The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has implemented the ID demerit point system for the purpose of regulating drivers’ habits while behind the wheel. Infraction points are generally assessed for misdemeanors which occurred both in and out of state. The number of Idaho drivers license points placed against driving records is based on the severity of the offense in question.

Since the accumulation of too many penalty points may result in license suspensions, motorists may need to take specific actions to avoid being penalized. Find out which misdemeanors lead to driving license penalty points in Idaho by reading the following sections:

  • Moving violations and points in Idaho
  • Penalties in Idaho
  • How to fix an Idaho driving record
  • Disputing an Idaho moving violation charge

Moving Violations and Points in Idaho

The state of Idaho may assess different number of ID demerit points for a variety of driving offenses. Once you receive traffic violation points following a specific infraction, they will remain on your driving transcript for a period of three years, after which they lose their value. The state Transportation Department will not calculate more than four points for a single traffic misdemeanor. Several examples of penalty points in Idaho resulting from different violations are outlined in the list below:

  • Crossing over a fire hose – 1 point.
  • Slow moving vehicles – 2 points.
  • Operating through a prohibited safety zone – 2 points.
  • Participating in highway races – 4 points.

The ITD will also assess demerit points for speeding in Idaho, provided you are caught driving over the speed limit. For instance, three speeding ticket points will be placed against your report for driving one to 15 mph over the limit. Also, you will receive four Idaho points for speeding 16 or more mph over the set limit.

Note that the ITD does not assess DUI points or points for reckless driving in ID. Convictions of such infractions are considered more serious and generally lead to harsher penalties, such as immediate license suspensions or revocations.

Penalties in Idaho

Drivers may face harsh consequences due to excessive accumulation of ID driving points resulting from a multitude of traffic violation penalties. Per the state violation point system, motorists who amass between 12 and 17 points within any 12-month period as a result of speeding ticket penalties in Idaho or other penalties will incur a 30-day suspension of their credential.

The accumulation of 18 to 23 penalty points in any 24 months will lead to a 90-day suspension. Note that the ITD usually sends a courtesy letter to motorists who are at risk of losing their privilege to drive, as a reminder to correct their behavior.

Though Idaho DUI penalties do not accrue points on driving records, they include other severe consequences, and even monetary repercussions. Adult drivers with an ID traffic ticket penalty due to a first DUI offense will incur a driving license suspension ranging from 90 to 180 days, a six-month jail sentence and a fine in the amount of $1,000. Subsequent DUI penalties may include longer suspension periods and larger fines.

How to Fix an Idaho Driving Record

Completing an ID online driving school is considered the best way to reduce the total point count on your report. If you graduate from an authorized driver improvement course, you will be eligible to remove three negative points. The completion of a driving safety course will not, however, remove convictions from your report. Prior to enrolling in a state-approved defensive driving course in Idaho, contact the corresponding court to verify that it accepts online courses.

Since your driving record is often reviewed by employers and insurance companies, you may need to check the information contained within on a regular basis. Also, learning how to clear your driving record from possible errors will help you avoid further penalties. In the event of any ID traffic violation penalties placed on your report in error, contact a nearby ID DMV location to report the case and inquire about further instructions.

Disputing an Idaho Moving Violation Charge

In order to prevent ID infraction points from being placed against their driving record, motorists can decide to contest traffic tickets. Disputing a traffic citation in Idaho is a procedure that is generally initiated by appearing in court and entering a plea of “not guilty” prior to the date stated on the form.

For the exact steps to fight a speeding ticket or other infraction, consult your summons or contact the court handling your case. You may also consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney to represent you in court and ensure a positive outcome of your trial. In addition, contact any witnesses and collect any applicable evidence for a successful traffic ticket defense.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 14 2020.