About Washington D.C. Defensive Driving Courses

Taking a defensive driving course in Washington D.C. can benefit a driver in several different ways. Traffic school can serve as a refresher course for drivers on the best practices of driving on public roads. Others will take a DMV point reduction course to keep points from appearing on their driving records.

In Washington D.C., the terms defensive driving course and driver improvement course both refer to the eight-hour DMV approved traffic school class available for residents to take online.

Benefits of Defensive Driving Courses in Washington D.C.

Drivers who attend traffic school in Washington D.C. become eligible for the following types of benefits:

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What defensive driving courses are offered in Washington DC?

Residents take D.C. DMV driving improvement classes for the following reasons:

  • Court ordered.
  • Point Reduction.
  • Insurance Premium Reduction.
  • Voluntary/Personal Education.

Washington D.C. approved defensive driving classes are offered through online providers to residents who receive a pointable moving violation within the District. Upon completion of the course, drivers will have the applicable points removed from their driving record. To participate in an online point reduction course, drivers must receive prior approval from a D.C. DMV hearing officer.

Where to Take a Driver Improvement Class/Traffic School

Defensive driving classes are only offered online in Washington D.C. to licensed drivers who receive a traffic citation outside of The District. Drivers may take an out-of-state point reduction course for violations committed in another jurisdiction. The driver must be approved by the court in that jurisdiction and by the DMV in D.C. in order to receive credit for the course.

Why do I need traffic school?

Taking driver improvement classes is an option for any licensed driver in D.C. Residents who complete an auto insurance reduction course can benefit from saving money on their premiums. Completing a DMV online traffic school class is also beneficial to dismiss traffic points from your driving record, thereby preventing a spike in your car coverage rate.

Did you know? Taking a traffic school online course in Washington D.C. will remove points from your driving record although the violation will still appear. To give yourself assurance that the points stemming from a traffic citation were removed from your record, order a copy of your DC driving history report today.

Who can take a defensive driving course in Washington D.C.?

Washington D.C. traffic school classes may be completed by any licensed driver. Prior to enrolling in an online point reduction class, drivers with a traffic citation must receive approval from a DMV hearing officer.

Dismissing Traffic Points

Attending a D.C. defensive driving course point reduction school online is an option mandated by the Washington DC Department of Motor Vehicles. Taking a DMV point reduction class qualifies a driver to have traffic points stemming from a moving violation removed from his or her driving record.

Defensive Driving Insurance Discounts

Enrolling in an insurance reduction course may qualify eligible drivers for discounts on their car coverage. Before registering for a traffic school online course, residents must verify with their Washington DC auto coverage provider.

Enrolling in Defensive Driving Courses

How to Enroll in a Defensive Driving Course

To enroll in a driver improvement course, drivers must visit an online course provider’s website. Drivers taking D.C. approved defensive driving online classes to qualify for traffic points removal will need to receive approval from the DMV before proceeding with the enrollment process.

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Cost of Traffic School in Washington DC

Traffic school prices in Washington D.C. are set by the provider of the course. To find the best price for traffic training, drivers will need to compare rates between companies. Click here for a list of defensive driving courses to choose from.

Defensive Driving Course Eligibility

To enroll in a D.C. DMV driving improvement course, drivers must meet the following criteria:

D.C. drivers enrolling in a traffic school class to have driving points dismissed must receive permission from a DMV hearing officer to receive credit.

Defensive Driving Course Certificate

Washington D.C. traffic school certificates can be transmitted electronically from the course provider to the D.C. DMV office. Drivers who pass their state approved defensive driving course will be notified by the Department of Motor Vehicles when their course certification is complete and that their traffic points have been removed from their driving record.

Defensive Driving School and Point Reduction

Does a Washington D.C. defensive driving course remove a ticket?

Completing a D.C. DMV point reduction class will not remove a ticket from your driving record. Taking the course may only serve to remove the traffic points from your report.

Does a ticket still have to be paid after taking a defensive driving course?

In order to qualify for a driver improvement course, drivers must pay their traffic ticket fine before its due date.

Can I remove a parking ticket if I take a defensive driving course?

Washington D.C. defensive driving courses do not remove tickets of any kind including parking tickets.

DUIs and Defensive Driving School

Taking a D.C. traffic school course is not the appropriate route for drivers convicted of a DUI. Residents who have had their driving license revoked due to a drug or alcohol-related violation will be required to complete a state-certified substance abuse course. Successful completion of a D.C. Department of Behavioral Health Substance Abuse Course is a requirement for reinstating a suspended drivers license.

Last updated on Wednesday, May 2 2018.

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