Getting a background check in Maine must be completed with the State Bureau of Identification and the State Police. ME background screenings are typically issued to members of the public of the criminal justice community for a variety of purposes.

Many companies or government agencies are also relying on employee background checks when they need to hire an individual for a certain job position. Although background verifications in Maine are available publicly, there are still restrictions as for how the information can be released, as well as the amount of data displayed in the documents.

How to Get a Maine Background Check

To obtain a Maine background check, you must apply with the State Bureau of Identification and provide the necessary information about your subject.

Depending on the type of background search you need, you must pay a certain fee. The SBI offers a convenient way of performing an ME background check online, although based on the purpose of the document, there may be additional options available.

Ordering a Maine Background Check Online

Online background checks in Maine can be easily ordered from background check companies or from the SBI. The requestor must gather certain personal information about the subject such as his or her full name and date of birth.

The results from the background search will show either no match or a background report that contains charges and conviction information about the individual from the past year. Note that this data cannot be 100 percent accurate, as there are often cases of name and date of birth overlap.

If you need an accurate report, you must request background verification through fingerprint comparison.

Who needs a Maine background check?

Background reports in Maine are most often requested by employers who need to assess job candidates before hiring. Other individuals who apply for background checks are landlords that wish to look into a tenant’s financial or criminal history, or hospitals and other organizations that hire EMS workers.


Background investigations in Maine are also commonly requested by landlords for tenants in order to gain information about the tenant’s financial habits, but personal background checks including criminal history are also common. The ME background report results can often show whether the tenant has a history of paying the rent and utility bills on time and taking care of the property.


Background checks for employment in Maine are performed before hiring an individual by a company or a government agency. The purpose of such background investigations is to assess the job candidate’s professional, financial and criminal profile and estimate whether these circumstances will be a factor in the successful job performance should the subject is hired.

EMS/First Responders

EMS background verifications in ME for first responders are obtained by the SBI on a regular basis, as these workers must be physically and mentally fit to work in a high-stress environment. Because working with people in need may be difficult, hospitals and similar employers must make sure that their EMS workers can meet the job requirements.


ME full background checks are requested by individuals seeking to hire a caregiver for a family member. These background reports can provide insight into the subject’s professional and criminal past, which is crucial when you are hiring somebody who will take care of the individual in need. Typically, ordering complete background checks can help you make a final decision on the best job candidate.


Job background checks in Maine, in combination with criminal background checks are often sought by companies or employers who need to estimate a job applicant for a managerial position. As this individual will be in charge of making important decisions, he or she must display a clean personal, professional and criminal record in order to be hired.

When You Will Need a Background Check

Maine background checks are requested for a variety of purposes, although the most common one is for employment. Members of the public and criminal justice agencies can also get a background check for themselves (or another individual) in the following instances:

  • To initiate or complete adoption procedures.
  • To hire an individual, either as a company or as a government agency.
  • To legally purchase firearms.
  • To apply or get a visa.
  • To review an individual’s financial history.
  • To get a driver’s license at a local ME DMV office.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

The main distinction between criminal background checks in ME and personal background checks is in the type of information contained in the background report. For instance, police background checks in Maine typically contain felonies, convictions or arrests of an adult, but this information is limited in terms of time period or content.

On the other hand, a standard background verification can display the subject’s financial or professional history. In Maine, personal background reports for adoption or visa purposes must be notarized and as such, cost more than other regular reports.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.