A Utah background screening is a complete display of a person’s financial and criminal history. Individuals or companies may perform such background investigations when recruiting new employees, or when checking the criminal past of a potential caregiver or tenant.

You can request a complete background check from the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

How To Get A Utah Background Check

Getting a background verification in Utah is available to individuals and organizations which want to investigate the criminal history of potential employees, caregivers or tenants. The Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) allows performing background checks in person or by mail.

Ordering A Utah Background Check In Person

Individuals or companies can get background checks in person at the BCI office by providing a completed request form along with a valid identification picture ID card issued from the Utah DMV.

Note that Driving Privileges Cards are not a valid proof of identification for getting a background check in Utah. In addition to the request form and the proof of identification, you will be also required to pay the applicable fee, after which you will receive a copy of your Utah criminal background report.

Ordering A Utah Background Check by Mail

A complete background check in Utah is available via mail to employers, companies and individuals.

In order to get a full background investigation done, you need to download and complete the Application for Criminal History Record and mail it to the BCI office along with a check or money order for the applicable fee. Note that you will receive the UT background report at your mailing address.

Ordering A Utah Background Check Online

Getting an online background screening is an option which is currently unavailable in Utah. However, requestors can obtain background information about an individual by ordering a copy of a UT driving record or a credit report.

You only need to have the following information prepared:

  • Individual’s full name, along with previous names.
  • Individual’s date of birth.
  • Individual’s Social Security Number.

Who needs a Utah background check?

Utah background investigations may be requested by companies or certain individuals, such as employers or landlords.

The background reports are usually performed by employers who are recruiting new employees, by landlords who are selecting the perfect tenant for their property, or by the relatives of people who are in need of professional caregivers. Continue reading the sections below for more information on getting background checks in Utah.


Rental background investigations in Utah are most commonly requested by landlords who want to rent their property. In the process of choosing the best tenant, landlords may conduct renter personal background checks in order to examine the applicant’s past criminal and financial history.

The UT rental background verification will either assure the requestor that the applicant is a suitable tenant, or it will show that the applicant is not the tenant they want to rent the property to.


Employee background checks in Utah are usually performed by the company’s Human Resources team. Employers choose the best candidates for the offered job position by conducting an online background investigation on each applicant.

UT business background checks show the candidate’s past offenses, convictions or other illegal activities. Employees can also try and keep a clean personal background check before applying for a job position.

EMS/First Responders

Conducting a medical background check in Utah is a procedure regularly performed by clinics or hospitals in search of medical personnel.

The EMS background investigation examines the criminal history of the applicant and indicates to the requestor whether the candidate is suitable for the medical position. The results from a medical background screening will best show the preparedness of the candidate to work as a first responder.

Care Givers

Complete background checks in Utah are requested by individuals who want to hire personal caregivers for their family members or children.

Get a background check online in order to access the criminal records of candidates who want to work as caregivers. The results of the UT criminal record search will indicate who is the best candidate for the position of a caregiver.


Employers perform background checks for employment in Utah in order to select the most suitable candidate for a managerial position in their company. They need to gain access into the candidates’ criminal records in order to become familiar with their past misdemeanors and illegal activities.

The best way to access those information is through conducting a UT employment history check. Candidates can also request their personal background check before applying for the job, in order to see what information can potentially harm their reputation and to fix any issues that can be expunged from their criminal records.

When You Will Need A Background Check

Utah instant background checks are usually performed by requestors such as employers, landlords, or regular individuals. These requestors can conduct a background investigation in the following situations:

  • Working with children or vulnerable adults.
  • Adopting children.
  • Hiring suitable employees.
  • Purchasing guns.

The Difference Between Standard & Criminal Background Checks

Background checks in Utah are records of a person’s criminal, financial and employment history. Both standard and criminal background screenings in Utah are performed for the purpose of obtaining court and criminal records, credit records, employment and education history, military records, and many others.

The slight difference between these background reports in Utah is in that standard background checks are more related to financial and credit records, as well as the professional history. The criminal history checks on the other hand contain information about the individual’s past offenses and misdemeanors.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.