Only holders of valid West Virginia motorcycle license credentials can legally operate their motorbikes within the state. Riders can obtain a motorbike driving license by meeting the licensing requirements of the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). However, prior to applying for a WV motorcycle drivers license, applicants will first be required to obtain a permit in order to improve their riding skills before taking the final practical exam. Note that the state DMV issues both endorsement credentials added to regular driving licenses and stand-alone Class F licenses. To learn more about getting your license in WV, read the sections outlined below.

Motorcycle License Requirements in West Virginia

Riders must ensure they meet the West Virginia motorcycle license requirements prior to submitting their DMV motorcycle license request to the division. The eligibility criteria for drivers licenses will vary to a certain degree depending on the applicant’s age and whether or not he or she is requesting an endorsement or a stand-alone credential. When applying for motorcycle license documents, riders will be required to fulfill the following WV license requirements in most cases:

  • They are at least 16 years of age
  • They hold a valid driver’s license, if younger than 18 years of age
  • They are fit to operate a motorcycle and have the theoretical and practical knowledge to do so in a safe manner
  • They are able to provide one proof of identity, one proof of a Social Security Number and two documents verifying state residency
  • They have held a motorcycle permit for at least seven days
  • They are not habitual drug or alcohol users and they do not have any active driving license suspensions on record
  • They are enrolled in an educational institution and have a parental consent to apply for a license, if younger than 18 years of age

Note: Riders who have legally changed their name will also need the corresponding name change documents.

If you are applying for a WV motorcycle drivers license as a new state resident, then you will be required to meet a slightly different set of motorbike license requirements. For instance, if you are transferring a valid out-of-state bike credential, then you will not be required to pass the DMV tests. However, you will still have to surrender your out-of-state license, meet the documentation requirements and pay the applicable fees.

West Virginia Motorcycle License Training Courses

During the process of applying for a motorcycle license in West Virginia, riders will not have to attend a mandatory rider’s safety course. However, the state DMV still recommends that bike license applicants enroll in a riding course designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) for purposes of improving their riding skills. Also, graduates from an MSF course can apply for a waiver of their final skills exam. To enroll in the MSF Basic Rider Course (BRC) or the Experienced Rider Course (ERC), motorcyclists will be required to meet certain eligibility criteria. For instance, attendees of the BRC course must hold a valid driving license and a WV motorcycle permit and pay a $100 course fee. While participants of the BRC program are provided with a training motorcycle, experienced riders attending the ERC course must provide their own motorbike. Applicants who hold a motorcycle learners permit and complete the BRC course will be able to have their skills test waived by submitting the course completion certificate to the state DMV.

West Virginia Motorcycle License Tests

To prove that you are ready for a motorbike driving license in West Virginia, you will be required to pass several licensing tests, which are designed to check your physical and mental fitness and your knowledge of safe riding operations. Regardless of whether you are applying for a bike endorsement or a stand-alone full bike license, you will be required to pass a 25-question motorcycle knowledge test and a skills exam. You can find information that will be on the test in the motorcycle handbook. If you are applying for your first credential and you are older than 18 years of age, then you will also have to pass the vision screening. Applicants adding motorcycle endorsements and riders younger than 18 years of age will take the eye test when applying for their standard license to drive. While the written exam includes questions related to the current road rules and regulations and safe riding techniques, the practical exam will determine the rider’s ability to safely execute various riding maneuvers.

Note: Holders of a WV motorcycle learners permit who successfully complete an approved Basic Rider Course will be exempted from taking the skills exam.

The West Virginia Motorcycle License Application Process

The application process for a new motorcycle license in West Virginia is comprised of several steps, which will vary based on the applicant’s age and whether or not he or she already owns a standard license to drive. For example, riders applying for a license for motorcycle use as minors younger than 18 years of age can only apply for a WV endorsement added to an existing driving license. Therefore, minor license applicants will first be required to obtain at least a Level 2 Intermediate Driver’s License before requesting their DMV permit.

The WV bike permit can be obtained through any DMV regional office by submitting the necessary identification documents, passing the motorcycle knowledge test and paying the applicable fee. Note that minor applicants must also have an application signed by their parent or legal guardian and a school attendance form. Then, after holding the DMV motorcycle permit for at least seven days, riders can schedule and take the on-cycle skills test or complete a state-approved rider’s safety course. After completing the course or passing the skills test, WV motorbike license applicants can make another office visit to pay the applicable fees and submit proof that they are ready to receive a license or an endorsement. At this point, the state DMV will issue a temporary credential that can be used until the permanent license is manufactured and mailed out to the applicant’s address.

West Virginia Motorcycle License Fees

Riders are required to pay the West Virginia motorcycle license cost as one of the last steps in the process of applying for a license. The total fee for a new license for motorcycle use may include several smaller costs, which will vary depending on whether the applicant is requesting a endorsement or a WV full bike license. For instance, if you are adding a endorsement, then you will be required to pay a $7.50 duplication fee for your existing license and an additional fee of $1 per year of remaining validity. Therefore, if your driving license is valid for two years, then you will be required to pay a total fee of $9.50. On the other hand, if you are applying for a stand-alone motorcycle drivers license, then you will have to arrange payment for a $2.50 fee for each year the license will be in effect. For example, five-year licenses will include a total cost of $12.50. Note that the license costs also include a $5 permit fee, which must be obtained before applying for full riding privileges.

Note: If you are requesting a REAL ID credential, then you will be required to pay an additional $10 fee.

Last updated on Tuesday, October 2 2018.

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