Undergoing a VIN verification in Utah is a mandatory procedure in certain situations involving the first-time titling and registering of a vehicle or vessel with the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Generally, it is important to note that the DMV must administer a VIN inspection in order to verify whether or not the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the hull identification number (HIN) of a vehicle or the vessel is genuine and has not been tampered with.

The procedure to verify a VIN number in UT involves authorized DMV agents checking whether or not the number displayed on an ownership document matches the one present on the vehicle or vessel in question. Overall, motorists are able to submit their vehicles for a VIN inspection upon completing the standard titling and registration procedures at the DMV. Continue reading below to learn more about the mandatory vehicle verification process within the state.

When is a Utah VIN verification required?

The Division of Motor Vehicles requires you to complete the Utah VIN inspection procedure whenever you purchase a used in-state car or a new out-of-state motor vehicle. Thus, it is important to note that you do not have to request a car verification if you purchase a new motor vehicle from an in-state dealership or manufacturer. The types of vehicles that must be submitted to a vehicle VIN verification include:

  • Passenger motor vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles and trailers
  • Watercraft, including small boats
  • Off-highway vehicles and snowmobiles

Note: To learn whether or not you will need to fill out a DMV VIN verification form in UT in other situations, you may contact the division.

Where can I go to obtain a VIN inspection in Utah?

If you are wondering where to go for a car verification in Utah, note that the state authorizes various government officials to conduct these inspections. Overall, you are able to request a VIN number validation when titling and/or registering your vehicle with the division. However, you can also contact one of the following officials to perform this procedure:

  • Designated DMV contractors
  • Utah law enforcement officers
  • Licensed dealers
  • Certified safety inspectors

If you fill out the DMV VIN verification form with an official who is not a DMV employee, you will be required to submit the certificate of inspection to the division yourself.

What to Bring to a VIN Number Verification in Utah

The documents needed to complete a VIN inspection in Utah may vary to a certain degree depending on where you are completing the inspection, and whether or not you are finalizing other DMV procedures at the same time. In most cases, the basic necessary paperwork for requesting a vehicle verification includes the “Certificate of Inspection” form (TC-661), a state-issued identification credential and a document that proves vehicle ownership.

When filling out the TC-661 vehicle inspection form in UT, you will be required to provide your personal information, as well as details about your vehicle or vessel. For instance, you will first have to enter your full name and address. Then, you will have to provide your vehicle or vessel identification number and point out where it is located on the property itself. You will also have to write in your vehicle’s make, model, body style and model year. Finally, an authorized official will inspect your vehicle and verify the VIN number, entering any necessary information and then signing the form.

If you are titling and/or registering your vehicle immediately after verifying a VIN number, you will also have to meet the standard requirements for those credentials. For instance, you will need to fill the “Application for Utah Title” form (TC-656) and submit any necessary safety or emissions testing certificates. In general, the state DMV does not charge a fee for its VIN verifications. However, if you are titling and registering your vehicle at the same time, you will be required to pay the applicable costs related to obtaining these documents.

What to Do After Completing a VIN Inspection in Utah

After submitting your vehicle to a VIN verification in Utah, you will be required to complete several steps that may vary depending on whether your inspection was completed by a DMV employee or another authorized official. For example, if you have submitted the DMV VIN verification form when titling and registering your vehicle, you will only have to apply for the title and the registration, since the division will already have your VIN inspection certificate on file.

On the other hand, if you complete a UT vehicle verification process with a different type of authorized official, such as a certified safety inspector, licensed dealer, law enforcement officer or designated contractor, you will have to complete slightly different steps. For instance, you will have to obtain a signed “Certificate of Inspection” and submit it to the state DMV yourself. After submitting that document, you will be able to proceed with the standard titling and registration procedures.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.