A New Jersey car title transfer is a procedure that motorists need to perform when they want to sell or purchase a motor vehicle from another legal entity. This procedure is performed through the state Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) and requires both parties to satisfy certain title transfer requirements in order to finalize the procedure.

Depending on the specific circumstances behind the transfer, there may be more or fewer steps involved. To learn more about how to fill out transfer of title in New Jersey, continue reading the following sections.

What is a car title transfer in New Jersey?

When wondering what is considered under the term transfer of car title in New Jersey, motorists are recommended to first discover what a certificate of title is and in which situations it is used. Car title is actually a legal document issued by the NJ MVC which is used for determining the ownership rights over a motor vehicle.

A car title transfer is a procedure that motorists need to perform in order to transfer the ownership rights over a motor vehicle in various situations. Vehicle owners who want to learn how to perform title transfers for cars New Jersey and whether title transfer online is a possibility, can find answers in this article.

When is a vehicle title transfer required in New Jersey?

A New Jersey auto title transfer procedure is required when vehicle owners want to transfer the ownership rights of their motor vehicles to new owners. Title transfers for cars, in most cases, is a procedure that may be conducted when individuals want to sell or purchase a used car.

A car title transfer may be also mandated when individuals inherit a motor vehicle upon the death of the vehicle owner. Therefore, motorists who want to discover how to fill out transfer of title in New Jersey according to their specific situation are highly recommended to inquire more information from the NJ MVC before beginning the procedure.

Information and Documents Necessary to Transfer a Title in New Jersey

When performing a transfer of car title in New Jersey, motorists may be required to satisfy certain requirements and provide the necessary information and documents to the NJ MVC. This documentation must be provided in person, as electronic title transfers are not available in New Jersey.

Motorists who want to conduct a car title transfer procedure will be required to provide the following documents:

  • Assigned vehicle title
  • Completed Vehicle Registration Application (form BA-49)
  • Power of Attorney, if applicable
  • The buyer’s driver’s license or other identification document
  • Proof of New Jersey car insurance
  • Payment for the title, registration and sales tax
  • Financing Statement, if the vehicle has a lien or is being financed
  • Entity Identification Number (EIN) and a Federal Tax ID Number, when the buyer is a company or business

Note that the documents and title transfer requirements may vary based on your specific situation. Therefore, to discover more information about how do you transfer a title on a car in New Jersey, contact the NJ MVC beforehand and get ready to complete a title transfer procedure.

Steps for Performing a Transfer of Title in New Jersey

Motorists who want to perform a New Jersey car title transfer procedure need to complete certain steps in person at a nearby NJ MVC office. The in-person process of transferring a car title may require both sellers and purchasers to complete the following steps:

  • The seller must remove and surrender the license plates at an NJ MVC location.
  • The seller must complete and sign the back of the car title with the necessary information.
  • The buyer must sign the back of the title.
  • The buyer must sign the back of the title and provide a driver’s license number or an Entity Identification Number (EIN)
  • The buyer must visit a local MVC branch to complete a Vehicle Registration Application and obtain the license plates.
  • Submit payment for the possible title transfer fees.

After satisfying the NJ title transfer requirements and completing the mandatory steps, motorists will get the title and ownership rights transferred in their names. For more information about title transfers for cars in New Jersey in other situations such as after the death of a surviving relative, contact the NJ MVC and discover the mandatory steps.

Getting a New Car Title Versus Title Transfers in New Jersey

Obtaining a new car title and a car title transfer are two separate legal procedures that are required during different situations. Getting a new car title is a process that motorists have to perform after purchasing a new motor vehicle.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) issues new car title certificates for vehicles that are titled for the first time within the state. A new title may be also be issued when out-of-state residents have just moved to New Jersey and they want to title their vehicle in their new residential state.

Unlike getting a new car title, the title transfer process is required when vehicle owners are changing the ownership of a motor vehicle. A title transfer takes place when two different parties transfer the ownership rights of a motor vehicle, as a result of purchasing or selling a car. Motorists may also transfer a New Jersey car title when they obtain the vehicle as a gift, donation or as part of an inheritance left by another person.

Car Title Transfer Fees in New Jersey

The final step of the New Jersey car title transfer procedure is to provide payment for the $60 transfer fee. Depending on the method of payment, drivers may also need to pay a $4.50 processing fee. Owners of financed vehicles may also be required to pay a fee for liens.

In addition to the possible title transfer fees, motorists will also be expected to provide payment for a new car registration. Buyers may choose to complete the registration process at a later date as long as the vehicle is registered with the NY MVC before it is driven.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.