Drivers who cannot successfully dispute traffic tickets in Missouri through the state court system often choose to pay their traffic tickets. If you fail to beat a traffic ticket in court, or you miss the ticket violation payment deadline, you may incur additional fines and penalties.

Note that the process of paying driving fines in MO varies based on whether or not you were issued a ticket that must be processed by the state Fine Collection Center (FCC). To learn how to respond to an MO traffic citation, read the following sections:

  • How to pay a traffic ticket fine in Missouri.
  • Missouri traffic ticket attorneys.
  • Pleading not guilty in Missouri.
  • Dismissal of charges in Missouri.
  • Lost tickets in Missouri.

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Missouri

The procedure to pay speeding tickets in Missouri and other types of citations can generally be completed via several methods.

Paying traffic tickets online and by phone are the most convenient methods of providing your MO traffic tickets payments. Drivers can, however, pay driving tickets in MO via more conventional methods as well, such as by mail and in person.

Paying a Missouri Ticket Online and by Phone

The state FCC offers the option to pay traffic ticket online in Missouri through its official internet payment site. When paying traffic citations online, drivers will first be required to enter their ticket number in order for the system to locate their traffic fine information.

Then, you will be prompted to provide your credit card data for payment purposes. Note that, by paying a driving fine in MO, you are effectively declaring your guilt to the charges.

Another fast way to pay traffic citations in Missouri is to call the FCC and provide your credit card details by phone. When paying traffic fines online and by phone, drivers will also be charged an additional $4 surcharge fee.

Paying a Missouri Ticket by Mail and in Person

If you are unable to provide your Missouri ticket violation payment via the internet or by phone, you can still complete the procedure via more conventional methods.

Regardless of whether you choose to pay your MO traffic fine by mail or in person, you will be required to deliver your traffic citation and the full fine payment in the form of a check or money order to the FCC Jefferson City office.

Note: Drivers who are paying their driving fines in person can also provide a cash payment.

Missouri Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Motorists who are contesting a traffic ticket in Missouri through their county’s court can increase their chances of winning the case by hiring a traffic citation attorney.

A traffic ticket lawyer can even initiate the process of fighting traffic tickets in MO on your behalf, helping you navigate the complicated court procedures more easily. To find the best attorney for you, simply provide an image of your ticket and answer some questions about the corresponding citation.

You will then be instantly matched with an experienced defense attorney. By engaging the services of an experienced attorney, you can ensure that you avoid:

  • A report of a traffic violation conviction on your driving record.
  • Paying the traffic fine associated with the ticket.
  • A driving license suspension or revocation.
  • An increase of your car insurance premiums.

Even if you fail to dismiss traffic tickets in MO through the presiding court, your lawyer can still advise you on how to cope with the resulting consequences.

Pleading Not Guilty in Missouri

To initiate the process of fighting traffic citations in Missouri, drivers or their attorneys will be required to fill out the Not Guilty Plea Form and submit it along with the traffic ticket to the FCC office in Jefferson City.

The FCC will then forward your MO traffic citation to the corresponding court for purposes of scheduling your arraignment date. On the date of first appearance, drivers and/or their lawyers can officially submit a plea of “not guilty” and request a trial date.

When presenting your traffic ticket defense at your trial, be sure to submit all relevant evidence and call on any witnesses that can support your case. After hearing both sides, the judge will render his or her decision. If you are declared guilty of the traffic violation, you will be required to pay the full traffic fine, as well as any additional court-set costs.

The conviction will also be reported on your driver’s record, which may incur certain administrative penalties such as suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. You can increase your chances of avoiding these penalties by having a qualified defense lawyer, whom you can find online from the comfort of your home.

Note: You may be able to reduce the number of points resulting from a traffic citation in Missouri by completing a driver improvement program (DIP) course. Inquire with the state FCC or the court that is processing your traffic ticket as to whether or not you can utilize this option.

Dismissal of Charges in Missouri

Motorists may not be able to dismiss traffic citations in Missouri by completing an approved defensive driving course.

However, you may still be able to qualify for a traffic fine dismissal in certain circumstances, even if this option is unavailable to you. For example, if you were issued a traffic ticket in MO that contains incorrect information about the circumstances surrounding the traffic violation, you are within your right to request a ticket dismissal.

Therefore, carefully check the data contained within your traffic citation prior to submitting your plea.

Lost Tickets in Missouri

The most convenient method to recover a Missouri traffic ticket or the information contained within is to contact the state Fine Collection Center by phone. An FCC service agent will be able to provide you with your traffic citation number and the due traffic fine amount.

You may also be able to complete the procedure by contacting the court that is processing your ticket. Once you have the necessary information, you can finalize the process of paying a speeding ticket or other types of citations, or you can initiate the procedure to fight traffic fines in MO.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.