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Title Transfers or obtaining a New Certificate of Title in Florida

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Whenever a vehicle changes ownership, the seller must transfer the vehicle title to the buyer. For instance, a car title transfer takes place when you are:

  • Buying a used car.
  • Selling a used car.
  • Gifting a vehicle.
  • Inheriting a vehicle.

More Important Information on Title Transfers

How to Sell a Car in Florida

To sell a car online, you want to:

  1. First take it to a mechanic for any repairs and make sure all the parts are in working.
  2. Find a reputable online car database.
  3. Take clear, high-resolution, color photos that show every angle of the car.
  4. Include your listing price.
  5. Add a vehicle history report to prove your vehicle's excellent condition.
  6. Fill out a bill of sale as proof of purchase.

How to Transfer Car Title in Florida

Common questions sellers ask themselves when selling a vehicle are:

  • How to transfer car titles?
  • Where to transfer car titles? has the answers for you. On the date of the transaction, it is your responsibility as seller to:

  • Make a transfer of car title documents. To correctly transfer a pink slip into another person's name:
    • Fill out the "Transfer of Title by Seller" section of your current title.
    • Include the odometer reading, sales price and date.
  • Make two copies of the bill of sale.
    • Both signatures must be on the bill of sale.
  • Provide a vehicle history report. This includes details about accidents, repairs or updates you have made on the car, and is considered a courtesy to provide.
  • Pay the $75.25 fee

Be sure the buyer does not leave before transferring car title documentation or giving a bill of sale. Once done, it is the buyer's responsibility to register the vehicle with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).
Note: The process for transferring vehicle title is the same as transferring documents for an RV, down to the fee.

How to Transfer Title Between States

To transfer between states, you must go to your local DMV office and provide the following:

  • Proof of FL car insurance
  • One proof of identity for each party:
    • Social Security card
    • Birth certificate
  • Your FL drivers license
  • The out-of-state title
  • VIN number verification on the HSMV 82042 form
  • Application for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration form

Once you provide all of the necessary documentation, you will be able to pay the $75.25 fee or the $77.25 fee if you want a paper copy.

Repair a Car

It's important to have a trustworthy mechanic to call. The most common reasons for needing a mechanic are:

  • Selling a car and you want to improve the vehicle to be worth selling. Get a vehicle history report to prove its excellent condition.
  • Buying a used car and you want to know exactly what condition it's in. Check the VIN number for a better idea.
  • For salvageable repairable cars. Although you may know more than the average driver when it comes to repairing a car, you still want to have a vehicle repair professional to reach out to.
  • You are a car owner. Breakdowns, flat tires and accidents can happen to anyone. Be sure you have a reliable mechanic to call.

How to Buy a Car

There are two ways to buy a car:

  1. Buy a new car in Florida from an authorized dealership.
    • Lease a car from an authorized dealership. (Same process applies to buying a new car.)
  2. Buy a used car from a private seller in Florida.

Getting new car registration and car title applications for a new vehicle is simple: The dealer will take care of the related paperwork on your behalf. In Florida, dealerships have 30 days to notify the FL DMV that you are the new, rightful owner and will issue you temporary license plates in the interim.
Before you can leave the lot with your new car though, you will have to have Florida car insurance. Although the dealership can help you get auto coverage, you can find better car insurance quotes online. Note: Ask your sales person if the titling and registration fees are included in the sale price.
When you are buying a used car, you want to be sure the seller gives you:

  1. A vehicle history report
  2. A copy of the bill of sale
  3. A transferred pink slip.

You - the buyer - will need to sign and date the title after the seller has filled out the odometer reading and sales price. Then, you must submit an insurance card or a Form HSMV 83330 to a tax collector's office.At this point, it is your responsibility to get new vehicle registration for your car. In addition, you must have Florida car insurance that meets the state's minimum liability requirements. There are many great auto insurance quotes online to choose from.

How to Transfer a Car Title if Document Is Lost

In the event that you have lost your vehicle title document, you must obtain a replacement at a local Florida DMV office. Only after you obtain a replacement will you be able to transfer the title. During this process, your original lost title document will be rendered invalid.

How to Transfer a Car Title for a Gifted Car

Gift transfers are exempt from sales tax; however, you are still responsible to get new registration and transfer the car title.

  1. Fill out a bill of sale.
  2. Fill out the odometer reading on the current title, and on the sales price field write "Gift." Both the gifter and receiver must sign the title.
  3. Submit your insurance card or a Form HSMV 83330 to a tax collector's office.
  4. Go in person to your local county tax collector's office to get new vehicle registration. We recommend booking an appointment.
  5. If you do not have car insurance, you must purchase new auto insurance before getting car registration. Florida has minimum liability insurance requirements for drivers to meet as well, and you will be penalized if caught driving with insufficient vehicle insurance.

Vehicle Donation

If you would rather not sell your car, you can choose vehicle donation. Before you begin filling out a donate vehicle application to the charity of your choice though, recommends you follow these steps:

  1. Research the organizations you are considering donating to.
  2. Make sure that the charity is qualified to receive a vehicle donation.
  3. Look up the tax benefits associated with donation.
  4. File paperwork at the local Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles office.

If you are not sure which charities offer auto donation, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a list of qualified charities on their official website. Click here to verify the charity's status.

How to Donate a Vehicle

To donate vehicles to charity, be sure the charity accepts your donations before following the steps to complete the transfer:

  1. Complete a car title transfer form, including the name and address of the charity.
  2. Cancel your car registration.
  3. Complete a Notice ofTransfer/Release of Liability form:
  4. Cancel your car insurance policy.

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Submitted by dlcapps (not verified) on 7th Jun 2011

i just paid 9.99 on line for

i just paid 9.99 on line for steps and download of forms needed to sell a vehicle. all i got was the bill of sale form nothing else...its a rip off!!!

Submitted by Capt1 on 24th Feb 2015

Do your Google research and

Do your Google research and search for fdhsmv form 82050 pdf

its free download from Of Florida's official Bill/Notice of sale form


If your private selling fill out two one for " YOU " and the other for the " Buyer " .. you as the seller need to take your copy to the local tax collectors / Tag office and file it as a notice of sale,. protects you from liability until new owner changes the title..

even if you both go to the title/tag office you should still have a filled out bill of sale along with the title.

Submitted by LuluBadudu (not verified) on 21st Jul 2011

You can get any forms you

You can get any forms you need free from the Florida DMVHS website

Submitted by francisco cuellar (not verified) on 26th Sep 2013



Submitted by Anonymous on 11th Apr 2011

Florida should require both

Florida should require both signatures to be notarized as other states require. There is fraud out there. If someone gets hold of a title, they can forge the owner's name and walk in there and transfer it to their name.

Submitted by Capt1 on 24th Feb 2015

That is one reason as soon as

That is one reason as soon as you discover a missing title you need to apply for a duplicate title.. it cancels the prior one out in Florida,.

Submitted by Anonymous on 30th Mar 2011

This information is OLD.

This information is OLD. Prices are MUCH higher now!

Submitted by mdiaz82 (not verified) on 12th Jun 2009

The form or Application to

The form or Application to get a title transfer is blank. Can someone fix this? Where else can I get this form?