A New Hampshire background search may be requested for both criminal or non-criminal justice purposes. Typically, an NH background report would contain a criminal history check, but requestors may also need to look into a subject’s consumer report or a DMV driving record, depending on the situation.

Any individual can perform his or her own criminal record search in New Hampshire. For a third party to receive the results of a background investigation, he or she must have permission, unless authorized to do so.

How To Get a New Hampshire Background Check

According to state law, an NH background report can be released once the individual in question has been notified of the request. For that reason, applicants can ask for a background search in person or by mail only. To apply for a background search in NH in person, requestors must provide proof of identification (a valid passport or a current NH driving license).

Both personal and mail-in requests will require a completed, notarized application with a signature, and payment for the background check. To complete the process, applicants will be obliged to state the purpose of the request, for example, employment, housing or licensing among others.

Ordering a New Hampshire Background Check Online

Obtaining a background check online is not an available option with the New Hampshire Department of Public Safety at the moment. Note that, requestors can order an NH background report through a third party instead.

When conducting an online New Hampshire background investigation, applicants may need to provide a few personal details about the person in question. Such information may include the following:

  • The subject’s first and last name.
  • The subject’s date of birth.
  • The subject’s Social Security Number.

Who needs a New Hampshire Background Check?

In most cases, background verification in NH is performed as a part of the employment process by individual employers or government agencies.

New Hampshire background checks may also be ordered for other non-criminal justice purposes, such as housing or obtaining a driver’s license. Regular citizens can request their own background report to check the accuracy of the information included.


A rental background check in New Hampshire is often conducted on a person applying to rent a property. Private individuals and housing agencies may need to do a criminal history check on a future tenant, prior to renting a house or an apartment.

In case the NH renter background record includes any past criminal offenses, landlords may be able to use this information to exclude the candidate from the list. Should you wish to rent a residential premise, you can submit an online background search application beforehand, and make sure that the process will proceed smoothly.


The pre-employment process often requires both federal and New Hampshire background search. Companies and government agencies can perform an employee complete background search on the individual’s criminal, credit and even driving record history.

Employment history check in NH is usually conducted by third parties, to verify that the subject of search is a responsible person. Note that requestors must stay in accordance with the legal limits when completing this process.

For a background report to be released to the employers, they must first obtain an authorization from the individual of whom the request is being made.

EMS/ First Responders

NH medical background screenings will be conducted for first responder applicants, as they are expected to handle stressful situations while working.

In general, clinics and other institutions will run an extensive EMS background search to ensure that the potential employee has no past criminal offenses of any kind. Full background checks in NH are essential for future medical personnel, to confirm their ability to remain calm in difficult circumstances.

Care Givers

Running a New Hampshire complete background check on potential caregivers may also be crucial when entrusting the care of a loved one to an unknown person. A clean background report of a future babysitter or an elder care worker will confirm his or her serious approach to the job.

Prospective workers may conduct their own background investigation in NH online and prepare to explain any existing incidents.


It is common for a company to perform a thorough NH background search, especially when it comes to hiring a manager. Employer full background checks involving criminal and financial details is necessary to help select the best qualified candidate. Since this working position involves multiple responsibilities, candidates are expected to show a clean criminal record.

When You Will Need a Background Check

To get a background check in New Hampshire, both private individuals and government agencies can submit a request, typically prior to concluding the employment process. The following are the most common reasons for an NH background investigation:

  • Housing.
  • Professional licensing.
  • Employment.
  • Buying a firearm.

Note: Individuals can order their own background report in this state, to verify the information included is free from any mistakes.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

NH criminal record search may be performed for criminal and non-criminal justice reasons. When it comes to law enforcement and judicial functions, both conviction and non-conviction details will be released.

If the background verification in New Hampshire is conducted for non-criminal purposes, only conviction records are provided. Also note that, a background search in this state is highly restricted, so a notarized authorization form is essential for the completion of the procedure.

Should requestors wish to conduct a standard NH background investigation, they may need to submit a request for credit or professional records in addition.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.