Before you get your first Florida drivers license, it is important to be aware of certain information about the process of getting the Class E license including knowing where to get a drivers license. If you are unaware of the steps that must be taken to obtain your license, you may find the process confusing. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand what is required of you when completing the driving license application process so that you can expect a more efficient and less stressful experience at the DMV.

It is also good to understand that the steps for getting a DMV license in Florida vary depending on the age of the driver when he or she applies. This is because Florida has graduated driver licensing laws that are put into place to help teens gain driving experience under lower-risk conditions before they are able to obtain full driving privileges. Because of these laws, there are slightly different procedures for getting a drivers license as a teenager than there are for an adult 18 years of age or older.

How to Apply for a Drivers License in Florida as an Adult (18 or Older)

If you are wondering, “What do you need to get your license?” you need to understand that those requirements vary depending on your age. The requirements if you are an adult applying for a license for the first time include participating in a driver education course, passing the required tests and providing the documents needed for a Florida driver license to the FLHSMV.

Furthermore, you must follow the necessary steps in this order to be issued a Florida license. These steps include the following:

  1. Complete a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course (TLSAE).
  2. Visit your local FLHSMV office. Getting a drivers license online is not an option.
  3. Present valid documentation:
    1. Primary document for proof of identification:
      1. U.S. birth certificate
      2. U.S. passport
    2. Proof of Social Security number:
      1. Social Security card
      2. W-2 form
      3. SSA 1099 form
    3. Proof of residency for the Florida DMV:
      1. Florida voter registration card
      2. Utility bill
      3. Mortgage statement
      4. Health card with address listed
    4. Proof of name change documents, if applicable
  4. Pass a vision test.
  5. Pass a Class E Driving Skills Test.
  6. Pay the applicable fees.

Note: You can schedule a Florida drivers license appointment ahead of time to reduce your wait time.

Getting a Florida Drivers License as a New Resident

Florida drivers license requirements for out of state citizens indicate that you must get a new FL driving license as soon as possible after you have moved to the state and obtained residency. To convert an out of state license to Florida, you must surrender your current license and pay the applicable fees for a new license. You will likely not need to take any written or driving exams when moving to the Florida DMV license, unless specific circumstances warrant it.

How to Get a Florida Drivers License as a Teen (Younger Than 18)

Teenagers can get a new drivers license in Florida as long as they meet the requirements set in place by the graduated licensing laws. This essentially means that drivers younger than 18 may obtain a license as long as they hold a learners permit for a certain period of time first, pass any required tests, participate in drivers ed, and provide any necessary documentation.

You must meet certain drivers license eligibility requirements to get a license in Florida. These requirements include the following:

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • You must have held a valid learner’s license for at least 12 months (or until you reach age 18, whichever comes first).
  • A parent, legal guardian or another responsible adult older than 21 years of age must complete a Certification of Minor Driving Experience Form that certifies you have completed 50 hours of driving, with 10 hours being at night.
  • You must pass a driving test for your Class E License.

Drivers Ed Requirements to Get a Drivers Permit in Florida

Before you can get your Florida DMV license, you must complete the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course or participate in high school driver education classes. This drivers education is a mandatory requirement if you are a new driver, regardless of your age.

The course provider will electronically submit course completion information that will be available to all driver license issuing offices. Therefore, a physical copy of the course completion certificate is not required when obtaining a license.

FAQ: Can you get your license at 18 without a permit in Florida? If you are an adult aged 18 years or older you can expect a slightly faster process when getting your license because you are not required to obtain a learners permit first.

For more answers to common questions, visit our FL FAQs page.

Steps to Applying for a New Drivers License in Florida (Younger Than 18)

Before you can apply for a drivers license in Florida, you must obtain and hold a learners license for 12 months. To get a Florida learners license you must be at least 15 years old and do the following:

  1. Visit your local DMV office.
  2. Present a signed/notarized Parental Consent Form.
  3. Complete a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course (TLSAE).
  4. Pass a vision and hearing test.
  5. Pass a Class E Knowledge Exam.
  6. Provide documents to establish proof of identity, proof of Social Security number and proof of residential address.
  7. Pay the applicable fees.

You can apply for a DMV license only after obtaining and holding the learners license for a full 12 months with no moving violation convictions. To apply for a Florida drivers license, you must do the following:

  1. Visit your local DMV office.
  2. Present a signed and completed Certification of Minor Driving Experience Form, which certifies that you have completed 50 hours of driving, with 10 hours being at night.
  3. Pass a Class E Driving Skills Test.
  4. Provide documents to establish proof of identity, proof of Social Security number and proof of residential address.
  5. Pay the applicable fees.

Florida Drivers License Costs

Other drivers license information that you should be aware of involves the drivers license cost that you must pay. The fee includes the following:

  • Original Class E (includes Learners license): $48

Note: The base cost for a Florida drivers license renewal through the FLHSMV online system is the same as the cost for a brand new license. However, if you have lost a drivers license in FL, the price for a drivers license replacement is almost half the cost.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 3 2020.