Missouri car title documents are documents of legal vehicle ownership issued by the Missouri Department of Revenue’s Motor Vehicle Division. Drivers are required to obtain new car title paperwork any time a vehicle’s ownership changes hands. Current residents and newcomers to the state have 30 days to obtain a Missouri vehicle title and pay taxes on newly purchased vehicles, or risk incurring penalties.

The auto title process is relatively straightforward, involving filling out an application and providing supporting documentation before paying related fees. Drivers should also be aware of the differences between car titles and vehicle registrations and learn why each document plays a vital role in driving legally in Missouri. To find out detailed information on getting car title documents in MO, continue reading the information outlined below.

Where to Apply for a Car Title in Missouri

Getting a Missouri title for car ownership involves paying a visit to the government office dedicated to car title services. You can obtain an MO DMV car title at the Missouri Department of Revenue’s headquarters in Jefferson City, at one of the dozens of DMV offices located throughout the state.

These conveniently-located offices are staffed with vehicle title experts who can quickly process your documents. The MO DOR central office accepts credit cards for auto title fees, but forms of payment accepted at satellite offices may vary by location.

Furthermore, all check payments for car titles and other DMV services must include the applicant’s driver’s license number, date of birth and phone number.

The Missouri Auto Title Application

To get your new or used car title in Missouri, you must complete and submit Form 108, Application for Missouri Title and License. This car title form requires you to provide information about yourself and about the vehicle. Personal information includes your current residence address, email address and county name.

In order to get a pink slip for a vehicle with ownership transferred to you on an out-of-state car title or a foreign country’s title, you must provide the vehicle identification number (VIN) and an odometer (ID/OD) inspection certificate. Additional vehicle information needed to get car title paperwork includes the year, make and model, mileage and type of fuel and lienholder information, if applicable.

Residents of the city of St. Louis and four additional counties wondering how to get car title approval must also provide an emissions inspection report on certain passenger vehicles with a manufacturer’s gross weight of 8,500 pounds or less. The counties with additional auto title requirements are Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles and St. Louis.

In any case, all certificate of title applicants need to be prepared to pay for the associated title processing fees with a check or money order made payable to “Missouri Department of Revenue.”

Documents You Must Provide When Applying for a New Car Title in Missouri

To get your car title in Missouri, you must provide proof of identification. Most drivers getting a car title use their MO driver’s license, but a state-issued non-driver photo ID card will suffice. Provide the DMV clerk with the following documents:

  • Certificate of title signed over to you, or the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO).
  • Assigned certificate of ownership.
  • Vehicle safety inspection report.
  • For a trade-in, a bill of sale or copy of vehicle title assigned to the dealer.
  • Form 3019, Odometer Disclosure Statement, if applicable.
  • Form 4809, Lien Release, if applicable.
  • Insurance card or other proof of financial responsibility.

What is a Missouri car registration?

A Missouri car registration is a document issued by the MO DMV that verifies a vehicle is safe to operate on the state’s roads and highways. Vehicle registration is renewed annually or bi-annually, depending on the type requested.

The car registration process includes the issuance of license plates that must be displayed on the vehicle at all times. To maintain DMV car registration safety standards, the state has an odd/even system for requiring safety inspections linked to registration approval.

Drivers must provide proof of proper auto insurance before auto registration certificates can be issued or renewed. Missouri motorists may get car registration applications processed at the same MO DMV offices that handle car titling procedures.

What is the difference between a car title and a vehicle registration in Missouri?

Motor vehicle registration and car title documents are often wrongly assumed to be the same type of certification, but they actually vary greatly in terms of both purpose and procedure. Drivers obtain a new car title whenever they purchase a new or used vehicle.

This “pink slip” document is used to provide proof of ownership and it remains valid for however many years a person owns the vehicle. Drivers also obtain new car registration in their name after taking ownership of a new vehicle, but this is a temporary document that must be renewed on an annual or biennial basis to remain valid.

Auto registration cards must be carried inside the vehicle at all times and shown to law enforcement officers upon request, while car titles are best stored in a safe location at home. Both documents are necessary for Missouri motorists to drive legally within the state.

Car Title Costs in Missouri

The cost of a standard vehicle title in Missouri is $11.00. This includes the $2.50 processing fee. You will also be required to pay a state tax of 4.225 percent in addition to any local sales taxes on the total purchase price of your vehicle.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.