A Florida car title (also known as a pink slip) is a legal document that serves as proof of vehicle ownership. Vehicle owners must obtain a car title for all motor vehicles, mobile homes or vessels, unless the vehicle is a motorized bicycle, moped or trailer weighing less than 2,000 pounds.

Drivers must apply for an auto title in Florida whenever they purchase or acquire a new vehicle, or bring a new or used vehicle into the state. Additionally, car owners must apply for a vehicle title whenever a vehicle changes ownership. To learn how to get car titles and to discover the ways in which titles relate to vehicle registrations, review the sections below.

Where to Apply for a Car Title in Florida

Vehicle owners must apply for a Florida car title in person at a county tax collector’s office or license plate agency whenever they purchase a vehicle from a private seller or acquire a vehicle from a family member. However, drivers may download an auto title application online if they wish to print and complete the form prior to visiting a tax collector or license plate office.

After completing the vehicle title application and gathering all supporting documentation, car owners must submit the paperwork in person and pay all DMV titling fees. Note that, dealerships handle car title applications when motorists purchase a vehicle from a dealer. In this case, drivers do not need to visit a county tax collector’s office or license plate agency to complete the process.

Note: After requesting a title for car ownership, the state issues the title in electronic or paper form. Dealerships issue electronic titles when the title involves a lienholder.

The Florida Auto Title Application

To get car titles, vehicle owners must complete an Application for Certificate of Title (Form HSMV 82040). Drivers may use the new or used car title application to apply for a vehicle registration certificate, validation decal and metal license plate at the same time.

When completing the new car title application, motorists must include information pertaining to the vehicle owner, motor vehicle and the lienholder, if applicable. To obtain a DMV car title in FL, drivers must provide the following information:

  • The name, birth date, gender, driver license number, address and email address of the vehicle owner and co-owner (if applicable).
  • The vehicle’s make, model year, body and fuel type, color, car title number, license plate number, weight and vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Lienholder information, including the name, address, email address and signature of the lienholder (if applicable).
  • The transfer type and whether the transfer is a sale, gift, court order or repossession.
  • An odometer declaration.

Additionally, section eight of the Florida auto title application requires applicants to perform a VIN inspection before they may obtain a new title. A state law enforcement officer or motor vehicle dealer must perform a VIN inspection and complete section eight of the application before the vehicle owner may submit the form to the county tax collector’s office.

Drivers may complete the vehicle title application to title and register their vehicles simultaneously, or they may complete the two transactions separately. However, drivers cannot legally drive the motor vehicle until they register it in the state.

Documents You Must Provide When Applying for a New Car Title in Florida

When getting car title certificates and when applying for registration documentation, drivers must submit titling and/or registration application and present proof of vehicle ownership and auto insurance. Drivers who need to get a car title and/or registration certificate may submit proof of insurance in the form of a binder, insurance certificate, insurance identification card or an affidavit containing the following information:

  • The driver’s name.
  • The name of the insurance company.
  • The insurance policy number.
  • The type of insurance coverage.
  • A description of the vehicle.

Additionally, drivers cannot obtain a new or used car title in Florida unless they complete a VIN inspection. A law enforcement officer, motor vehicle dealer or county tax collector must perform the VIN inspection and complete section eight of the certificate of title application (Form HSMV 82040). Alternately, drivers may obtain a separate VIN and Odometer Verification application (Form HSMV 82042) either online or from a county tax collector’s office.

What is a Florida car registration?

Car registration documentation serves as evidence of vehicle owners paying registration taxes and fees. When motorists get car registration in Florida, they receive a registration certificate, validation decal and metal license plates. Drivers may apply for new car registration certificates, license plates and validation decals when they apply for a title, but they may apply for both documents separately if they prefer.

However, licensed Florida drivers cannot operate their new or used motor vehicle until they obtain titling and registration materials. To apply for FL vehicle registration documentation and a title certificate simultaneously, vehicle owners must complete an Application for Certificate of Title (Form HSMV 82040) and submit the auto registration form to their county tax collector’s office or license plate agency, along with proof of car ownership and automobile insurance.

What is the difference between a car title and a vehicle registration in Florida?

Although vehicle owners need to obtain DMV car registration documentation and titling certificates before they may operate their motor vehicles, car registration and title documents serve different purposes.

The main difference between motor vehicle registration and titles is that a title establishes proof of vehicle ownership. In comparison, FL auto registration shows that vehicle owners meet registration prerequisites, including the payment of registration taxes and fees.

Car Title Costs in Florida

There are various car title costs in Florida depending on an applicant’s circumstances. However, the standard fee for a new vehicle title in FL is $77.25. If you wish to transfer an existing title or request a duplicate credential, the cost is $75.25.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.