A Kansas defensive driving course is beneficial to all drivers who take the class. In class, students learn about state traffic laws, rules of the road and collision avoidance techniques. Taking a safe driving plan of study may help a driver reinstate their driving privileges or dismiss a traffic ticket. Motorists may also voluntarily attend a state-approved program that may help them qualify for a discount on their auto insurance premiums.

Classes are taught either in a classroom setting or online. Students who take the online class have the flexibility complete it at their desired pace. At the completion of the program, students are awarded a certificate that proves they completed it. Drivers must present the certificate to comply with their agreement for reinstating their license or dismissing their ticket. Here is valuable information on the importance of defensive driving school and how to enroll in a program of study.

Who can attend traffic school in Kansas?

The Kansas defensive driving course is open to motorists with a license restriction, suspension or revocation of driving privileges. In the state, the course is more commonly known as a driver improvement clinic. The course may also be required of anyone participating in the DUI Diversion Program or the Traffic Diversion Program.

Driver safety programs are not limited to motorists with traffic violations. In the state, motorists also have the option of attending a driver improvement course to reduce their auto insurance rates.

Types of Defensive Driving Courses in Kansas

The Kansas defensive driving school format depends on the type of offense. Individuals with a DUI may be required to attend a 48-hour intervention program. Those who must attend a driver improvement clinic may do so in a classroom setting. On a case by case basis, the court may accept online coursework to fulfill the requirement for program. Each program is administered by private party companies who have been approved by the state to offer it.

Classroom vs. Online Traffic School in Kansas

In Kansas, traffic school may be delivered in a classroom setting. The classroom course requires students to attend all sessions in person at scheduled dates and times. In a classroom setting, students listen to lectures, participate in class discussions, complete workbook activities and take quizzes on the material presented.

Online classes are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, which means students have the flexibility to complete the plan at their pace. Individuals may complete the course in one session or break the material up into several sessions. Online content is delivered in the form of slideshows, animations and online quizzes.

How to Enroll in a Kansas Defensive Driving School

Anyone who must take a KS defensive driving class must contact the third-party education provider directly to enroll. Some may allow the student to register online while others require students to register by phone. Students must provide their full name, drivers license information, and information about their traffic citation during enrollment. Motorists who wish to take the class online must create an online account with the program provider. The student must use their login information to take the class.

Benefits of Completing Traffic School in Kansas

Completing a Kansas driver improvement course comes with many benefits that have a lasting impact on a person’s driving record. Some motorists may also gain financial benefits from the attending.

Dismiss a Traffic Ticket

Motorists in a traffic or DUI diversion program must plead guilty to the traffic offense as a condition of participation in the program. However, once the driver completes the program, the court will dismiss the charges with prejudice.

Obtain a Car Insurance Discount

In KS, drivers may take an insurance reduction course. Once they complete it, the motorist may qualify for a discount on their insurance premiums. Motorists must take the AAA Driver Improvement Program to qualify.

Reinstate a Drivers License

The court may suspend or revoke an individual’s drivers license for specific traffic incidents. After completing the program, the driver may apply to have their license reinstated.

Learn Safe Driving Knowledge and Skills

The KS driver defensive driving course is beneficial to motorists of all ages. Students walk away from the class with knowledge of risk factors for traffic incidents. They will also take away valuable tips and techniques to help protect themselves, pedestrians and other motorists on the road.

Kansas Defensive Driving Class Curriculum Details

The Kansas driving safety course covers a wide range of topics that help motorists practice responsible driving habits. Each class includes discussion on Kansas laws, rules of the road, defensive driving and dealing with hazardous road conditions. Students who participate via classroom receive a workbook of activities that help present the material in an easily digestible manner.

Kansas Defensive Driving Certificates

A Kansas defensive driving certificate proves that a driver has completed a safe driving course. Drivers in traffic diversion programs must present the document to the court to fulfill their agreement. Anyone applying to have their license reinstated may be required to submit their certificate at the time of application.

Kansas Traffic School Versus Drivers Education

Traffic school is a specialized form of drivers training that is aimed at rehabilitating a person’s driving skills. The program focuses on helping students learn defensive driving techniques to help them avoid traffic incidents. In the state, the drivers training may be required of anyone convicted of specific traffic incidents. All coursework is delivered via lectures or online activities, and there is no hands-on driving involved.

Drivers education courses differ from traffic school in that drivers education is geared towards new or unlicensed drivers. Drivers education is a general program designed to teach students the mechanics of driving as well as the rules and laws governing the operation of a vehicle. Drivers training is required for anyone who wishes to obtain a drivers license in the state. Unlike traffic school, drivers education requires students to complete several hours of supervised driving.

Kansas Defensive Driving Course Fees

In KS, the lowest price traffic school can cost as little as $19. However, students may see a broad range of prices when searching for a class. Students should shop around until that find a class that fits within their budget.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.