Obtaining disability placards in Utah is a procedure that can be completed by both disabled individuals and by health care facilities that tend to these individuals. In order to apply for a handicap placard, motorists will be required to submit a paper application to the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

When requesting a disability parking permit in UT, customers will not be required to submit a license to drive or a car registration copy, since the parking permit can be used by any individual, regardless of whether or not he or she is the vehicle operator.

The parking privileges granted by a disabled person placard include parking in spaces designated as disability parking spots and any metered parking zones without charge. However, it is important to note that you are not allowed to use a DMV handicap parking permit to park your vehicle in emergency use zones. Learn more about the application process for UT disability placards in the sections outlined below.

Eligibility Requirements for Disability Placards in Utah

When requesting Utah disabled parking permits, applicants will be required to meet certain requirements. In order to obtain a handicap placard, disabled individuals must first fulfill the qualifications established by the UT DMV, which include being able to prove that they have certain eligible impairments. An applicant who is eligible for handicap placards can then submit certain documentation to the state DMV in order to obtain a parking permit.

The only document needed to get a UT disability placard is a properly filled out application form, which can be obtained through any DMV office or via the division’s website. Applicants for handicap placards are not required to provide a separate document proving their disability, since the form contains a separate section reserved for the physician’s signature.

Organizations applying for disabled person placards needed to transport handicapped individuals will only be required to provide a self-certification instead of a physician’s signature. Regardless of whether or not applicants meet the document handicap placard requirements, they will not be allowed to apply for disability placards unless they:

  • Are unable to walk 200 feet without making rest stops.
  • Have a lung disease that limits their respiratory capabilities.
  • Have a cardiac condition that is classified as a Class III or Class IV.
  • Are using a portable oxygen tank.
  • Are unable to walk without using helping devices.
  • Have a serious neurological, orthopedic or arthritic condition.

Note: Depending on whether the applicant’s condition is permanent or temporary, he or she will be eligible for either a permanent or a temporary permit, respectively.

How to Apply for a Disability Placard in Utah

Applying for a disabled person parking placard in Utah is a procedure that can be completed by submitting the appropriate application by mail to the address listed on the form, or in person through a DMV location. Overall, the requirements to obtain a UT handicap parking permit remain the same, regardless of the chosen application method. Moreover, it is important to note that disabled individuals have the option of obtaining two separate disability placards that can be used in two separate vehicles only if they do not possess disabled license plates.

Applying for a Utah Disability Placard by Mail

In order to obtain a Utah disability parking permit without making an office visit, applicants will be required to submit their application package by mail. After filling out the corresponding sections of the UT application for disability placards, disabled individuals or organizations can send it through the mail.

To avoid any delays in the issuance of the handicap placard, applicants must ensure that the form is properly certified and signed, and that every applicable section contains accurate information. The state DMV will issue the new parking placard once it receives the request and verifies the applicant’s eligibility.

Note: Make a copy of the UT handicap placard application prior to mailing it, as it may prove useful for future procedures involving your disability parking permit.

Applying for a Utah Disability Placard in Person

Applicants have the option to submit a paper application for handicap placards in person through a nearby DMV location. Disabled individuals can expedite the UT disabled placard application process by preparing the request form prior to their office visit. The DMV representative will process your request for a disability placard once he or she inspects the submitted application form and confirms that it is properly filled out. Then, you will receive your new disabled person parking placard in UT as soon as it is manufactured.

How to Renew Disability Placards in Utah

Because the disability permits issued by the DMV expire after a set period of time, placard holders will be required to complete the handicap placard renewal procedure on a regular basis. However, be mindful that only disabled individuals who were issued two-year permanent disability placards can complete the renewal process.

If you have a temporary six-month parking permit, you will have to apply for a new placard if your condition has not improved after the permit’s limited validity period. In an attempt to remind holders of handicap parking badges to complete the UT disabled placard renewal on time, the state DMV mails out renewal notices prior to the placard’s expiration date. If you are wondering how to renew disability parking permit documents, note that the division processes renewal requests submitted by mail, in person and by phone.

Renewing a Utah Disability Placard by Mail

A convenient method to complete the Utah handicap placard renewal process is to fill out the renewal notice sent out by the state DMV and return it to the address on the form. Note that, when renewing a disability placard, you are not required to get a new disability certification from your physician. Once the division receives your application to renew a UT disabled person placard, it will manufacture a new two-year placard and mail it to your address on file.

Renewing a Utah Disability Placard by Phone

Renewal applicants who have lost their Utah disability placard renewal notice can still complete the procedure via alternative methods. A convenient way to renew an expired disabled parking permit in the absence of a renewal notice is to provide the necessary information by contacting the state DMV by phone. In such cases, the DMV representative will ask the applicant to furnish several types of data, such as his or her personal information and the placard number. Once the applicant’s disability placard record is located, the DMV agent will process the renewal request.

Renewing a Utah Disability Placard in Person

Renewing a DMV handicap parking permit in Utah in person is another option that is available in the event that you do not receive or lose the renewal notice. If you are wondering how to renew your disability parking permit in person, note that you will be required to visit your local DMV branch office and provide the same types of information that are required for the phone-in method, outlined above. Therefore, once the DMV agent locates your UT handicap placard record by entering your personal data and placard number, he or she can process your renewal request.

How to Replace Disability Placards in Utah

Utah disability permit holders wondering how to replace a handicap placard in the event of a lost, stolen or destroyed permit must note that the state DMV offers the following replacement methods: by mail, by phone and in person. As a general rule, the steps in the UT disability placard replacement procedure will vary depending on the chosen application method. For instance, when replacing your handicap placard by mail or in person, you will be required to submit a paper application form, which was detailed in previous sections.

Replacing a Utah Disability Placard by Mail

In order to successfully obtain a handicap placard replacement in Utah by mail, applicants will have to fill out an application form and mail it to the same DMV mailing address that receives applications for original placards. However, prior to sending the application for a duplicate disabled parking permit, motorists must ensure that they have checked the box for a replacement document and that they have entered the number of their previous placard. When replacing a lost disability placard in UT, applicants can submit the application form without obtaining a new physician’s certification.

Replacing a Utah Disability Placard by Phone

Another convenient method to complete the Utah disability permit replacement process is to submit your request over the phone. Applicants who choose to order a duplicate of their disabled person placard by phone will not be required to fill out and submit a paper application.

Instead, the procedure to replace a UT handicap parking tag by phone will be completed through different steps. As such, in order to process the applicant’s request, the DMV will ask the applicant to furnish his or her personal data and the number of the previous placard.

Replacing a Utah Disability Placard in Person

The procedure to replace a Utah disabled person parking placard in person can be completed by filling out the application form and submitting it through any DMV office within the state. When completing the disability placard replacement process in person, applicants will be required to complete the application form in the same manner as the mail-in application. Once the state DMV processes your application for a replacement disabled placard in UT, you will receive your duplicate permit.

Utah Disability Placard Fees

Disabled individuals wondering how much a disability placard in Utah is must note that the DMV does not impose any handicap placard fees. Therefore, while disabled license plates have a cost, DMV handicap parking permits can be obtained free of charge, regardless of whether you are applying for one or two placards. Furthermore, it is important to note that the renewal and replacement procedures do not involve any fees.

On the other hand, applicants who are mailing their application for UT handicap placards will generally be required to pay for certain postage costs.

Last updated on Thursday, March 7 2019.