Oklahoma DMV.com FREE Practice Test Sections

DMV.com’s FREE sample practice test questions are taken from the vital content of the official Oklahoma Driver’s Manual to assist you in getting your learner’s permit in no time. By practicing with DMV.com’s FREE sample practice test, you will gain knowledge about traffic laws, signs, signals and markings in Oklahoma. You’ll be able to absorb this crucial information with ease and handle any question on the OK official written knowledge test.

Signs, Signals and Markings

To find your way around traffic, you must know how to read traffic signs and understand signals. Depending on their meanings, Oklahoma traffic signs are divided in groups to regulate, guide or warn drivers. Learn everything you need to know about traffic signs and ace the written knowledge exam by using the free sample practice test prepared by DMV.com. Understand the meaning of sign groups and how to move near road markings by looking into our free test questions about:

  • Railroad warning signs.
  • Construction and maintenance signs.
  • Guide signs.
  • Service signs.
  • Traffic signals.
  • Pedestrian signals.
  • Lane control signals.
  • Pavement markings.

Use the DMV.com Free Sample Practice Test to learn about all the traffic signs, signals and markings you will see on Oklahoma roadways.

Lane Usage and Maneuvers

When you hit the highway, you must be able to travel between lanes and adjust your driving to busy traffic. Test yourself on maneuvering in extra lanes by practicing with the free sample test questions. Also, on an open road, you need to know how to drive in unusual situations and how to respect the highway rules. The testing package provided by DMV.com will help you learn just that, focusing on:

  • Changing lanes.
  • Expressway driving.
  • Passing.
  • Turning.
  • Turnabouts.
  • Backing.


Learning how to park your vehicle safely is not of small importance. It is a skill necessary for the road test and for respectful road sharing with other drivers. Parking rules are a critical part of your driving skills, and you will be asked about the following on the official Oklahoma knowledge exam:

  • Angle parking
  • Parallel parking
  • Parking and starting on a hill
  • Unlawful parking

DMV.com Note: The Oklahoma DMV allows parent-taught education for the road skills test. When you take the road test, the vehicle must have a valid car registration.

Oklahoma DMV Driving Exam Study Checklist

To pass the Oklahoma written exam in one try, DMV.com advises you to follow this five-step written driving test study checklist:

  1. Study the official Oklahoma Driver’s Manual: The Oklahoma drivers manual features sections about signs, signals and markings, lane usage and parking rules. The official drivers written exam has questions on all of these topics.
  2. Take the DMV.com Driver’s License Sample Test: By trying out the free sample test, you will feel prepared for the official driving exam. After all, the DMV.com sample test only has questions based on the Oklahoma Driver’s Manual topics.
  3. Read the DMV.com Study Guide: Once you have taken the drivers license free sample test, review the DMV.com summarized Oklahoma Study Guide. As a shortened version of the official OK Driver’s Manual, the material in the study guide helps in cementing the required knowledge for the DMV written exam.
  4. Try the premium practice test: The result obtained on the Free Sample Test will tell you if you need some extra practice before the written drivers exam. If you do, try out the DMV.com Premium Practice Test until you get a score you are happy with.
  5. Book an appointment: A score of 90 percent on the DMV.com free practice test is a secure sign that you are ready to take the official knowledge exam. Make an official test appointment with the Oklahoma DMV, and go pass the written drivers test.

Getting Your OK Driver’s License

Achieving a passing score on the Oklahoma written drivers test is important, but you will also have to complete all of the other steps below in order to get a driver’s license in your state of residence:

  1. Read the Oklahoma drivers manual.
  2. Try the DMV.com Oklahoma Free Practice Driving Test.
  3. Examine the DMV.com Study Guide to improve on any weak spots.
  4. Practice with the premium practice tests until you are sure that you know the material.
  5. Fill out the license application and collect the relevant documents for getting your driver’s license.
  6. Make an appointment to take the written test.
  7. Take the official DMV written knowledge exam.
  8. Pass the vision test.
  9. Pass the road exam.
  10. Submit the required application, identifying documents and fees.
Last updated on Friday, May 11 2018.