The issuance of historic vehicle registration in Washington DC is provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to owners of such cars once they meet a set of specific requirements. Prior to requesting historic car registration, applicants must learn about the different categories of historic cars and confirm their vehicle qualifies as one.

Depending on what type of registration motorists are applying for, the criteria set forth by DC DMV may differ. Learn more about how to obtain antique car tags in DC by reading the sections below.

Definition of a Historical Vehicle in Washington DC

Part of the procedure to obtain historic vehicle registration is proving that your vehicle qualifies as a historical ride. Per DC antique license plates rules, historic cars are classified either as FI or FII motor vehicles.

If your vehicle is at least 25 years old, or a 15-year-old make that is no longer produced, with a total mileage not exceeding 1,000 miles on an annual basis, then it classifies as an FI car.

Antique license plates may also be issued for FII historical cars that are at least 15 or 25 years old, used for transportation of passengers and property for the purposes of parades, tours, exhibitions and other similar events.

Steps in the Washington DC Historical Vehicle Registration Process

An important step toward obtaining a historic car registration in DC is visiting a vehicle inspection office, provided your car does not have a current vehicle inspection sticker. Once in the office, you must specify that your car classifies as historical and inquire an FI or FII inspection.

The DC DMV cannot issue a antique vehicle registration unless you provide the agency with a vehicle inspection report stamped FI or FII and an appropriate sticker for the vehicle’s windshield. Additional steps for the process of requesting DC vintage car license plates, which slightly differs from the standard vehicle registration procedure include the following:

  • Submit a completed certificate of title/tag application indicating historic tags.
  • Title your vehicle only if completing it for the first time.
  • Provide your DC driver’s license or ID card.
  • Submit vehicle insurance coverage.

Note: While FII historic vehicles receive a non-expiring registration sticker, FI cars are subject to an inspection procedure every two years for mileage verification.  

Fees to Register a Historical Vehicle in Washington DC

The process of receiving Washington DC historic vehicle registration will be finalized once motorists provide DMV with payment for the applicable prices. The fees to obtain vintage car registration amounts to $25 at the moment.

Note that fees are subject to change without notice and additional costs may pertain to your specific case. Therefore, contact a nearby DC DMV office to inquire about additional antique car tag prices, as well as whether or not you need to initiate a renewal procedure similar to renewing your standard car registration.

Last updated on Monday, March 9 2020.