Drivers with a traffic citation in Florida must settle their case within 30 days after they received their ticket, thus avoiding further penalties. In general, FL traffic citations lead to the accumulation of points on driving records, as well as an increase in vehicle insurance rates.

Drivers can either prepare an FL traffic ticket defense or simply pay speeding tickets or other types of citations to resolve their case. The procedure of paying driving fines in FL is typically initiated by motorists who cannot provide enough evidence to prove their innocence in court. Find out how and where to pay traffic fines in Florida by reading the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Florida
  • Florida traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Florida
  • Dismissal of charges in Florida
  • Lost tickets in Florida

How To Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Florida

Drivers who choose to pay traffic citations in FL may be able to do so via several methods, depending on the court handling their case.

Note that by paying driving fines, you admit your guilt to the offense committed, which may result in additional penalties, including points on your driving transcript and/or license suspensions or revocations. Florida traffic ticket payment methods differ from county to county, but they generally include online, in person, via mail or by phone.

Paying a Florida Ticket Online

Paying traffic citations online in Florida is usually the most convenient way to answer to your ticket in due time. Specific traffic violation courts in FL allow drivers to respond to their citation online, using a credit card.

Other details, such as the citation number, your official Florida driving license number or full name may be required as well. Before submitting a ticket violation payment via the internet, however, you must check whether the corresponding court offers an online provider.

Note: To finalize the process of paying traffic tickets online in Florida, drivers may also need to provide a convenience fee in addition to the base fine.

Paying a Florida Ticket via Other Methods

If you are not able to submit your Florida ticket violation payment online, then you will need to satisfy your traffic summons via other methods.

To pay traffic fines in such case, you are generally required to visit the traffic court handling your case and provide payment in person. Paying driving fines in FL can also be conducted by calling the specified toll-free numbers in some counties.

Finally, check whether you can respond to your traffic citation via mail by consulting your ticket or contacting the corresponding court.

Florida Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Motorists who decide to fight traffic tickets in Florida may need to hire a traffic attorney to represent them in court. When hiring a traffic ticket lawyer as legal representation, drivers increase their chances of preparing a successful FL traffic ticket defense.

You can find a lawyer easily online by providing a picture of your traffic ticket and inputting some routine information about the citation. Other benefits to having a traffic law expert are the following:

  • Not having to pay traffic fines or reducing the set fees and surcharges to a minimum.
  • Avoiding the accumulation of negative points on a driving report.
  • Avoiding higher auto insurance rates.

Note: When contesting a traffic citation in FL, consider hiring an attorney who has experience with local courts and motor vehicle laws.

Pleading Not Guilty in Florida

Drivers generally decide to beat a traffic ticket in Florida if they believe they have been unjustly cited by a law enforcement officer.

Motorists fighting traffic citations must enter a plea of “not guilty” to the infraction in question and require a court hearing within 30 days of the date of the citation. When preparing for a trial, they will need to gather any credible evidence or contact any witnesses to testify on their behalf.

You will be required to satisfy the set FL traffic fines and additional costs in case the judge finds you guilty in court. The best way to navigate these steps, however, is simply to find an experienced ticket defense attorney online.

If you are unable to dispute your traffic citation, you may elect to enroll into and complete a state-authorized traffic school course and earn a point reduction, thus avoiding a suspension of your credential.

Dismissal of Charges in Florida

To avoid paying a speeding ticket in FL or other types of citations within the state, drivers may also try to dismiss traffic tickets.

Motorists may be eligible for a Florida traffic citation dismissal in case they find any incorrect information listed on the citation. In general, tickets that are incorrectly written-up are considered a serious and credible basis for a dismissal. Note that by successfully finalizing this process, you will avoid the negative consequences of your traffic misdemeanor.

Lost Tickets in Florida

Details listed on Florida traffic citations are necessary for drivers to answer to the issued ticket timely and properly. Regardless of whether motorists decide to fight their traffic citation or pay traffic fines online or via other methods, they will need to provide the information displayed on the form to finalize either procedure.

In case you have misplaced your ticket, you will need to retrieve the details as soon as possible in order to comply with the 30-day deadline to enter a plea. Fl traffic ticket information may be obtained by contacting the Clerk of Court in the county where you were cited. Certain courts may offer an online case search provider on their official websites, as well.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.