Employment organizations and other agencies conduct background screenings in Pennsylvania to ensure the credibility of potential applicants.

A complete background check includes records on an individual’s criminal, employment and financial history. Pennsylvania background lookup services are name-based and are easily accessible online as well as by mail.

How to Get a Pennsylvania Background Check

A Pennsylvania background search may be conducted either online or by mail. To request a background report by mail, an applicant must provide a Criminal History Request Form and mail it to the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository.

The request must include a copy of the subject’s government-issued photo ID along with the applicable report fee. Though mail-in background check requests are accepted, PA online background searches are the preferred method of investigating the history of an individual as they are efficient and more thorough.

When you request a background check online, you will receive a report not only on criminal convictions but also on any bankruptcies, lawsuits and property ownership records of the individual, to name a few.

Ordering a Pennsylvania Background Check Online

To order an online background check in Pennsylvania, requestors must supply identifying details on the individual they seek to investigate. The best online background check results occur when you produce information that is accurate and up to date. When completing an instant background search, be sure to supply the following about your subject, including his or her:

  • Full name.
  • Current and previous residential address.
  • Social Security Number.

Who needs a Pennsylvania background check?

Many individuals will require background check services in Pennsylvania when they are a candidate for services that involve a great deal of responsibility.

Institutions as well as individuals can request a background report on an individual that plans to assume a role such as that of an employee, childcare worker, tenant, etc. Some of the most common roles that require PA background searches are included in the following sections.


Pennsylvania renter background reports are useful to compare candidates and select individuals who have a history of taking care of their responsibilities. Landlords protect their assets by making the best choice when they use the background search results of potential lessees.

If you order a rental background check for yourself, you will have a better understanding of your options when looking at a new apartment. A clean PA background report in hand makes you a more competitive applicant for a rental property.


Companies perform PA background checks for employment to find information about the criminal and financial past of new job applicants. Order a copy of an employee background check of your own to feel secure in knowing the contents of your record. You will be better prepared to answer any questions an employer might have about your previous financial decisions, for example.

EMS/First Responders

An EMS background screening in Pennsylvania is a mandatory job requirement for applicants of first responder positions with medical service companies. In the line of their job, EMS employees and other first responders carry extended responsibility and perform high-risk tasks.

Their daily duties include dealing with high-stress situations in which they protect the safety and lives of people. When they submit the applications, candidates for first responders need to get a PA medical background report to correct unappealing records.

Care Givers

Conducting a full background investigation is an essential step in the delicate task of choosing a caregiver. Candidates who make a career out of tending to the needs of others should have spotless personal background histories.

By ordering a complete background check that includes a PA criminal record search, you can gain insight into the past behavior of a candidate that may indicate their trustworthiness and dependability. Conduct an instant background check today by placing your order online.


Companies perform employee background screenings in PA when hiring individuals for managerial positions. Background checks are necessary to select the right person for running a company successfully.

A spotless employment history check, for example, will put you in a favorable position among other candidates. Getting a background check for employment before the interview takes place is a smart choice which will positively impact your interview success.

When You Will Need a Background Check

In certain instances, getting a background check in Pennsylvania is required by law or for consideration for a job with public or private institutions. Background verifications are necessary in the following situations:

  • To work or volunteer in a position that has direct contact with children, i.e. teachers, daycare workers, etc.
  • To obtain a HAZMAT endorsement for a commercial drivers license at a PA DMV location.
  • To purchase a firearm from a federally-licensed dealer.
  • To adopt or foster a child.

For a full background report, place your order online. In addition to a criminal record search, your results will include marriage and divorce records, bankruptcies and more.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

Pennsylvania background screenings are conducted for a variety of reasons, thus the type of background check performed can vary depending on the requestor’s interests. Individuals or organizations would conduct a criminal record search in PA to find out if a subject has had any convictions or other legal issues in the state.

On the other hand, companies looking to hire individuals for employment would be interested in a full background check for a more complete picture of the candidate’s suitability for a position with the company. A standard background check would include an employment history check as well as inquiries into an applicant’s credit report and Pennsylvania driving record.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.