Background verification in New Jersey is conducted by government agencies, business and regular citizens, often to check an individual’s criminal or financial history. Since NJ background reports are highly restricted, an individual cannot request a background search on another subject, unless there is an approved reason to do so.

Applicants can review their own background report in NJ, however, typically for immigration, expungement or adoption purposes. Note that, any dissemination of criminal and consumer reports must stay in compliance with state laws.

How To Get a New Jersey Background Check

Primarily, a New Jersey background investigation can be done via live scan fingerprinting at an NJ approved site. In order to conduct a background screening, requestors have the option to first schedule an appointment for the completion of the procedure.

You will also need to present an appropriate Universal Form and a proof of identification (a valid U.S. passport, current NJ driver’s license or other document outlined on the form). Note that, different forms exist for this purpose, depending on who is making the request.

Individuals may also run a name-based background check in New Jersey. To do this, you may be required to personally present or mail an SBI 212B Form, including several details about the subject in question, such as a first and last name, a date of birth, a Social Security Number, among other information.

Ordering a New Jersey Background Check Online

Online background checks in New Jersey may be an available option through third parties. Requestors may be able to order a background report online by entering specific personal details about the subject of search. In this case, you may need to provide the following information:

  • The individual’s first and last name.
  • The individual’s date of birth.
  • The individual’s Social Security Number.

Note: Requestors may need to arrange payment for a set fee to finish the online procedure.

Who needs a New Jersey Background Check?

Individuals and agencies can perform NJ background screening for a variety of different reasons. Most commonly, background investigation is done for employment purposes by both authorized employers and government requestors.

Additionally, a background verification in NJ may be conducted when renting a property or during a licensing or adoption screening process. Note that New Jersey is a closed records state, so for a background report to be released, there must be an approved purpose.


Property owners may need to request a background screening during the rental agreement process.

A complete renter background check in New Jersey will include any potential criminal or financial offenses of the applicant. It is of great importance for an individual to know that future tenants will fulfill their duties on time, specifically when it comes to paying the rent.

Getting an NJ renter background report may be the best way for the landlord to ensure that he or she is choosing the right candidate.


New Jersey background checks are often required when hiring a person within a company or a government entity. When ordering an employee full background check in NJ, recruiters may be able to make a more accurate decision, based on the subject’s criminal and professional history.

Prior to purchasing the employer background report, requestors must be sure to obtain the candidate’s authorization for the process. Individuals can elect to conduct background checks for employment in New Jersey based on fingerprint comparison or name check. A more convenient option is to perform an online criminal record search.

EMS/First Responders

EMS background verification in NJ is crucial before employing a person in a hospital or other medical institution. Individuals who apply for such a responsible job position are expected to show impeccable criminal history. Thus, a clean medical background report would highly contribute during the selection process.

If you want to check the accuracy of the details included, you may order a copy of your own record prior to submitting the job application.

Care Givers

The results from a New Jersey complete background check may be a major contributor when deciding whether to hire an individual to look after your child or another member of the family.

Caregivers are expected to show responsibility, so any past criminal misdemeanors in their record will certainly exclude them from the process. A clean NJ background verification, on the other hand, would show that the future employee will complete his duties in a safe manner.


Pre-employment background investigation is typical in New Jersey, specifically if a company is looking for a new manager. An NJ employee background search may be conducted prior to the interview, to help select the best candidate.

Employment history checks in NJ may include not only previous criminal actions, but consumer reports as well. A full background screening may be necessary for employers to make sure that they are entrusting the leadership position to a reliable and trustworthy individual.

When You Will Need a Background Check

Subjects may be asked to undergo a background investigation in New Jersey in many different situations. The Division of State Police allows individuals to run their own background check for the following purposes:

  • Immigration/Visa.
  • International adoption.
  • Foreign business.
  • Naturalization.
  • Expungement.
  • Good conduct.

New Jersey background screening requests can also come from other individuals and organizations, only if authorized to do so. The following are the most common reasons for ordering a background search:

  • When hiring a person for a job or volunteer position.
  • When completing a licensing procedure.
  • When buying a firearm from a licensed dealer.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

When conducting a criminal background check in NJ, requestors will receive information about any existing of the individual’s past criminality. An NJ criminal record search includes convictions, pending arrests and charges, with the exception of expunged records.

Standard background verification may be necessary as part of the employment process, as those records show the applicant’s credit or financial history. Note that, New Jersey has specific laws regarding the use of criminal checks, consumer reports, even driver’s record information.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.