Motorists who need to apply for a Maryland historic vehicle registration or street rod registry card can complete the process through the state Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). Prior to requesting a street rod or antique vehicle registration, drivers must make sure their ride qualifies as such a vehicle under the set regulations.

The procedure of applying for a car registration cannot be completed unless motorists meet the eligibility requirements and submit the proper documents, as well as payment for the applicable fees to an MD MVA office. Find out more about the difference between registering a vintage car in Maryland and obtaining a street rod registration in the below sections.

Definition of a Street Rod or Historic Vehicle in Maryland

In order to finalize the process of obtaining an MD antique car registration or street rod registration documents, you must first distinguish between these two types of motor vehicles. Per Maryland laws, a street rod (class N) is defined as a vehicle that is 25 years old and has been modified from its original version.

MD MVA may issue historic or vintage car plates provided you own a passenger vehicle that is 20 years old or older and has not been altered from the manufacturer’s original design.

If your motor vehicle is 60 years or older and has not been remodeled, it will also be classified as a historic ride (class L), but it will not qualify for special plates as it requires an annual registration fee. Finally, to qualify for the procedure of registering a vintage car in MD, these vehicles must not be used for daily or occasional transportation of passengers or property on state roads and highways.

Steps in the Maryland Registration Process

Motorists requesting a historic car registration in Maryland may apply in person at a branch office, mail the applicable paperwork or visit an MVA licensed tag and title service to finalize the process. To obtain antique license plates, drivers are first required to fill out the proper application form.

Applicants who already have an MD certificate of title may use this form as an application for registering and titling their vehicle at the same time. If they have an out-of-state title, they may need to present a completed Application for Certificate of Title to apply. The process may also require them to submit an MD historic vehicle registration application form.

While an vintage car inspection does not apply in this case, other requirements, such as providing proof of insurance, may need to be completed in addition. Owners of historic motor vehicles may also be eligible to request vanity or vintage license plates for a one-time fee.

Note: The process of registering a street rod is similar to the aforementioned procedure, however, motorists must first ensure their car belongs in the category of class N vehicles beforehand.

Fees to Register a Street Rod or Historic Vehicle in Maryland

Part of the procedure of requesting a street rod or Maryland historic vehicle registration is providing payment for the applicable fees. The price to register your antique ride or street rod for a period of two years is currently set at $51.

While your antique car registration fee does not include a surcharge, additional costs may apply. For instance, if you decide to complete your registration process through an MVA licensed tag and title service, you will be charged an extra fee.

Also, Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration may charge additional fees for the issuance of specialty plates. Motorists must remember to renew their street rod or historic car registry documents, as is the case with renewing their standard vehicle registration, in order to avoid violating motor vehicle laws.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.