A Kansas boating license is a credential that boaters need to obtain in order to operate a motorboat or a watercraft. The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) requires residents to get a boat safety certificate after the completion of an appropriate course for safe operation of vessels. The safety course is beneficial for all operators of motorboats and watercraft who want to learn how to operate the vessel and how to become safer boaters.

Prior to getting a boater safety card from a course provider, individuals may have to satisfy certain requirements. Moreover, boaters will also need to obey the KS boating rules and regulations, as well as the state laws for operating a watercraft. To discover how to get a certification after completing a boat course, continue reading the sections below.

Do you need a license to drive a boat in Kansas?

The KDWPT does not issue a license to operate a boat in Kansas, but instead requires boaters to complete the corresponding education course in order to learn how to operate a watercraft or motorboat. Moreover, KS residents are also encouraged to enroll in a boating school that will help them become safer and more responsible boaters.

At the end of the course, boaters are supposed to receive a safety card that they can use while operating watercraft and motorboats on Kansas waterways.

Kansas Boat License Requirements

Prior to getting a Kansas boat safety certificate of completion, residents may have to satisfy certain requirements will enable them to enroll in the safety course in the first place. Boaters who are from 12 to 21 years of age are required to complete a safety course successfully in order to operate a motorboat or watercraft.

However, other individuals who are not within this boating license age range are also recommended to enroll in a course and learn safe operating techniques. Boaters may have to satisfy other requirements as well, which apply to their specific situation.

Getting a Boat License in Kansas

Since the KDWPT does not issue a boating license, residents who want to operate a motorboat or a watercraft need to complete a safety course successfully. To get a boating education certification, individuals need to choose one of the options they have for completing the corresponding course for operating a boat.

The options for getting a boat certification are the following: to complete an online course, in a classroom setting, or by obtaining a home-study packet. Moreover, the course options may vary based on the county region where the applicants live, since Kansas state is divided into five regions.

Regardless of the method boaters choose to take their boating course, at the end they will receive a certificate of completion, which they will be required to carry on the boat while operating it on open state waterways.

Kansas Boater Safety Courses

KS residents must enroll in a boaters safety course in Kansas in order to operate a boat or a water vessel and to become safer and more responsible participants in the waterway traffic. The KDWPT offers three different options for completing a boating education, such as: online, in a classroom setting or by getting a home-study packet.

Individuals may choose the boater safety course online as the most convenient method for getting a certificate. The online courses are suitable for students who are unable to attend specific dates at a specific classroom setting. Moreover, they can study from home and at their own pace and then complete the boating lessons when they feel comfortable to do so. They can choose from four approved online courses in Kansas.

According to the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) standards, the online boaters safety course is supposed to last for three hours and students must complete each section of the course program. After completing the course successfully and paying the applicable fees, individuals immediately will be able to print out their temporary cards. This is what separates the online method from the other options.

The classroom boating lessons are available to residents regardless of their county of residence. A boating school may be found in various locations within the state. To choose a nearby course provider, future boaters will have to contact the school first.

Moreover, residents who have no Internet access or are unable to visit a local boaters school may request a home-study packet by mail of phone. However, this option will be the longest in duration and applicants need to know that the certification will be processed and issued in a timeframe from one to two weeks. Therefore, individuals who want to obtain their Kansas boat certification earlier are encouraged to utilize the online or the classroom option for getting a certificate.

Renewing and Replacing a Kansas Boating License

Instead of renewing or replacing a boating license in Kansas, individuals need to discover whether they need to renew or replace their certificates. If the safety has a date of expiry on it, then residents will have to renew it when approaching the due date. Furthermore, if boaters lose their certificates or cards, then they will have to apply for a replacement by contacting their course provider.

Kansas Boat Registration Basics

Without the proper Kansas boat registration documentation, boaters will be unable to operate their boats or water vessels. Therefore, individuals who own a boat and want to operate it legally will have to obtain registration documents. Both in-state and out-of-state watercraft and motorboats must be registered through the KDWPT at one of their local offices or by completing the appropriate application form and sending it by mail.

Kansas Boating Rules and Regulations

Kansas residents must obey the state rules and regulations before getting a course certificate and after obtaining one. The KS boat requirements mandate individuals from 12 to 21 years of age to complete a boaters safety course, while boaters of other ages may voluntarily enroll in one if they want to become safer operators of boats and vessels. Moreover, the laws require boaters to carry with them their boat cards or certificates while operating a watercraft.

Kansas Boating License Fees

When enrolling in a Kansas boaters safety course, residents may or may not be required to submit a payment for the applicable fees. In most cases, the fees are determined based on the course provider and on the method of taking the mandatory classes. Therefore, boaters are encouraged to contact their boating school and discover how much money they have to prepare in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.