Background checks in Idaho are often ordered by employers and licensing agencies prior to hiring workers or issuing professional licenses, respectively. Getting a background check in ID is a procedure that is necessary in other instances as well. For example, individuals must undergo a criminal record search prior to purchasing a firearm.

Criminal history information is stored within the Bureau of Criminal Identification’s (BCI) repository. The release of information contained in a police background check in ID is regulated by state law, even though certain criminal data is available to the general public. Requestors can order other types of ID background screenings as well, such as driving records and financial history checks.

How to Get an Idaho Background Check

The best method to get a background check in Idaho is to order one via the internet. Certain types of ID background investigations, however, may not be available online.

Standard reports can generally be obtained by filling out a straightforward application through a website. Criminal history checks, on the other hand, can be requested by applying with the state BCI in person or by mail (under current law).

Note: You may be able to obtain a name-based criminal record search in ID through certain background check websites, as the BCI does not require fingerprints or the subject’s consent to issue name-based data from the last 12 months.

Ordering an Idaho Background Check Online

When requesting an online background check in Idaho, applicants will be required to submit several specific details about the record holder. Even though the search criteria may vary based on the type of ID background lookup that is ordered, requestors will generally have to enter the subject’s:

  • First, middle and last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Social Security Number.

Certain types of internet background verifications may also allow the requestor to enter additional information in order to increase the accuracy of the search results. For instance, identifiers such as the subject’s sex, race, other aliases and address will greatly increase the chances of obtaining a valid result.

To conduct a background check online in ID, applicants will generally be required to provide a payment for a set investigation fee.

Ordering an Idaho B@ackground Check in Person or by Mail

Requestors can also obtain Idaho police background checks by submitting a paper application to the BCI in person or by mail. Depending on whether applicants orders a name-based background search in ID or a fingerprint-based one, the procedure may vary slightly.

When ordering a fingerprint-based investigation, requestors will have to submit the subject’s fingerprint cards, in addition to the corresponding form and application fees. Name-based searches are less reliable than fingerprint-based ones.

Note: ID criminal history lookups can be obtained either by an authorized individual or organization or by the holder of the record.

Who needs an Idaho background check?

An Idaho background screening may be ordered by various groups of individuals, state agencies and private companies. Different circumstances may lead a requestor to order a background report in ID. Depending on the current needs of the applicant, the type of investigation that is ordered will also vary.

Law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, for instance, generally order criminal history checks. Employers (private and federal) and licensing agencies may order a full background check, as they are interested in other aspects of an individual’s past as well.

The record holder may order his or her own personal background check in ID for reasons such as reviewing the report for inaccuracies or preparing for a job interview.


Landlords often order renter background checks in Idaho to evaluate potential tenants. Depending on the type of investigation that is requested, property owners will be able to review the applicant’s criminal, financial and/or personal background.

This information will indicate whether or not the applicant is a respectful tenant who is able to pay his or her rent on time and keep the housing unit intact. By requesting a rental background report in ID, landlords will be able to negotiate good rental terms as well.


Employment history checks in Idaho help businesses come to a decision when hiring new workers. Job seekers will often have to undergo a full background check in ID, which will provide in-depth information about the individual’s past.

By reviewing the employee background check, hiring staff will learn whether or not disqualifying events from the job applicant’s past render him or her unsuitable for the position. Potential employees can order an instant background check in ID via the internet to better prepare for any upcoming job interviews as well.

EMS/First Responders

Completing an Idaho background check is a mandatory step for individuals who are applying for an EMS certification within the state. Healthcare institutions may also request an EMS background report prior to hiring emergency medical technicians and paramedics.

The type of investigation ordered will likely cover every aspect of the applicant’s past, due to the importance of the job. Clean medical background checks in ID are a strong indicator that the applicant can meet the demanding job requirements.


By completing complete background checks in Idaho when hiring a caregiver, employers will be able to decide on the best individual for the job.

Since the duty of caretakers is to tend to vulnerable adults and/or children, family members seek to engage the services of a qualified and respectful applicant. A full online background report will provide you with details from the subject’s criminal, credit and professional record.


Idaho business background checks are also conducted during the process of hiring new managers. Companies often hold managers to higher standards than regular employees, as they must provide the proper guidance and moral values to their subordinates.

Due to the importance of the position, clean criminal, professional and financial histories are often important requirements when applying for a managerial position.

When You Will Need a Background Check

Getting a background screening in Idaho is a mandatory step during various types of procedures. The reasons to order an ID background lookup may vary from requestor to requestor (individuals and organizations). In general, you may be required to undergo a background search in ID when you are:

  • Seeking to obtain a professional license in various fields.
  • Applying for employment with a government agency or a private employer.
  • Purchasing firearms.
  • Conducting motor vehicle transactions through your local DMV branch.
  • Adopting a child.

An ID background report may be required in other instances as well, as the above list is not all-inclusive. By ordering an internet background investigation you will be able to successfully complete all steps of a procedure that requires it.

The Difference Between Standard and Criminal Background Checks

Idaho background screenings vary based on the aspect of an individual’s past they explore. Standard background verifications in ID, for instance, will review specific records, such as the subject’s educational or professional background or his or her driving or financial reports. Criminal background checks, on the other hand, focus on the record holder’s criminal history.

Such official investigations will provide information about any arrests and convictions in the subject’s past. Certain data, such as an individual’s juvenile history may be inaccessible to an applicant other than the record holder.

Note: The subject of the record can dispute the accuracy of the information provided by an ID criminal history search.

Last updated on Thursday, October 15 2020.