North Dakota disability placards may be obtained by disabled drivers through the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT). A disabled person parking placard in ND may be issued to eligible motorists who are medically certified to have a temporary or permanent disability to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. The handicap placard in North Dakota is better known as Mobility Impaired Parking Placard and may be used to park a motor vehicle in a designated parking place marked for people with disabilities.

Drivers may submit a disabled placard application procedure after satisfying certain eligibility criteria. To do so, motorists may apply for a handicap placard renewal at the DOT when approaching the expiration date of the placard. In addition, a disability placard replacement procedure may also be performed at the ND DOT when drivers deal with lost or stolen placard.

For more information about the North Dakota disabled person parking placards and about performing a renewal or replacement procedure, continue reading the following sections.

Eligibility Requirements for Disability Placards in North Dakota

Drivers may apply for a disabled person parking placard in North Dakota after satisfying certain eligibility criteria. As such, in order for motorists to be eligible to submit a disabled placard application, they must prove their related medical condition. For instance, applicants requesting a new disabled person placard in ND need to prove that they have at least one of the following conditions:

  • Inability to walk for 200 feet without rest due to an orthopedic, neurological or other medical condition.
  • Restriction from walking 200 feet without rest due to a cardiac, pulmonary or vascular disease.
  • Usage of portable oxygen.
  • Cardiac condition classified as Class III or Class IV according to the standards set by the American Heart

Drivers may apply for these credentials after satisfying a set of disability placard requirements. In general, the qualifications for disability placards also include a list of documents that must be provided to the ND DOT. Furthermore, disabled motorists will need to provide a disabled placard application form that is thoroughly completed and signed by both the applicant and his or her physician, along with an acceptable payment method for the applicable handicap placard fees.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in North Dakota

Drivers who want to perform a North Dakota disabled placard application procedure need to first decide which types of placards they wish to obtain. The state’s DOT offers the three types of disability placards: permanent non-reversible condition placards, permanent reversible condition placards and temporary condition placards. The two types of permanent handicap placards are blue, while the temporary placards are red.

In order to submit an application for disability placards in ND, motorists need to properly fill out an application form. Moreover, this disabled placard application must be completed and signed by both applicants and qualified physicians. The fully completed form for getting a disability parking permit must be submitted at a nearby DOT location, along with a payment for the applicable fees.

Note: Organizations that want to apply for a disability parking permit in North Dakota need to complete a different application form in comparison to the document submitted by individuals.

How to Renew Disability Placards in North Dakota

A North Dakota handicap placard renewal procedure must be completed through the ND DOT when approaching the expiration date of the parking permit. Disabled drivers need to know when and how to renew a disability parking permit, as each type of handicap placard is issued a different validity period and expiration date. For instance, a permanent disabled person placard generally expires on the last day of December after three years, whereas a temporary placard is only valid for three months.

Applicants who are permanently disabled may renew their disability placards in North Dakota by requesting a renewal procedure after three years. Disabled drivers who are renewing their permanent non-reversible condition disabled person placards need to complete and sign the same initial application form, but do not need a qualified health care professional to complete the second page of the document. On the other hand, when the permanent disabled person parking placard is issued to an individual who has a reversible condition, a qualified doctor must complete the second page of the form and sign it.

A handicap placard renewal procedure for the two types of permanent parking permits must be performed prior to the last day of December of the credential’s third year. Overall, renewing a temporary disabled person parking placard is currently unavailable in North Dakota. In such cases, drivers will be required to perform a disabled placard application procedure from the beginning.

How to Replace Disability Placards in North Dakota

Motorists need to perform a North Dakota disability placard replacement procedure when facing a lost, stolen or mutilated placard. As a general rule, disabled drivers may replace their placards by sending a written request for replacement with the number of the current credential. In addition to the written request for a duplicate disabled parking permit, drivers will have to provide payment for the applicable handicap placard fees. Note that the disability placard replacements may be obtained in person at a nearby ND DOT office.

North Dakota Disability Placard Fees

When wondering how much a disability placard in North Dakota is, disabled drivers need to know that they will be required to pay fees in order to obtain one or two placards. The same handicap placard fees also apply for renewal and replacement procedures. Furthermore, drivers who are applying for mobility impaired license plates will have to pay a different fee.

Last updated on Thursday, March 7 2019.