An Alaska traffic citation may leave a serious blemish on your driving record, suspend your driving privileges, and increase your car insurance premiums. Drivers holding traffic tickets are required to pay certain traffic fines, which may vary depending on the type of offense committed.

Paying driving fines signifies that you are accepting the charges for the offense committed. Drivers who choose to fight traffic tickets in court may lose the case and be required to pay even higher traffic fines and additional court fees. Drivers wondering, “How and where do I pay my speeding ticket in Alaska?” are encouraged to review the sections below:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Alaska
  • Alaska traffic ticket attorneys
  • Pleading not guilty in Alaska
  • Dismissal of charges in Alaska
  • Lost tickets in Alaska in Alaska

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Alaska

When paying driving fines in Alaska, drivers can use several available methods offered by the state. Traffic tickets payments may be completed online, by mail, by phone or in person, within 45 days of receiving the citation.

Failure to provide ticket violation payments in this period of time will make the court come to a conclusion that you are guilty of the charge. In addition, you will be required to pay the maximum traffic fine as well as additional court costs and surcharges.

State courts generally offer the option to pay traffic citations online in AK as the fastest and most convenient methods. If you are unable to pay driving ticket online, you can still provide your payment using the other alternative methods. However, make sure to carefully read the traffic ticket in order to find out whether you are required to appear in court.

Drivers who must make a court appearance cannot pay traffic fines online.

Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Prior to contesting a traffic ticket in Alaska, drivers may need to hire specialized traffic attorneys to help them avoid harsh consequences and to prevent driver’s license suspensions or revocations.

In addition, traffic ticket attorneys may reduce or remove demerit points from your driving record by helping you create a good defense for trial. Drivers who wonder how to get out of a speeding ticket in Alaska may hire a good traffic attorney as soon as they receive their tickets, and find out all the necessary information about traffic laws and regulations in Alaska.

They may contact attorneys locally by contacting their State Bar association, or they may find attorneys quickly and conveniently online.

Pleading Not Guilty

Motorists who hold AK traffic citations and who consider themselves innocent of the accusations may choose their traffic ticket defense option.

Drivers can initiate the process of fighting traffic tickets in Alaska by submitting a “not guilty” plea and requesting a trial date at the proper court prior to the due date displayed on the ticket. Note that you can also apply for a new date to fight traffic citations by submitting the Defendant’s Request to Reschedule Hearing (Form TR-200) before the assigned date.

Before drivers take traffic tickets to court, they need to practice their testimony, contact possible witnesses and collect relevant evidence. They must be aware of the fact that fighting traffic tickets may result in being found guilty or innocent.

You will dismiss traffic citations if the judge rules in your favor and the DMV will not add points to your driving transcript. If you would prefer to avoid the hassle of appearing in court, you may be able to find a qualified lawyer online.

By providing a picture of your ticket and answering a few simple questions, you can be connected to a knowledgeable attorney who will represent you in court.

Note: In certain circumstances, drivers may even be able to contact the police officer before their trial date to negotiate a ticket dismissal.

Dismissal of Charges

Drivers who want to dispute traffic citations in Alaska must pay closer attention to the details displayed on the ticket in order to find errors and to avoid paying driving fines. The traffic citation may be considered invalid if it contains wrong information about the place of issuance of the traffic ticket, the motor vehicle or the time and date of the citation.

Therefore, drivers can dismiss traffic tickets by completing a state-approved traffic school course. Drivers who have found an error on their traffic citation can also have the ticket dismissed.

Lost Tickets in Alaska

Drivers facing lost traffic citations may encounter various problems when fighting or paying traffic fines in Alaska. For instance, having the traffic ticket information in your possession will help you initiate the settlement procedure. Therefore, motorists can request the information written on their traffic citations by using several options.

They may be able to find out the exact driving fine amount they need to pay, obtain details about the citation number, or discover the due date for submitting the ticket violation payment or for fighting the citation. The aforementioned information may be obtained through the official website of certain cities.

If this option is available, you may be able to obtain your traffic ticket information by providing your full name and driver’s license number. If you are unable to access your Alaska traffic violation information online, you can still contact the corresponding county or city court for further instructions.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.