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How to Apply for a Motorcycle License in Maryland

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You can apply for a motorcycle permit and license at any MVA office in Maryland. In order to apply for a motorcycle license you must first apply for a motorcycle learner's permit.

New Applicants Over 18

Listed below are the requirements to obtain a motorcycle learner's permit:

  1. Study the motorcycle manual.
  2. Locate your nearest MVA office.
  3. Fill in the application form.
  4. Submit acceptable proof of age and proof of legal presence.
  5. Present your social security number.
  6. Pay an application fee ($50 if you have no regular license and $30 if you do).
  7. Pass the renew by mail.
  8. Pass the signs and traffic laws examination and motorcycle knowledge test. See practice tests for more information on the written exam.

New Applicants Between 15 Years, 9 months and 18 years

In addition to the above requirements, applicants under 18 must:

  1. Provide a parent/guardian signature on the application form.
  2. Furnish proof that you have completed the Motorcycle Safety Program. Please see Driver's Education and Driving Schools for additional details.
  3. If you are under 16, provide a Learner's Permit School Attendance Certification.

Learner's Permit

Once you complete the aforementioned prerequisites, you will be given a learner's permit. This permit will allow you to practice driving a motorcycle.

Instruction Permit Restrictions

With your instruction permit you are not permitted to ride with any passengers other than a licensed instructor who is over 21 and has held a motorcycle license for at least 3 years.

Applying for a Motorcycle License

  1. Make an appointment to take the skills test at any licensing centre. Call 1-888-212-4709, or 1-410-762-5082 if out of state.
  2. Take the skills test. If you fail part of the test you may return the following day and make a second attempt.
  3. You motorcycle must be registered, roadworthy and properly equipped. See the manual for details.


There is a $5 fee for the permit and $50 for the license. If the application expires, some steps to acquiring the permit or license may have to be repeated.

Additional Information

Submitted by ahurwitz (not verified) on 24th Jun 2011

If I take certified

If I take certified motorcycle classes in NJ and pass the skills test can I still get a motor cycle license in Maryland?

Submitted by Ravei (not verified) on 19th Jun 2011

above it states that with a

above it states that with a permit you are not allowed to have a passenger who hasn't held a motorcycles licence for less than 3 years, but does that mean you can only practice when you are with an instructor or that you can practice with your permit if you are the only one on the bike?

Submitted by Anonymous on 16th Mar 2011

I had a motorcycle years ago

I had a motorcycle years ago but I no longer own a motorcycle. My license show Clas CM; do those letters indicate that my motorcycle license is still valid?

Submitted by Anonymous on 6th Apr 2011

Yes, "C" is for Cars and the

Yes, "C" is for Cars and the "M" is for Motorcycles. The Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program offers an "Experienced Riders Course" that is a great refresher.