The process to replace a West Virginia lost car title is typically finalized by vehicle owners who are no longer in possession of a valid certificate of title. Drivers can request a replacement car title through the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in a few straightforward steps.

Car owners who fail to replace a lost car title at the DMV in WV may encounter certain obstacles during vehicle-related procedures that require a title as a proof of ownership. For example, a lost title is an impediment in the title transfer process that is generally completed after selling or buying a vehicle in a private sale.

When do you need to get a duplicate car title in West Virginia?

The state DMV offers the option to request a replacement vehicle title in West Virginia to car owners who accidentally lose or damage their title certificates. However, this process can also be completed under different circumstances.

For instance, drivers who would like to know how to replace a stolen car title in WV must note that they will be required to follow the same steps as those that apply when replacing a lost auto title. Vehicle owners should also submit a replacement request if they need to make address corrections to their existing title, regardless of whether or not they have lost it.

Documents Required When Applying for a West Virginia Car Title Copy

One of the requirements for replacing a lost or damaged car title in West Virginia is submitting certain paperwork, which will be used by the state DMV to confirm the applicant’s identity and locate his or her vehicle records. Motorists will generally be required to submit an affidavit requesting a duplicate title, a driving license copy and a copy of the registration card.

However, certain special circumstances may also require the submission of additional paperwork. For example, applicants who are replacing a vehicle title in WV and removing a lien at the same time may also be required to submit the corresponding lien release form.

Additionally, if the customer is an entity other than the vehicle owner, he or she will be required to submit a power of attorney form. Requesting a replacement auto title is a process that can also be completed by purchasers on behalf of sellers who have sold the vehicle with a lost car title. In such cases, however, the buyer will be required to submit an additional affidavit, in addition to the standard form.

Available Methods for Replacing Your Car Title in West Virginia

Car owners wondering how to get a replacement car title in West Virginia must note that the state DMV currently only processes title application forms delivered by mail or in person. Therefore, the option to replace a car title online is not yet available.

Note that the requirements generally remain the same between both the mail-in and the in-person application method. However, certain minor differences may still apply, such as the acceptable forms of payment.

How to Replace a Lost Car Title in West Virginia by Mail

To conveniently request a car title replacement in West Virginia without making a title office visit, applicants will be required to utilize the mail-in method of application. Vehicle owners can complete the procedure to replace a car title by mail by filling out the required form and mailing it to the DMV Receiving and Processing section in Charleston.

The title application form for a WV lost vehicle title copy must be accompanied by the customer’s driving license and fee payment. The applicant can also enclose a copy of his or her registration card in order to expedite the process.

However, since the required paperwork varies in certain circumstances, vehicle owners should contact the division to inquire whether or not to include additional paperwork. Once the division receives and processes a request for a duplicate title, it will mail the replacement title document to the address of the applicant or the listed lienholder.

How to Replace a Lost Car Title in West Virginia in Person

Drivers also have the option to replace a lost car title in person in West Virginia. To complete the in-person process, applicants will be required to deliver the application packet to the corresponding DMV office that offers car title replacement services. Therefore, prior to initiating the procedure to replace a lost car title at the DMV in WV, you should contact the division to inquire which location accepts such requests.

Once you obtain the address where you can submit your application, fill out the application and deliver it in person along with any pertinent paperwork and identification forms. To finalize the transaction to replace a lost vehicle title in person, you will be asked to submit the applicable fee payment in an acceptable form.

How to Fill out the Duplicate Car Title Application in West Virginia

The state DMV will process a request for a replacement car title in West Virginia only if the applicant delivers a complete application packet, which contains a properly filled out request form and supporting documentation. Note that applying for a duplicate of a lost auto title with a fraudulent form constitutes a crime of perjury that may lead to certain fines and/or jail sentences. The information necessary to fill out the replacement car title request in WV is outlined below:

  • The owner information, such as his or her full name and address
  • Details about the vehicle, such as the vehicle identification number, plate number, make and body style
  • The applicant’s legal signature
  • Lien release information, if applicable

Note: If the vehicle is jointly owned, the co-owner will also be required to input his or her name and sign the application form.

West Virginia Car Title Replacement Fees

To receive a duplicate title, drivers must pay a fee of $30 and an additional $10 lien fee when it applies. To inquire about whether additional costs apply in certain circumstances or different counties, drivers are encouraged to contact their local Division of Motor Vehicles branch.

Last updated on Tuesday, March 10 2020.