Car owners wondering how to replace a vehicle title in Missouri must note that the state Department of Revenue (DOR) offers several methods to obtain a duplicate title certificate. Replacing a lost car title is an important procedure due to the various official and general uses of this document as a legitimate proof of ownership.

For example, car owners who do not request a replacement car title in MO after it becomes misplaced or damaged will be unable to transfer ownership of the motor vehicle if and when they choose to sell it. Find out how to get a replacement car title and review the applicable fees by reading the sections below.

When do you need to get a duplicate car title in Missouri?

The procedure to replace a lost car title at the DMV in Missouri is available to vehicle owners who lose their title certificate or they damage it to the point of illegibility. Drivers should also learn how to replace a stolen car title as well as report the theft to deter further consequences.

Failure to replace a lost vehicle title in MO may lead to various difficulties when conducting business with the state DOR. For instance, if you would like to purchase a vehicle from a seller who has lost his or her title certificate, then you will be unable to complete the title transfer and vehicle registration procedures until the previous owner obtains a replacement.

Documents Required When Applying for a Missouri Car Title Copy

To successfully apply for a Missouri lost vehicle title copy, applicants will have to meet several requirements, such as submitting certain documents and paying the applicable fees. The documentation and requirements for replacing a lost or damaged car title generally include a properly filled out replacement title application form and lien release document. Note that the lien release form is only needed in the event that the applicant has obtained the vehicle with the help of a lien and has paid off the loan.

When requesting a replacement car title in MO in person at a title office, drivers may also be required to submit an official form of identification such as a driving license. To learn about the specific documentation requirements for replacing a lost or damaged car title in MO that apply to your case, contact the department.

Available Methods for Replacing Your Car Title in Missouri

Vehicle owners can request a replacement car title in Missouri by mail and in person. The process of how to get a new title if lost or damaged does not differ significantly whether using the by-mail or in-person method. The steps and requirements to replace a car title by mail and in person are very similar.

However, while checks and money orders are the only acceptable payment form when replacing a car title in MO by mail, in-person applicants can also remit the fee payment in the form of cash. Residents cannot replace a care title online in Missouri presently.

By Mail

Finalizing the transaction to replace a car title by mail in Missouri is the more convenient way to obtain a duplicate credential since customers will avoid visiting a DOT title office. To successfully request a replacement vehicle title in MO by mail, car owners will be required to correctly fill out the DOR-108 form and mail it to the department’s Motor Vehicle Bureau in Jefferson City.

Before mailing your application packet for a lost car title replacement, ensure that the request form is properly notarized and that you have included the applicable supporting documentation and the fee payment. Note that if you are requesting a replacement car title that has been mutilated, then you will also have to enclose the damaged title certificate. After receiving your replacement title application form, the state DOR will manufacture a replacement and mail it to the indicated address.

Note: The check or money order used to replace a vehicle title by mail in MO must be made payable to the state Department of Revenue.

In Person

The option to replace a lost car title in person in Missouri can always be utilized by vehicle owners who would like to deliver their application for a duplicate credential to a DOR title office. Overall, the requirements for replacing a lost or damaged vehicle title in person are very similar to those that apply for the mail-in procedure, outlined above.

To replace a lost car title at the DMV, applicants will be required to complete the Form DOR-108 and submit it along with the payment for the fee and any additional paperwork that applies to their circumstances. The DOR agent will process the MO replacement car title request once he or she verifies the submitted paperwork and fee payment.

Note: If you do not receive the replacement title within four weeks, then you can check the status of your replacement title application by submitting a formal inquiry through the DOR website.

How to Fill out the Duplicate Car Title Application in Missouri

Prior to delivering your request form for a Missouri lost vehicle title copy, you should check the accuracy and completeness of the entered information since incorrect and incomplete requests will be rejected. Also, if you attempt to replace a vehicle title in person or by mail with an application that contains false statements, then you may be penalized with a fine and/or jail sentence. To successfully request a replacement car title in MO with the DOR-108 form, the following types of information must generally be included:

  • The owner’s information, such as full name, address and contact information
  • Details about the vehicle in question, such as the vehicle identification number, year, make, color and body style
  • Data about the lien if applicable
  • Information, signature and seal of the notary public and the reason for requesting a duplicate title
  • The owner’s signature and date of signature

Note: Since the DOR-108 form is used for general titling purposes, you will not be required to fill out every field on the title application form.

Missouri Car Title Replacement Fees

The final step when replacing a car title in Missouri is paying the applicable fees for the duplicate title certificate. Vehicle owners wondering what are the fees to replace a lost car title in MO must note that in addition to the $8.50 basic fee for a duplicate title, they will also have to pay the additional $2.50 processing cost.

Likewise, applicants who replace a vehicle title will have postage as an additional expense. Fees vary and are subject to change without notice.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.