Motorists can use a VIN in Oklahoma to get the history of a vehicle. Getting information about a previously owned vehicle before purchasing is essential to making a good buying decision. VIN reports are available for request online, in person and by mail.

A VIN lookup report with title and lien information is available through the OK MVD. This is a limited report that is available through the state MVD by mail or in person. As a more convenient option, motorists can obtain a comprehensive VIN report online.

How to Conduct an Oklahoma VIN Number Lookup Online

Oklahoma drivers who want a comprehensive VIN history report instantly. A complete and thorough VIN number search includes information from many sources within one report.

All you need to complete the OK VIN number check is the vehicle identification number of the car. Motorists who are considering buying a used vehicle or who want to verify the history of their recently purchased used vehicle use this procedure to get answers about the history of a car.

A VIN history request involves seraching vehicle records of insurance organizations, state and federal motor vehicle divisions, manufacturers and more to provide a comprehensive background on the vehicle in question.

How to Request an Oklahoma VIN Code Lookup in Person

Drivers who wish to receive a VIN lookup report directly from the OK MVD, can visit a local office. The report available from the MVD office will only contain a title history for the vehicle as well as lien information at the time of each title transfer. For each vehicle you wish to search, you must complete a request form. Each form must be signed by a notary. Complete the forms, provide a method of payment and present both to the Motor Vehicle Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission office.

For your convenience, you may also be able to submit your forms to a motor license agent within the state. After submitting your paperwork, the results of the Oklahoma VIN lookup title search will be mailed to your address.

How to Request an Oklahoma VIN Lookup by Mail

Motorists requesting a VIN history report in OK by mail through the MVD must follow a similar procedure to those requesting reports in person. You must complete a request form and have the form notarized. Keep in mind that you will need a separate form for each vehicle you wish to search. You must also include your payment.

Requests to lookup VIN numbers may take two or more weeks and the report will include current lien information on the vehicle as well as title history for Oklahoma and any other states in which the vehicle was titled.

What info is in an Oklahoma VIN history report?

A VIN number check will provide a complete background of the vehicle. This service searches multiple registries and databases to provide the most comprehensive vehicle history available. An OK vehicle history report will include:

  • Title history from DMV offices across the country.
  • Current Liens or loans on the vehicle.
  • Odometer readings from multiple sources and events.
  • Accident information, both major and minor events.
  • Towing and impound information.
  • Manufacturer specifications.
  • Manufacturer recalls and safety notices.
  • National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration safety notices.
  • And more.

A VIN number check through the OK MVD will include:

  • Title history
  • Current lien information

Why would I need to perform a VIN number check in Oklahoma?

VIN numbers and VIN number checks were established to record every incident in which a car was involved. The VIN number is recorded for different reasons by various organizations including:

  • Insurance companies – for theft, damage, accident claims.
  • State DMVs – for registration and titling.
  • Manufacturer – with original factory specifications and options, and recall notices.
  • National and state government agencies – for inspections, theft, safety and recall notices.
  • And others.

Motorist should always perform a VIN code lookup before purchasing a used car. Knowing the history of a car before you purchase it can help you make a better decision about whether or not to buy it. A VIN history check can make you aware of potential problems like vehicle recalls, flood damage or if the car’s odometer was ever tampered with.

Motorists who own cars can perform a VIN history check to see if there are any recalled parts or issues with the car that have been reported by the manufacturer or national safety associations. You can also make sure the vehicle is not involved in a crime or theft situation.

How do I locate my vehicle’s VIN number?

The vehicle identification number is posted in various locations around the vehicle. A quick simple check you can perform yourself is to verify that all the VIN numbers on a vehicle match. Some of the locations where you may find the VIN number include:

  • Dashboard near the windshield.
  • Firewall of the car.
  • Radiator support bracket.
  • Inner wheel arch, left side.
  • Steering column.
  • Maintenance book and component parts list.
  • Driver’s door or post.

Checking VIN numbers in Oklahoma is important for residents before purchasing a previously owned vehicle to prevent future hassles and costly car troubles. Using an instant online search service that can provide a detailed history of a vehicle can help you make better car buying decisions.

Vehicle History Report Fees in Oklahoma

A certified title history in Oklahoma costs $10.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.