Wisconsin background investigations are a complete display of an individual’s financial and criminal history. Individuals or companies most often perform background screenings in Wisconsin for recruiting new employees, or for checking the criminal past of a potential caregiver or tenant.

You can request a complete background check from the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

How To Get A Wisconsin Background Check

Get a background check online by registering on the official website of the Wisconsin Department of Justice, or via mail by sending the needed documentation to the WI Record Check Unit.

If you choose to mail the documents, you will have to complete a Wisconsin Criminal History Single Name Record Request form, pay the applicable fees and mail them to the WI Record Check Unit along with a self-addressed envelope. Expect your background report to arrive within seven and 10 business days.

Ordering A Wisconsin Background Check Online

Wisconsin background investigations may be done online on the Department of Justice website. In order to sign up successfully on the website you will have to provide your email address as well as a full name and to create a password.

In addition, when performing online background checks in Wisconsin, you are recommended to prepare these pieces of information about the individual you want to investigate:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Social Security Number.

Who needs a background check?

Wisconsin background investigations are commonly requested by employers, organizations, landlords and courts. Requestors need to perform complete background checks on individuals who want to work in their company or to rent their property. Continue reading below for more information on getting a background checks in Wisconsin.


Rental background verifications in Wisconsin can be performed online by landlords who want to rent their property. When choosing the most suitable tenant, landlords are advised to conduct renter personal background checks in order to examine the applicant’s criminal and financial past.

The WI rental criminal history check will help the requestor to choose the candidate with a clear background report.


Wisconsin employee background checks are frequently ordered by employers who want to recruit new personnel for their company.

Perform an employment history check in WI if you want to investigate the candidate’s financial, professional or criminal history of past offenses and misdemeanors. Performing a personal employee background check will help you prepare for the Wisconsin background screening requested by your potential employer.

EMS/First Responders

Clinics or hospitals conduct medical background screenings in Wisconsin when searching for medical personnel.

The EMS background investigation examines the applicant’s criminal history while indicating which candidate is most suitable for the open position. The results from a WI medical background check will help to narrow the search for a first responder.

Care Givers

Request a complete background investigation in Wisconsin in order to choose the person that will take care of your family member or child. Eliminate those candidates who have a vast criminal history and choose one of those individuals who keep a clean WI background report.

Performing a personal background check is a recommended option if you want to be prepared for any questions concerning your past offenses or misdemeanors.


Perform an online Wisconsin employee background check if you are an employer who wants to hire the most suitable candidate for a managerial position in their company.

The best way to access the candidate’s criminal records is through conducting an employment history check in Wisconsin. Candidates are advised to perform their own personal background checks before applying for the job, so that they can fix any issues that might disqualify them.

When You Will Need A Background Check

Wisconsin background checks are performed for various reasons. Requestors order background screenings in the following situations:

  • For hiring purposes.
  • To rent an apartment.
  • To get a commercial license from the WI DMV office.
  • To adopt a child.
  • To purchase firearms.
  • For personal reasons.

The Difference Between Standard & Criminal Background Checks

Standard and criminal background checks in Wisconsin differ in the type of records they hold.

The standard background search holds details that can be used for getting licenses and jobs, or for renting properties, while the WI criminal history check contains information about the individual’s arrests, charges, prosecution, court findings, sentences, and admissions and releases from the WI correctional system.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.