A West Virginia DMV driving test appointment can help you bypass the line at the DMV when taking your road skill exam, thus saving you time and hassle. Scheduling for the road skill exam is available to West Virginia drivers license and motorcycle endorsement applicants upon the successful completion of a written exam. However, commercial drivers license applicants will be required to schedule the road test through a third-party that has been approved by the Virginia DMV.

The West Virginia DMV appointment system can also be utilized when you need to take a written exam for a learners permit, motorcycle endorsement, commercial learners permit or to add endorsements to an existing commercial drivers license. Appointments are available based upon availability and your local DMV office hours. Unfortunately, a DMV online appointment is not available. However, you can still schedule an appointment over the phone or by visiting the DMV.

Driving Test Appointments in West Virginia  

You can make an appointment at a DMV in West Virginia for a road skill exam in order to expedite your application and avoid a wait during your visit to the DMV. A drivers license appointment regarding driving exams is only available if you are seeking a standard West Virginia drivers license or a motorcycle endorsement. If you are seeking a commercial drivers license, then driving exams must be scheduled with an approved third-party location.

To check DMV appointment availability for driving exams, you will need to contact your local West Virginia DMV. When scheduling, keep in mind that the driving exam can take up to an hour to complete on average, so it is important that you allow yourself enough time to complete the exam.

Other Services Covered by the West Virginia DMV Appointment System

In addition to a West Virginia road test appointment, you may also schedule an appointment for written exams. Written exam scheduling is available when you are:

  • Seeking a learners permit.
  • Required to take an additional written exam with the West Virginia DMV.
  • Seeking a commercial learners permit.
  • Applying for a motorcycle endorsement.
  • Requesting additional commercial license endorsements on an existing commercial drivers license that requires the completion of additional written exams.

At this time, you cannot schedule a DMV appointment for any other driver or non-driver related service that must be performed at the DMV. All other services are provided on a first come first serve basis and only walk-ins are permitted.

How to Schedule a DMV Appointment in West Virginia

If you need to schedule a DMV driving test appointment, then you may do so by contacting your local West Virginia DMV. When scheduling, it is important to familiarize yourself with which DMVs provide driving exams for standard drivers licenses or motorcycle endorsements.

As stated previously, commercial driving exams must be completed an approved third-party location and thus cannot be scheduled with your local West Virginia DMV. When scheduling a commercial drivers license road skill exam with a third party, it is strongly recommended that you review any fees, refund policies, cancellation policies and rescheduling policies that the third-party location may have. This can help you to avoid additional fees later in the event that you do need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

If you need to schedule a DMV appointment for a written exam for a learners permit, motorcycle endorsement, commercial learners permit or you are required to complete an exam for any other reason, then you may do so by contacting the West Virginia DMV.

You cannot view a DMV appointment online and instead must contact the DMV that you are scheduled with if you need to inquire about your scheduled appointment time or date.

What to Bring to Your West Virginia DMV Appointment

After you make an appointment at a DMV in West Virginia, it is important to familiarize yourself with the documentation that you must provide when you arrive at your scheduled appointment. It is important that you have required documents ready and that you arrive on time in order to avoid the cancelation or rescheduling of your driving or written exam.

If you have a DMV driving test appointment, then you must bring your own vehicle and be able to provide the instructor with:

If you will be using a rental vehicle for your driving license exam, then you must be listed as a driver on the renter agreement and provide the renter agreement to the driving exam instructor.

If your drivers license appointment is regarding a motorcycle driving test, then you must also be wearing the appropriate safety gear needed to complete the exam. This includes:

  • An approved helmet that has a face shield or an approved helmet and safety glasses or goggles.
  • A jacket and long pants that cover the entire length of your arms and legs.
  • Riding gloves.
  • Shoes or boots that cover your ankle.

If you do not have the appropriate motorcycle safety gear, then your driving exam will be canceled or rescheduled.

After you make an appointment at a DMV for a written exam, you must be able to provide proof of identity as well as additional documentation if you are applying for a first-time license. A commercial learners permit will require that you already have a West Virginia drivers license, unless you are transferring an out-of-state license. When arriving at an appointment for a learners permit and applying for an initial West Virginia drivers license, you must provide:

  • Proof of identity documentation, such as with a U.S birth certificate, a valid passport, a permanent resident card, a certificate of citizenship or other accepted documents.
  • Your Social Security card or another document that provides proof of Social Security Number.
  • Two documents that provide proof of West Virginia residency. A number of documents are accepted, including a recent utility bill, a tax record, mortgage document, weapons permit, lease agreement, West Virginia public assistance statement or a valid West Virginia vehicle registration card.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a DMV Appointment in West Virginia

A DMV appointment number is not provided when you initially schedule an appointment with your local West Virginia DMV. However, you can make changes to your set appointment by contacting the DMV and providing identifying information, such as your name and date of birth.

You can reschedule or cancel an appointment at DMV by contacting the DMV in which you have a scheduled appointment by phone or by visiting the office in person. It is recommended that you reschedule at the time of a cancelation if possible, as appointments for driving exams fill quickly.

Last updated on Tuesday, September 25 2018.