In Maine, a car Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be submitted in order to generate a history report. For buyers and sellers, history reports are essential in order to verify the future reliability and potential issues of used vehicles. The information provided on a VIN lookup report includes the complete documentation of past events and problems.

VIN number lookup methods in Maine are available online. To uncover more information about the steps involved to look up VIN information in Maine, continue reading the following section.

How to Perform a VIN Code Lookup Online in Maine

The online method for requesting a VIN number check in Maine is simple and convenient. Personal information is needed when checking VIN numbers online. A valid e-mail is the first detail that should be entered. Next, the VIN, itself, is necessary to verify the used car and generate the correct report. The online process may require additional information about the requester and vehicle. When the form is complete, it should be submitted.

An approved ME VIN request form will result in instantaneous delivery of a car record document. Drivers can rest assured that the information listed is comprehensive and accurate. The history, title and mechanical details of a used car are stated in a single, comprehensive document that is easy to understand.

Another Maine VIN code lookup method is online through the inforME platform. While this option is also available online, a subscription to the website is required in order to submit a request. The subscription involves yearly fees and filling out a subscriber application form. In addition, a service agreement, application fee and subscription fee must be mailed. Yearly subscription fees can be paid by credit card, a monthly invoice or directly from a bank account.

This process is more time-consuming than a trustworthy alternative. The time it takes to mail the required documents and fees can seriously delay the receipt of vehicle history records. For drivers looking into how to check VIN number information immediately, the state platform is not the most convenient choice.

What info is in a Maine VIN history report?

A Maine car history report covers an array of past issues and events relevant to future owners. Some important facts listed on a vehicle history record include:

  • Safety reports. Announcements stating issues with the safety of a vehicle are listed for the convenience of consumers.
  • Odometer readings. Higher miles indicate a vehicle has worked harder over time and may need repairs in the foreseeable future.
  • Previous sale prices. The current listed price of a car should be aligned with the past sale values.
  • Collision and damage history. Major and minor issues resulting from flood or collision damage are provided.
  • Theft status. A “stolen” status on a VIN report indicates a vehicle is being sold after theft.
  • Title brands. Certain labels, such as “junk” or “salvage” are indicative of major physical and/or mechanical problems.

An ME VIN number report also covers the past owners, safety reports, tow history and general specifications of a vehicle over time.

Why would I need to perform a VIN check in Maine?

Whether being performed by a car buyer or seller, there are many benefits to checking vehicle records in Maine. Buying a car that has a variety of unknown issues can result in unexpected repair costs and future stress. By analyzing history reports, buyers can easily tell if sellers are marking up the prices or hiding information about a vehicle. Consumers will enjoy peace of mind and satisfaction knowing they purchased a reliable, fair-priced, used car.

The VIN history of a used car is also helpful for sellers, whether individual or dealer-associated. Presenting a complete record of a vehicle will confirm the asking price and overall car reliability. Buyers are less likely to think prices are unfair or ask too many questions.

How do I locate my vehicle’s VIN number?

Completing a VIN history report requires verification of a vehicle’s ID number, which is located conveniently on the car. To find this information, a metal plate or sticker is found in a certain area of a vehicle.

The exact location varies based on a car’s model, make and year. However, many types of cars share common areas where IDs are found. For example, the first places to look are:

  • The driver’s side dashboard.
  • The side door.
  • The door jam.

Besides a sticker or plate on the physical vehicle, important documents also contain the ME VIN code. Car registration and vehicle title documents, along with auto insurance papers, can be referenced to find this information.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.