Certain Oklahoma residents need boating licenses to operate water vessels in the state. Instead of receiving specific licenses, boater education cards must be obtained. This designation is available for boaters who take valid OK education courses. Specific eligibility requirements based on age, residency status and more apply. Additionally, licensed boaters are expected to adhere to state rules and regulations while navigating waterways.

Both in person and online boating license courses are available to boaters in Oklahoma. Classes are available from third-party agencies that are approved by the state Department of Public Safety. These options provide applicants with convenient alternatives for obtaining certification. Official certificates are provided to students who pass the final examination with an appropriate score. Learn more about getting boat certification in the state by consulting the following information.

Do you need a license to drive a boat in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, all residents from 12 to 16 years of age must take boaters safety courses to drive motorized watercraft. However, all boaters in the state are encouraged to take safety classes. The process of getting a boat license is easily completed by following the required application steps.

This process is used to ensure only eligible boaters are awarded boating privileges. Necessary application steps are outlined in the next sections and should be closely adhered to by new boaters.

Oklahoma Boating License Requirements

Specific boating license age rules are established throughout Oklahoma. No person under age 12 is allowed to operate a motorized boat over 10 horsepower. Additionally, boaters 12 to 16 years of age must be supervised by a licensed adult 18 years of age or older, similar to the laws in place for minors with a driving permit. Another boat license requirement is that new boaters must complete a competency exam to be granted certification.

Getting a Boating License in Oklahoma

OK boater education cards are provided to boaters who complete the state-approved boating safety course. A variety of concepts are covered during these classes.

For the convenience of applicants, both online and classroom boating license certification is available to Oklahoma residents. The following steps should be followed to obtain new licenses.

  1. Find an approved online or in-person safety course. Many third-party organizations offer classes, but courses must be certified by the OK Department of Public Safety.
  2. Attend the course and complete all required class components.
  3. Study all information covered during the class. These concepts are also contained in the OK boaters guide.
  4. Take the final boater exam in order to be approved for official education cards.

No fees are due at the time of application. Licenses are provided by mail when the final examination is successfully passed.

Oklahoma Boater Safety Courses

The OK boaters safety course is the main component in obtaining water vessel operation privileges. Residents can choose whether to attend an in-person class or take the course online. There are a variety of benefits for either method. Boaters should choose the type of class that is most convenient and fits their daily schedule.

The cost of boating schools varies by agency. Some offer free courses, while others may charge a nominal fee. Understanding all options available is the best way to find the right school for you. For either method, a final examination is required in order for driving privileges to be granted.

Renewing and Replacing Oklahoma Boating Licenses

While driving motorized vessels, boater exam certification forms must be with boaters. If these certificates are lost or stolen, immediate replacement should occur. Otherwise, boaters may face fines and/or tickets from law enforcement.

Duplicate licenses are easily received by submitting an official request for a replacement card. In some cases, however, online boating course certificates cannot be replaced through the Department of Public Safety. The follow steps for receiving replacement boating licenses should be followed by OK residents:

  • Fill out a replacement license application, offered by the state.
  • Provide applicable $10 fee using an acceptable form of payment.
  • Turn in an application form to the OK Department of Public Safety.

Boaters will receive replacement certificates after successful application submission and approval.

Boating certificates are valid throughout a boaters life and do not have to be renewed. However, for boat owners in the state, registration and title forms may require renewal over time.

Oklahoma Boat Registration Basics

Both boat registration and title certificates should be obtained by Oklahoma residents. A specific boat title and registration application form is available via the Department of Public Safety. Applicants should provide a valid signature on these documents. Additionally, certain types of water vessels may be exempt from these requirements.

In addition to the required application, certain documents must be turned in for title and registration documents to be administered. Proof of boat ownership, identity and bill of sale are examples of items that may need to be submitted. Fees are also due at the time of application.

When applications are approved by the state, boat registration stickers are provided to boaters. Stickers must be placed on motorized water vessels.

Oklahoma Boating Rules and Regulations

Specific boating regulations are developed for Oklahoma residents. These boat requirements are developed to help boaters navigate waterways safely. This way, boaters, passengers, swimmers and wildlife are protected from negligent behavior.

Natural waterways, lakes and rivers are protected when boaters are respectful of their surroundings while operating water vessels. The following boat requirements are established in OK:

  • All passengers of motorized watercrafts must wear Coast Guard approved lifejackets.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited and punishable by law.
  • Every boat owned in the state must be registered with the Department of Safety.
  • Proper lighting is required for boats operated between sunset and sunrise.
  • Whistles and bells are required for boats above certain lengths.

Additional boating rules are found in the official state boaters guide.

Oklahoma Boating License Fees

The OK Department of Public Safety does not charge boating certificate fees to new applicants. However, a $10 fee is assigned to boaters applying for replacement licenses. This fee covers the processing costs of generating new certification forms.

Last updated on Friday, March 6 2020.