will only provide classes to teens under the age of 18 while others offer adult classes as well to any adult who would like to learn how to operate a motor vehicle. Unlike many states, courses are not offered through high schools and online and parent taught courses are not permitted when a course is required for a ND driver’s license.

What will you learn in a North Dakota drivers ed school?

In North Dakota, drivers education only includes six hours of behind-the-wheel training. Behind-the-wheel training must be one-on-one with an approved provider. Generally, these courses are completed in three days with two hours of driving practice per day. Classroom instruction is not included in educational courses in North Dakota.

A drivers ed test is included through a handful of providers. By successfully completing the road skill exam through the education provider, teens and adults alike are able to obtain a North Dakota driver’s license road test waiver.

North Dakota Drivers Education Requirements

If interested in a teen driving school in North Dakota, it is important to be aware of the requirements that must be met before you will be permitted to attend a course. These requirements include:

For adult drivers ed, providers may require additional conditions to be met. However, these requirements may vary between providers.

Benefits of a North Dakota Driver Education Course

A North Dakota driver education course offers numerous benefits to prospective drivers. For teens who are between 14 and 15 years old, the completion of a course will allow the teen to obtain a North Dakota driver’s license early on.

Additionally, course completion allows teens and adults alike to learn how to operate a motor vehicle safely and learn crash-avoidance techniques. Some insurance providers will also provide car insurance discounts to young drivers that have completed an approved course.

How to Enroll in a North Dakota Driver Ed School

To enroll in a drivers ed course in ND, you will need to contact one of the approved third-party providers who offer these educational courses. As stated previously, some providers will only offer classes to certain age groups. You can generally enroll through a provider online, over the phone or both. Generally, payment must be submitted prior to the start of the course.

North Dakota DMV Drivers Ed Certificates

After North Dakota drivers ed school, you will receive a certificate of completion that proves that you passed the course. If you are between the ages of 14 and 15, this certificate must be presented when applying for a North Dakota drivers license.

Drivers Ed for New North Dakota Residents

Only approved drivers education classes in ND can meet driver’s license requirements for teens that are between the ages of 14 and 15. If a teen has previously completed a course in another state, the teen will still need to complete an approved course in North Dakota or wait to obtain a license until the age of 16.

North Dakota Drivers Ed vs. Traffic School

North Dakota drivers education has nothing to do with traffic school as this educational course is designed to teach individuals how to drive and help teens obtain a drivers license for the first time. Traffic school, also referred to as a defensive driving course, is designed to help improve the safe driving ability of individuals who already have driving experience and have already been licensed.

North Dakota Driver Education Fees

In North Dakota, drivers ed prices are not regulated by the state. Therefore, it is important to review the various prices for the schools in your area. Fees may also vary by different features that a school may offer, such as pick-up and drop-off services and providing the vehicle that the course will be completed in. In most cases, courses are non-refundable, so it is worth reviewing attendance policies with a provider that you are interested in.

Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.